Bioconstruction: What is it, Types of houses, Materials and Videos

Formerly, in constructions of any kind, a large number of materials were used.

These were obtained through nature, being modified so that they were useful for  that particular purpose.

The fact is that the environmental impact was being quite high and to face this, bioconstruction emerged. 

If you still don’t know much about the subject, here is everything you need to learn more.

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What is green building?

Bioconstruction consists of making any type of buildings with the use of materials with low environmental impact.

These buildings can have any purpose, be it houses, shelters, offices, etc.

On the other hand, materials with low environmental impact are counted because they are recycled, recyclable or obtained with little modification of the environment.

Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the fact that  they do not harm human health or the environment. 


Examples of houses made with green building

Throughout the world there are different houses that have been made using these methodsMost of them have been located in rural communities.

However, today in large cities some of the bioconstruction techniques and materials are also beginning to be included for their buildings.

This statement refers, above all, to the use of recycled materials. 

If you do not trust that this is possible, look at these models that have been built with different materials such as:

Straw bales








Although we have mentioned a few, the reality is that on this topic  creativity plays a lot in your favor. 

But it is worth noting that these, when used well, can provide a very strong structure.

Likewise, bio-constructions have the capacity to provide sufficient insulation, both thermally and acoustically.


How can green building benefit us?

Any movement that is committed to caring for the environment is beneficial for human beings.

And not only for those of us who are living here today, but also for future generations.

It is clear that then this matter generates a lot of cloth to cut in terms of benefits.

The use of resources

This is the main point that is evident in this topic.

The indiscriminate use of resources is one of the main problems faced by the population.

When working with bioconstruction , the use of them is much more careful.

Likewise, the available energy potentialities , such as sunlight, are used to advance the work.

In view of all the above, an evident reduction in the monetary resource is also achieved.

In short, energy resources are properly managed in a real and valuable way.


Benefits at the body level

Yes, as you can read, green building systems  produce many benefits to the body. 

In the first instance because they do not need industrial processing and that is why they do not generate pollution.

There is also the fact that  do not release toxic elements  in no phase.

Since many of them work as insulators, they prevent the negative influence of temperatures at certain times, such as winter or summer .

On a social level

For the communities it has always been necessary to live in tranquility .

When the contribution to this comes from everyone involved , the results are even more positive.

In this sense, the bio is a strategy that facilitates the social responsibility.

The environments are less affected and, therefore, the inhabitants as well.

Higher quality

Another direct benefit of green building is  around quality. 

This is evidenced by the fact that they need  very little maintenance  and yet they have a good longevity.

It also highlights the fact that they can withstand the changes that are required more easily than other materials.

Finally, it should be noted that this quality is based on simple construction methods, which gives it even more added value.


Promote good waste management

Since the materials used are environmentally friendly , in case a demolition or reform is needed, the materials can be treated more easily.

It generates  a very positive impact in the environment, since the accumulation of garbage is greatly reduced.

Advantages and disadvantages of green building

At this point, it is much easier to determine the wide variety of positive aspects of green building.

However, we wanted to list them so that it is much clearer.

  1. The ecological footprint left on the planet is reduced by allowing the use of products that have had a previous life or that can later be used for other purposes.
  2. Thanks to the fact that the materials come directly from the environment, without industrial alterations, a much healthier environment is generated within the buildings.
  3. The energy used is usually transformable and comes from an inexhaustible source, such as the sun.
  4. There is an evident reduction in the cost of constructions since the materials come from nature, which does not charge us anything for them.

However, there are also disadvantages that are worth mentioning in this regard.

And it is not that they are in opposition to the positive , but rather that they are oriented to the ways of life in today’s world.

  1. Most of the bio-constructions occur in the rural environment because their placement in large cities is much more complex.
  2. The lack of information in this regard raises certain doubts about security and how to carry out the processes.
  3. As it is a more or less new concept, its promotion has not been wide enough for everyone to know about it .

As we explore this type of initiative, we realize, with great joy, that  there is another way of doing things. 


This means that the need for everything we consume to be processed is not so mandatory.

In addition, we will not only be protecting our good health and that of our loved ones, but also that of future generations.

Nowadays, thinking in green is no longer a utopia to become more and more an emergency.

And with bio-construction, very firm steps are being taken in the matter.

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