How to make a flower bouquet step by step

They are authentic allies to add color, joy and life to any space. Therefore, knowing how to make a bouquet of flowers is essential to be able to create, at any given time, our own arrangements. A way to have notions to make a composition, whether with fresh flowers or cut from our own plants, a harmonic and attractive whole. Something that should not be secondary but, really, should become the objective of any flower arrangement.

Although we can think about it, how to make a bouquet of flowers so that it is aesthetically decorative is not as simple as it seems. If we want it to look or even arouse certain emotions; It is essential to know some tricks that will allow us to achieve it, whether we do it for our enjoyment or if it is another person who is the recipient of the arrangement. And no: there is no need to wait for a designated date or a day marked on the calendar. Whether bought or prepared by our hands, giving flowers at any time is a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day, to convey feelings without saying a single word, or simply to have a special detail.

For all these reasons, let’s see some tips that we should consider when we consider how to make a bouquet of flowers. A small guide that will allow us to play with them to achieve a balanced and striking composition.


Although we may want to get down to work, there are some details that are essential for the result of our composition to be what we are looking for. Some guidelines that govern floral design, and that we can also apply domestically. We will not have the notions of a professional, but we can use some of them to get our composition.

For this reason and before starting to prepare our bouquet, it is essential that we plan certain details that will be crucial in its result.

1. Define the colors, the previous one to how to make a bouquet of flowers

Something fundamental for our bouquet to be harmonious. To achieve a balanced aesthetic sensation, it is essential to choose flowers in the same color range. If we opt for pastel tones, the ideal is that all the flowers in the bouquet are selected within the same palette. Something that we can replicate, too, in regards to bright tones.

Related to color, it is important not to overload the number of tones that we use. If we opt for strong colors as the predominant, they should only represent 60% of the total set.

2. Analyze the flowers by their shape and duration, fundamental

We are not only talking about personal aesthetic criteria when choosing some flowers or others. When we choose flowers for a bouquet, there is another criterion that we must take into account: what their stems are like. In any floral composition, it is key to have flowers that have rigid and strong stems, since they will allow us to give structure to the bouquet.

As important as this is to contemplate how resistant or delicate they can be because, as much as we know how to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer, it will be useless if we choose the wrong flowers. When we consider how to make a bouquet of flowers, we do not usually think about whether the chosen ones last more or less time in a vase. And, although it may seem secondary, it is something to value if we want our arrangement to accompany us in perfect condition for as long as possible.

What’s more: choosing the perfect candidates for a bouquet should also be done according to the time of year. While in hot months we have to think about flowers that do not wither quickly in summer, in winter months we have to think about those that the heat of the heating can affect.

3. Choose a design for your bouquet according to the occasion or the place where it will be

Important! Defining the style of the bouquet will help us choose the style of flowers that we should select. A wild-looking bouquet has nothing to do, in terms of its shape and the flowers used, with one of romantic inspiration.

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And linked to this, you have to ask yourself: what occasion or place is this bouquet for? Only by answering that question will we know which is the most suitable style for him.

4. Choose a maximum of flowers and in different shapes

Let us remember that any bouquet of flowers seeks to create harmony. Precisely for this reason, when choosing the flowers that will compose it, we have to do it with caution; and opt for a maximum of between three and five types of flowers. It is also important that the highest percentage of them have a rounded shape, leaving in the background those with a different shape, such as vertical ones.

As important as this is to combine flowers that have foliage with decorative value with others that lack it.

5. Remember the filling, key to the presence of the bouquet

Although the flowers are the soul of the composition, the filling is not far behind. Thanks to it, we will be able to give it the play of volume that we are looking for, but we will also ensure that it has the presence of a bouquet of flowers.

Eucalyptus, good-sized leaves or even small flower stems will allow us to round off the whole.


At this point, we have already done half of the homework when it comes to how to make a bouquet. However, the most fun and also complicated part remains to be carried out: creating the composition. Something that requires our creativity but, above all, a certain technique.

Let’s see, step by step, how to put it into practice.

1. Sanitize each flower in the bouquet and its stem

An important step. Remove both wilted and lower leaves from the stems. It is also time to remove petals that may be ugly or in poor condition; and, in the case of roses, the thorns.

2. Arrange all the components of the bouquet on a table

To decide the final placement, having a visual of all the members of our branch will greatly facilitate the task. On the one hand, because it allows us to check the height of each stem. On the other, because it will make it easier for us to separate the hard-stemmed ones from the soft-stemmed ones in order to be able to place them successively.

3. Locate hard-stemmed flowers first for a consistent bouquet

They will serve as a guide for all the others. Hard-stemmed flowers, such as roses or daisies, are usually the main ones in a floral composition, both because of their shape and their colour.

Also, it is interesting to start including part of the filling next to the stems of the main flowers.

4. Place the soft-stemmed flowers and the filling

With the branches of our bouquet established, it is time to place the soft-stemmed or secondary flowers. The ideal is to intersperse the different species with the main flowers, to give dynamism to the composition. If they are similar in size to the main ones, it is advisable to place them away from them so as not to overload them.

In addition, we can simultaneously introduce the filling branches to give it packaging and volume.

And, although these guidelines on how to make a bouquet of flowers are essential, one more ingredient is missing: your creativity. You and only you can give it that personal and unique touch that will make your composition unique.

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