Callas care inside the house

We tend to think of them as part of our outdoor plants, and yet it is not the only place we can enjoy them. Keeping them indoors means knowing the care of the Calas inside the house. Some that differ minimally from their cultivation in the garden, but that should be known in detail. And not only to guarantee its well-being but, above all, to achieve its flowering. One of the main reasons for opting for these flowers, too, as part of our indoor plants.

Despite its simplicity, the Calla or Water Lily is one of the most decorative flowers that exist. A compelling reason why it is chosen both to fill gardens or balconies with life and to star in floral compositions as important as bridal bouquets. It is not only her beauty that makes her so popular. In addition and as long as we comply with the care of the Calas, it is extremely generous both in the number of flowers and in the time that we can enjoy them. Because that is, precisely, another of its virtues: blooming uninterruptedly from spring until well into October.

Whether because we are fascinated by its flower or because we are looking for plants that are easy to care for, let’s see in detail how to enjoy this natural beauty at home. A task that does not entail great difficulty, but which should be thoroughly understood.


As with many other plants, knowing where they come from allows us to get an idea of ​​their needs. Despite the fact that Cala is a popular plant in our latitudes, the truth is that its origins are South African. Something that gives us a clue as to the extent to which having Calas inside the house is viable. A space in which they must live if, in addition, our climate is especially cold in the winter months. Although Cala is a plant capable of withstanding moderate frosts, its rhizome can die with severe frosts. For this reason and if the climate in which we live is like this, it is convenient to plant them in pots so that they spend the winter as part of our indoor plants.. Only then will we have the guarantee that they will sprout again with the arrival of spring.

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In addition and despite the idea that we have in mind of the Cala, it is worth knowing that white is not its only color. Although it is the most popular, the truth is that it is possible to enjoy this beautiful plant in colors as striking as orange, yellow, pink or burgundy. A variety in which it is impossible not to find the ideal one to complete the look of our home.

Whatever our preference in terms of tones, let’s see in detail the care of the Calas indoors. A fantastic and extremely simple way to enjoy a plant capable of attracting all eyes.

1. Luminosity, fundamental

It is, without a doubt, one of the aspects that we must take care of both so that our plant flourishes properly and so that the flowers are maintained over time. To comply with the care of the Calas, the ideal is to place it in a space where it receives a lot of light, preferably indirect.

Be careful with this: although its ideal location is near a window, it is not the best idea if we live in a very hot climate. Not only can it ruin the flowering before its time: it can also burn our plant.

2. The planting space, key

Something that we must take care of and a lot! when we enjoy the Calas in pots. We are talking about a plant that requires a soil rich in nutrients; so it is convenient to mix the universal substrate with a highly nutritious amendment. To do this, it is enough to know how to use the worm castings correctly and incorporate it into the mixture.

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But it is not the only thing we must take care of so that our Calas enjoy good health. In addition to having the nutrition they demand, these rhizome plants require a light soil with good drainage since they do not support waterlogging. Avoiding it happens by including a part of coconut fiber in the mixture.

3. The temperature, one of the cares of the Calas indoors that we must closely monitor

We tend to believe that a plant that needs good light also needs heat, and of course, in the case of the Callas, nothing is further from the truth. To take care of your well-being, the ideal temperature range should be between 14 and 20 degrees.

Although it is important for the health of the plant, it is also a factor that we must pamper during the flowering season. If not fresh, our Cala will ruin your flowers before their time.

4. Irrigation, the most demanding task in the cultivation of this plant

We said that Calas require good drainage, and it is enough to know their hydration needs to understand it. We are talking about a moisture-loving plant, so we will have to maintain it constantly, avoiding the substrate from drying out at all times.

Of course: let’s not confuse watering with flooding. It won’t do you any good.

5. The subscriber, another detail to pamper in the care of the Potted Calas

The last of the care of the Calas that we will have to attend to if we want our plant to flourish properly. Let’s remember that it is a plant with a high demand for nutrients, so when grown in a pot it will need a regular dose of fertilizer.

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So that our plant has what it needs, the ideal is to apply a fertilizer for flower plants every 15 days, diluted in the irrigation and from the beginning of spring.

What if! The care of the Calas makes it extremely easy to enjoy them at home. A plant that, with very little, gives us a lot.

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