Indoor Planting to Decorate your House: Where to Buy? List

Indoor plants are popular and trendy.

In fact, creating a green space is a wonderful thing that will help you get in touch with nature and develop a special natural environment.

Plants are in fashion and from here we are going to propose several ideas to decorate your home with their help. However, before doing so, we recommend that you seek advice from professionals to find out which are the most resistant varieties and the most suitable for you. is an online store where you will find interesting information and where you can buy the best quality plants online.

Ideas to decorate your home with plants

If you want to enjoy modern decoration with a lot of personality, surround yourself with plants and create all kinds of green compositions that will fill any room with life and style.

  1. Plants in a mini version are a trend and best of all, you will find many different proposals to decorate your home with great taste. Kokedamas are plants that grow in balls of mossy soil, although you can also opt for terrariums or transparent containers in which to create miniature environments.
  2. Vertical gardens with pots are part of the most current interior decoration. All you have to do is buy latticework or get pallets, anchor them to the wall or shutters and plant indoor species on them.
  3. Include original furniture such as a sideboard or a console table and place casual decorative objects on top, as well as pretty pots and plants. In this way, you will have created a very original different composition.

From here we advise you to try to place this furniture in front of the windows so that your plants look better. In this way, they will generate a greater visual impact and completely transform that corner.

  • Be it summer or winter, use wicker baskets or large beach baskets and use them as if they were flowerpots. It will be enough to include tall plants in its interior and you will obtain natural decorative elements that will attract a lot of attention.
  • Change the look of your pots and decorate them with paint. Put your imagination and talent to the test and transform their appearance to make your plants stand out even more.
  • Indoor gardens with various plants are on the rise. Place pots at different heights on shelves attached to the wall and they will look better than good.
  • Hanging plants are the most as a decorative object. Choose the plants, the material and the color of the cords, and try different lengths of cord.

The best indoor plants and easy to care for

But, what are the most recommended indoor plants?

Here we leave you a list of the varieties that are easier to care for and that have a perfect appearance to decorate any room. Take note!

ficus benjamina

Within the variety of ficus, the benjamina is one of the most recommended to have in your home.

The reason is that it requires very little care and, really, it is not necessary to have knowledge of plants or gardening to make it look beautiful and lush. You just have to water the plant when you notice that it is not wet.

lounge palm tree

This plant, which is known by the technical name of Camadorea, is a small-sized palm tree and ideal to include in the interior of your living room. It is one of the most suitable plants to include in a large room, as it will bring a greenish and natural touch to your home.

Thanks to its small size, with this plant you can have a palm tree that adapts to any space.

aloe vera

Of course, another of the best indoor plants to decorate your home, but also to take advantage of its medicinal properties, is aloe vera or aloe vera.

It is a succulent plant and very easy to care for, as it can adapt to all environments and to different temperatures.

Aloe is perfect for having within your reach a plant full of cosmetic benefits that will help you show off more hydrated and regenerated skin.

african violet

The Saintpaulia, or African violet, is a very hardy plant that is very easy to care for. In fact, if you place it in an area of ​​your house that receives direct sun, this plant will bloom several times a year, thus providing a very colorful and precious air for any corner.

It is a plant that normally grows in the desert, so do not water it too much.


Nor can cacti be missing as recommended indoor plants for your home. It is a very resistant plant that is used to growing in desert areas and in harsh weather conditions.

This makes the cactus a very easy variety to care for and, in fact, you only have to care for it a couple of times a year. You just have to place them in sunny areas with little or no water.

jade tree

The jade tree is also a good option to include in the interior of your home, due to its fleshy leaves and because it hardly needs any care. It is a variety that can be placed both inside and outside the house and that lasts for many years.

The best of all is that it requires very little care, so you will be able to have a lush and beautiful plant in your home with little inconvenience.


We finish with the pothos, another of the best-known plants to have inside the house. It is very grateful, since it hardly needs care and it will only need water to be able to grow and live.

It is a very beautiful and striking variety that will liven up any room.


In today’s decoration, the presence of plants is something very frequent for everything they contribute: freshness, color and dynamism. At you can materialize all these tricks and tips, thanks to its large catalog of products.

This online store is based on filling any decorative space with green and if you have any questions, you just have to contact their team, who will answer you as soon as possible.

Each plant comes with detailed information so that you are aware of its care and just below its description you will find the accessories that best suit it so that you can also acquire them: self-watering systems and sensors, pots or substrates.

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