Calendula care, the medicinal flower

It is one of the most traditional plants in the garden, terrace and balcony. One of those that we all remember from childhood, since it is historically one of the most common plants. Something logical if we take into account that the care of the Calendula is simple, and its flowering is a real beauty. A plant of Mediterranean origins that can be found in any corner of our country.

Its very name gives us a clue as to what it is like. And it is that its botanical baptism comes from the Latin calendulae. Or, what is the same, that it blooms every month. Something that gives us a clue of the very long flowering period that this plant has, as long as we apply the necessary care. However, it has more names: buttercup, Marigold or wonder. Some designations that also give us clues as to how valued a flower is in the world of gardening.

But it is not only its beauty that has conquered pots and gardens. In addition, Calendula has medicinal benefits. A compelling reason to have it close by for its properties to combat burns, help heal or treat dermatitis. And not only that. Calendula is one of the most used flowers in natural cosmetics. A true ally of sensitive skin.

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But more than focusing on its medicinal values, today we want to delve into the care of Calendula. Some easy compared to the incredible presence of this ornamental flower. And, although it has different hybrids with more or fewer petals, it is in all its forms a delight for the senses.


Before going into detail about calendula care, it is important to know a little more about it. We are talking about a plant that grows in the form of a bush and is annual. But in addition to this, the Calendula usually has a significant height: it can measure between 50 and 70 centimeters in height. His height is not his only distinguishing feature. So is its great profusion of oval leaves and their size, which can measure up to 10 centimeters.

Given this growth, between the care of the Calendula we cannot neglect its planting place. In order to develop, this plant needs to create a good root base. Some that can measure up to 30 centimeters. An aspect to anticipate when we plant it, whether we do it in a pot or in the ground.

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And, now that we know this plant a little more thoroughly, let’s see some basic care to enjoy it.

1. Light, something basic in the care of Calendula

In order to enjoy the Calendula in all its splendor, we will have to place it in full sun. Although the proliferation in our country comes from the Mediterranean, its origins are even sunnier. Calendula is actually a plant native to Egypt. Something that inherently marks the character of the plant. If we cannot have it in full sun, it can also be in semi-shade. Of course: for it to bloom properly, which it does curiously, especially at the end of winter, the buds will have to be exposed to sunlight.

Another of the curiosities of this plant in regards to light is in its sowing. If we plan to do it with seeds, we will have to germinate them in seedbeds in the shade.

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Another curiosity about this plant is that, despite its origins, it can withstand temperatures down to -3 degrees. Something to keep in mind when caring for Calendula, to protect it with the arrival of winter.

2. Water, regularly but in moderation

If we are forgetful about watering, Calendula is not a plant for us. For it to look vigorous, it needs constant watering but never in large amounts. It is extremely sensitive to excess water, especially with regard to the roots. Ideally, we should be guided by its substrate. If it’s slightly damp, it’s time to water again.

And, of course, nothing to leave the plate with the remnant of the irrigation below. Only, if we are away from home for a few days, it is worth knowing how to water the pots on vacation with a view to including this plant among those that, yes or yes, need that hydration in our absence.

3. Substrate and fertilizer, fundamental

Logically, in order to flourish as the Calendula does, it needs a good constant dose of nutrients. An aspect that we will have to cover from two points of view. On the one hand, with regard to the substrate. Calendula not only demands a soil rich in organic matter that can nourish it. In addition, we will have to ensure that the soil is always well aerated. In this way, we will avoid any caking that can harm the growth of roots that we mentioned before.

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But in addition to this, it is important that we are regular with the fertilizer. From the beginning of flowering, it is interesting to contemplate a usual dose of fertilizer for flowering plants among the Calendula care.

4. Pruning and change of land, two annual rituals

After flowering, it is interesting to prune the plant to promote its growth. The ideal is to remove all the withered branches, without touching the main stem of the plant. In addition, it does not hurt to change the substrate if we have the Calendula planted in a pot. In this way, you can count on new nutrients especially to face the winter months.

And, now that you know how simple Calendula care is, do you dare to enjoy it?

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