Bacopa or Nevada plant care

It is one of the ideal outdoor plants for flower lovers but also for those looking to enjoy them without too much complication. And not only because Bacopa care is not demanding: it is also an extremely generous plant with its flowering, its main attraction. It is enough to meet its few needs to enjoy, from spring to late autumn, its flowers in white, pink and even blue, depending on the variety. A show that stands out even more thanks to the intense green tone of its leaves.

Originally from the American and African continents, we are talking about a family of plants with more than 100 different plant species. It is precisely in this incredible variety where part of its charm lies and its almost indispensable character for garden landscaping. Although by definition it is a creeping plant, we can enjoy it hanging. A versatility that requires yes or yes! to include it among our outdoor plants.

For all these reasons, let’s see what the Bacopa care is. Some affordable even for those who start caring for plants.


As with other plants such as orchids, enjoying the Bacopa plant responds to the story of falling in love. We refer to the one lived by the explorers and scientists of the 18th century, who met her on their expeditions and did not hesitate to bring her to Europe. Given the generosity of its flowering, it then received two nicknames that give us an idea of ​​how spectacular it is: snowfall and snowflake. Two nicknames that, although they respond to its appearance, link perfectly with a curiosity of this beautiful plant. Despite its natural origins, Bacopa has been able to adapt to our climate over time, even becoming a cold-tolerant plant.

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Due to the arrangement of its size, it is ideal to incorporate as part of our outdoor plants for terraces. And, although it is creeping and only reaches a maximum height of 15 centimeters, it is not essential to grow it alone. In fact, it is a perfect companion for upright plants such as Geranium, Petunia or Begonia.

1. Light, a fundamental aspect in the care of Bacopa

We could think that, given its flowering, Bacopa is a plant with a high demand for light. And it’s not exactly like that. It is true that, to prosper and flourish, it demands a bright location, but it is important to understand what its needs are. If exposed to intense sun, it is likely to dehydrate and not be able to bloom as usual.

How to know, then, if the plant lacks light or has plenty? Simple: knowing in depth what its location should be like. It can receive direct sun, but only if it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. And, when in doubt, the best place for it is in semi-shade.

2. The soil and the drainage, something that we must take care of

Due to its water needs, it is essential that the Bacopa has excellent drainage. Despite its demand for irrigation, its roots are not tolerant of waterlogging. An important detail since, if we exceed the water or if it does not drain well, it is more than likely that our plant will die.

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For this reason and in addition to drainage, we will have to have a good substrate with a neutral pH and always loose. We can choose between a universal or flowering plants.

3. Temperature, another detail to watch

Despite its origins and as we mentioned before, Bacopa has a certain resistance to low temperatures. But let’s not trust ourselves: it is not the ideal setting for its cultivation; and, although it can withstand occasional frosts of up to -3 degrees, it is not what suits it best. For this reason and if we want to ensure its survival, if our climate is cold in winter it is advisable to put it on the roof. If it is planted in soil, we can mulch it to protect its roots and cover it with a thermal protection blanket for the garden.

And what about the heat? Who tolerates it perfectly! Of course: if the temperatures rise a lot, we will have to be more careful with their hydration.

4. Irrigation, the care of the most demanding Bacopa

And we come to the one that is, of the entire list of Bacopa care, the most important. It is not one of the candidates that we could include in the list of plants resistant to drought. For its well-being and survival, it needs to have, in the spring and summer months, the substrate always minimally humid. Something that forces us to be regular with the irrigation schedule, and to monitor it closely, especially when the thermometer goes off. Fundamental: regular but moderate watering. Remember that it does not resist waterlogging.

And what irrigation does it need, beyond the months of good weather? From the beginning of autumn, we will reduce its irrigation pattern until, in winter months, it is punctual.

5. The subscriber, a regular and fundamental task

With a view to our plant being able to maintain this constant and abundant range of flowering, it is essential to help it with a regular pattern of fertilization. A task that, beyond its flowers, has a vital objective: to keep our plant healthy and strong. The best way to avoid having to figure out how to get rid of garden pests.

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For this, it is recommended to pay once a month with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants, from the beginning of spring to the end of summer.

6. Pruning, a secondary task

On this occasion and although we know how to prune plants correctly, it will not be necessary for us to put our knowledge into practice. Bacopa does not need pruning as such. We will only apply it in case the stems begin to grow uncontrollably, in order to give it the appearance we want it to have.

In addition to this, it is interesting to remove the flowers that are withered or damaged. We will help our plant save resources, allowing it to concentrate them on other new flowers.

7. Pests, something linked to the good health of our Bacopa

In general, if we are rigorous with the care of Bacopa, it will present resistance to pests. However, a deficient plant will be targeted by sucking insects such as aphids or thrips. Avoiding it involves both taking care of it as it needs and paying it regularly so that it has the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

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But even more than pests, we should be concerned about fungal diseases. Being a great demander of water, an excess of irrigation can bring with it the appearance of fungi. In addition, and if our Bacopa suffers an aphid attack, we may have to find out how to eliminate the sooty mold or bold fungus. An opportunistic disease that, on many occasions, warns us that we have a pest feeding on our plant.

Knowing in depth the care of Bacopa, you will enjoy it without complications. And be clear: in months of good weather, you will not be able to stop looking at it.

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