Caring for fruit trees in autumn and winter

They are probably the outdoor plants that are most affected by the arrival of the cold. Therefore, it is essential to know the care of fruit trees in autumn and winter. A way to prepare them for the arrival of the most rigorous cold, but also to guarantee that they will be able to survive the low temperatures to be in perfect condition when the good weather returns.

Like the rest of the plants, with the arrival of autumn, fruit trees begin to save energy. A way to gradually adapt to a lower solar incidence but also to the progressive drop in temperature. Thanks to this plant mechanism, fruit trees prepare to go into vegetative rest. A kind of hibernation for which it is essential to prepare them.

And yes: the care of fruit trees in autumn and winter is essential for their survival. A compelling reason to know them in detail, and give them what they need.


In the same way that we know how to care for plants in autumn, we must do the same with fruit trees. And, although a priori we may think that they demand extraordinary tasks, nothing is further from the truth. We must understand that all the care of fruit trees in these cold months is focused, in short, on properly nourishing our trees, preventing the spread of diseases and favoring a vegetative rest that does not take its toll on them.

Let’s see in detail what our fruit trees need in these months of the year.

1. Remove fallen leaves and weeds, the starting point

While it is true that mulching is a great ally for our fruit trees in the cold months, be careful. Doing it with the fallen leaves of our trees is not a good idea. Not only can they contain fungal spores, but it is also possible that microorganisms are present in them.

Mulching is an essential care for fruit trees in autumn and winter. Do it with our Verdecora brand mulch

For this reason, the ideal is to rake all the leaves that our fruit trees have lost; and opt for other alternatives to protect the roots, such as mulch.

In addition to this, it is key to know how to eradicate weeds from the surroundings of our fruit trees. They not only act as nutrient thieves: they are also true magnets for pests and fungi.

2. Decompact the soil, fundamental in the care of fruit trees in autumn and winter

Vital! Let us bear in mind that, with the cold and the rains, the soil has a tendency to compact. A hardening that brings with it a lack of absorption of both water and nutrients, with what that entails

For this reason, the ideal is to aerate the ground around the place where our tree is planted, taking great care not to damage its roots.

3. Adapt irrigation, a detail that we cannot neglect

With the arrival of the cold, the irrigation pattern decreases until it is practically anecdotal. A compelling reason for us to start spacing out the risks, leaving them at one a week.

A micro-irrigation system will ensure that our fruit trees are hydrated without excesses. get him here

If in your day we opted for how to grow fruit trees in pots, the ideal would be to install a drip irrigation system. In this way, we will maintain the necessary humidity for our tree without the possibility of flooding: something extremely harmful always, but more so at this time of year and with growing in containers.

4. Prune if necessary, care to be carried out very carefully

Crucial but with nuances. Removing old or diseased branches is important so that our fruit trees can survive the winter. However, we must know the tricks of autumn pruning to prevent this work from going against the health of our trees. There is one caveat to this task: citrus trees. Since many of them bear fruit in the cold months, it is counterproductive to prune now.

Also, at the end of autumn, it will be important to remove the fruits that may be on the branches, whether they have fully developed or if they have remained halfway. Only in this way will we prevent them from becoming a focus of infections.

5. Nourishing our fruit trees, the key to preparing them for the cold

Fertilizing is one of the cares for fruit trees in autumn that we cannot miss. The contribution of organic fertilizers will not only allow our trees to take in the nutrients they need before going into dormancy. In addition, it will improve the structure of the soil with all the benefits that this entails.

Worm humus is perfect for fruit trees, both in autumn and at any other time of the year. Know the advantages of using this

To feed them correctly, it is enough to know how to use worm castings correctly. A perfect amendment to cover all the needs of our trees.

6. Prevent diseases, another key to caring for fruit trees in autumn and winter

Autumn is the perfect breeding ground for the proliferation of plant diseases. Added to the increase in rainfall is the humidity and the warm temperatures. A perfect mixture for the appearance of fungi and other microorganisms that can seriously damage our fruit trees. That is why we cannot lose sight of fruit tree treatments in autumn.

The use of ecological fungicides will allow us to stop the advance of fungi and other diseases. Get this one, made of copper and ecological, here

As a preventive measure, it is worth applying potassium soap to our trees to avoid the attack of any disease. And, in case it has already manifested itself, its advance must be stopped as soon as possible with fungicides.

And you, do you apply these care of fruit trees in autumn and winter?

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