Benefits of happiness plants

When we decide to enjoy plants inside our house, we usually do it for aesthetic reasons. Because they have a decorative purpose or, also, because we are lovers of that point of nature even in an urban environment. However, our selection of plants can also be done with another criterion: choosing plants of happiness. Some that will not only contribute to the look of our space: they will also make it a more beautiful place on an emotional level.

As strange as it may seem, the plants of happiness are common plants to which certain properties are attributed. Some that owe their fame to different oriental wellness medicines that, over the years, have established themselves as realities. Far from beliefs or faiths, the truth is that we can use certain plants to create happier environments. More full of life and more prone to it.

Let’s see how one or the other plants can help us live in a more prosperous environment.


Before knowing in detail some plants of happiness, it is interesting to know why they are cataloged like this.

To begin with, we must contemplate that spaces with plants are more happy places and prone to joy. The presence of nature, even if it is in a simple pot, makes the inhabitants of the place more positive people. Something that, although it is not proven that it is due to the indoor plant company, is considered an absolute truth. And it is that something has the presence of plants that favors a more dynamic and calm place.

In addition to this aspect, having plants in our environment can be positive for our health. Beyond the benefits of purifying plants, it has been shown that the presence of plants improves air quality. But not only that: they are a fantastic absorber of radiation. Something that we cannot ignore, if we contemplate that these emissions are considered silent pollution.

And finally, the plants of happiness or simply the indoor plants bring with them another benefit: that of being in contact with nature. We worry about their cultivation and their state to enjoy them, whether they are green plants or flowering plants. That of feeling that tingling when knowing that a plant prospers or blooms thanks to our care. And it is that few things transmit so much happiness and ask for so little.


Discovered the benefits of the plants of happiness, it is time to know some of those that are included in this category. Species that, for one reason or another, have that qualification. And that, without a doubt, they will make their small contribution to our happiness by asking us very little in return: just a little care.

And while it is true that there are many happiness plants, let’s see five that meet these requirements.

1. Basil

An aromatic plant with culinary properties that is also one of the plants of happiness. Get your organic basil here

It is one of the plants of happiness with more weight. So much so that in countries like India, it is considered a healing plant for the body but also for the mind and spirit. Much of these properties are attributed to its unique perfume. One that even has antidepressant properties.

The weight of basil within the category of plants of happiness comes from afar. In Ancient Egypt it was used for offerings to the gods, and had an important weight in the rites of ancient priestesses as a plant that attracted happiness and fortune.

2. Jasmine

With an incredible aroma, jasmine is a great companion for the garden or terrace. Find out more about your care

For many garden lovers, jasmine is one of those climbing plants that is impossible to give up. In addition to its incredible beauty, its flowering is characterized by having one of the most attractive smells in the world of plants. So much so that powerful aphrodisiac qualities are even attributed to it.

Beyond this, jasmine is one of the plants of happiness with the ability to attract health and balance: two aspects that directly affect our emotional well-being.

3. Rosemary

With incredible culinary value, rosemary can also be key to the well-being of your home. Buy your rosemary pot online here

Culinary plant highly appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine, it is also part of the plant club of happiness. Rosemary, with its characteristic scent, is credited with the ability to attract joy and inner harmony. It is also said that it attracts positive energy, and for this reason those who support it are based on a fact: that they are a true magnet for bees, a true symbol of life.

It is also one of the aromatic plants that should not be missing in any garden.

4. Orchid

One of the most beautiful blooms in the plant kingdom. Discover our selection of orchids

The orchid is not only one of the most enigmatic plants that exist. They are also considered plants of happiness for many reasons. On the one hand, because they are supposed to be natural magnets for the tranquility of the soul. An authentic vital motor that many manifest can be achieved with the cultivation of these plants.

But there is one more reason to consider it within this category of plants. How to make an orchid bloom quickly is not only a matter of technique but, above all, of intuition. Something for which the plant must not only be nourished but also feel comfortable with the care it receives and its location. Good reasons for those who grow these plants to know the immense happiness that comes from seeing them flourish.

5. Dracaena

A large botanical family to choose the one you like best. Visit our selection of this plant of happiness

The dracaena is not only part of the plants of happiness, it is that it receives precisely that nickname! Beyond its decorative properties, the main reason why it is considered so is because of the enormous range of virtues that it makes available to us as an ally of our health. It not only purifies the air in a room. In addition, it improves allergies since it is capable of capturing up to 20% of dust from the environment.

Added, it humidifies the environment allowing us to breathe better. And, to top it off, just take a look at the care of the dracaena to know that it is a plant that, yes or yes, we must have.

Five plants of happiness to enjoy our house even more. Five plants that, above all and beyond their properties, will brighten our lives with their presence.

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