Geranium care: help its flowering!

The Geranium is one of the summer plants par excellence and the absolute protagonist of terraces or balconies at this time. If we want these plants to look healthy and beautiful in the summer months, we must pay special attention to the care of their growth. In this way we will obtain that characteristic flowering, whatever color it may be, reigning over the intense green leaves.

Well, if we want to enjoy that bloom of beautiful nature that we breathe when we see a Geranium in flower, it is important that we help the plant to bloom correctly. Something simple if we know how, but it is absolutely necessary if we take into account that flowering involves significant wear and tear on the plant, which we will have to alleviate if we want to enjoy it until the last throes of summer.

The good thing is that the Geranium is a grateful plant and very undemanding in its care. This means that it will require little attention throughout the year, including the summer months. And few things are as summery as seeing Geraniums in bloom, so it’s well worth treating them with a little pampering!


Surely, on some occasion, you have seen a window full of Geranium flowers and you have wondered how their owners do it to show them off that way. To begin with, it is important to know that this plant will have many more flowers depending on the number of hours of sunlight it receives per day. In order for it to flower profusely and consistently, it will need at least six hours of light a day. This may be its greatest requirement, but we must be cautious: the ideal is that our Geranium is located in a place that receives shade throughout the afternoon. In this way, we will avoid overexposure that can spoil your buds.

And if light is important, irrigation is no less so. Although during the winter months our Geranium has remained dormant, for its flowering it is essential to increase its water pattern. Especially in the hot months (time when the plants are filled with flower buds), it is important that we keep the plant constantly hydrated.

To water the Geranium we will wet the substrate and avoid the part of the flowers

We must be careful not to abuse the water. This is an absolute enemy of your well-being, since the roots have a tendency to rot with excess liquid. And it is not convenient to make the plant thirsty either, if so, it will not have energy to flourish. The trick to knowing the ideal amount of water is simple: we will have to always keep the substrate slightly moist and guide ourselves by it to know when to water again.

In addition, and to avoid any energy theft, we will remove the longest branches of the plant (these stems tend to flower much less than the smaller ones).


A little help never hurts. And, for this reason, it is more than necessary to assist our plant to flourish even more by using a fertilizer for flowering plants. If we have planned the flowers of our Geranium, we will have started adding it at the beginning of spring. But if we have missed this detail, it is not a problem either: we can still do it throughout the summer, following a guideline of one subscriber per month.

If you are wondering which fertilizer is ideal for this type of plants, you can choose between:

– Solid , if we have been foresighted and have started the fertilization with some time.

Liquid fertilizer, it will be used once a month together with one of the irrigations. Enough to help the Geranium to bloom more during the summer.

With the use of solid fertilizers like this you will help your Geranium to bloom, both during the summer and in the autumn preparation. Discover its features

And we leave for the end a task that we will have to write down in the calendar of tasks of the autumn garden. And it is that, although during the summer we will help the Geranium to sprout more by removing the withered flowers and dry leaves, the truth is that the key to its flowering next year will be found in the autumn pruning. In this case, it is advisable to prune the Geranium by a third of its volume and complete this work with a solid fertilizer, before protecting the plants from winter frost.

Start putting all these tips on caring for Geraniums into practice and get ready to enjoy the beauty of their flowers with that generosity that few other plants offer and that require so little work.

We will be the envy of those who contemplate our Geraniums in bloom!

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