Carob tree: [Cultivation, Irrigation, Care, Pests and Diseases]

The carob tree is an evergreen tree that grows very well in Mediterranean-type climates , reaching a height of approximately 10 metres.

It has large foliage, which allows it to provide good shade wherever it is planted, and also produces a fruit.

This fruit, although not consumed fresh, has significant commercial value because it is processed to create a product similar to chocolate.

It is a good option in certain places and if you have the precise conditions to enjoy it, here we will give you the data so that everything goes very well for you.

Important points when planting carob

  • When? In spring.
  • Where? Outdoors in mild, warm climates.
  • How do we prepare the land? All types of soil with good drainage, plow it before sowing and clean of weeds.
  • How should we water? Moderately pointed directly at the base of the tree.
  • How often do you have to water? Every 3 or 4 days.
  • What care do you need? Fertilized when it blooms, pruning and plowing of the land.
  • What pests and diseases does it have? The woodworm , powdery mildew and root rot.

When to plant a carob tree?

In spring, preferably when the weather is milder. In other words, the risks of low temperatures have passed but it’s not that hot yet.

Where to plant a carob tree?

The carob tree is an outdoor tree that must have a constant and mild temperature throughout the year. Its sowing is not recommended in areas that see the passage of seasons since it does not tolerate cold.

How to prepare the land?

The carob tree is a tree that adapts well to all types of soils , which facilitates its location for planting.

However, being adaptable in this matter does not exempt it from needing a good level of drainage in order not to suffer from waterlogging that causes rotting.

On the other hand, it is necessary to plow the soil to help make it looser when planting it and the roots can be distributed as preferred.And, to avoid damaging the seedling when it is still small, it is best to clear the entire area of ​​weeds before planting.

How do we water the carob tree?

Irrigation can be done with a moderate amount of water, focusing especially on the base of the tree. The water used will be the current, since it does not have specific requirements with respect to this matter. If it is going through a rainy season, it is not necessary to water it on those days.

How often do we water the carob tree?

The carob tree is a tree that tolerates droughts very well, but to keep it well hydrated and healthy, it is better to apply irrigation every 3 or 4 days .If at any time the irrigation possibilities fail you, do not worry because it will be able to resist it.

How to plant carob tree step by step?

The traditional sowing of the carob tree is by means of seeds, although in some cases it could also be done by cuttings to reduce the growth time.

  1. Collect the seeds of the carob tree from the fruit that the tree produces.
  2. Submerge the seeds in a container with water and allow them to hydrate for a period of approximately 10 days .
  3. Select a suitable size seedbed and prepare it with moistened universal substrate.
  4. Spread the seeds out and place a thin layer of soil on top of them.
  5. Water a little more for the seeds to settle.
  6. Locate the seedbed in a ventilated space and where the humidity is neither too high nor too low . Wait for them to germinate to proceed with transplanting.

When you already have the carob sprouts you will have to transplant them into a pot so that it develops a stronger seedling.

By the time the seedling is about 20 centimeters tall, you can move it to the selected space outside.

It is important to consider that the growth of the carob tree is slow, so throughout this process you must have a lot of patience.

What care does the carob tree need?

There are carob trees that do very well without the need for fertilizers because the soil is rich in organic matter.

When this is not the case, it is best to fertilize with compost or decomposed manure at the time flowering begins and then the fruits.

Pruning is another action that must be done at the correct times to encourage the best conditions for the plant.The ideal is to advance with an annual from the age of 2 to help it form a better structure.

After that, it will be necessary to pay attention to all the damaged parts that may arise to eliminate them.The correct time to apply pruning is after fruit production has ended.

Lastly, the carob tree will behave better if plows are applied to the environment to help loosen the soil.These plows will be in the superficial layer of the earth and will be distributed on the basis of two or three per year.

What pests and diseases affect the carob tree?

The carob tree can be attacked by different diseases and also by pests.

The most important pest is the woodworm , which makes the base structure of the tree lose vitality, causing it to become weak and eliminating the possibility of using it.

Diseases are caused by fungi and here are some such as powdery mildew or root rot.The good news is that they all have treatment but it is better to reduce the chances of their occurrence.

Here you have to have a lot of control over humidity, specifically the one that has to do with puddles after irrigation.In part, the plow is a strategy that helps a lot in this matter because it prevents subsidence from being created in the ground.

Although its main focus is on the production of the fruit, the reality is that the carob tree is usable in all its parts.The wood is used to work carpentry and the leaves to feed certain species of livestock.Therefore, it is one of those most favorable species to have in the garden or in a crop field.

How long does the carob tree live?

Carob trees are slow-growing trees, but in return they offer great longevity, easily exceeding 400 years of life.

How long does it take to grow the carob tree?

The tree can spend the first 10 years of its life developing.

How long does it take to produce fruit?

The carob tree has a slow productive season that barely begins the process after 7 years of planting it.

In some cases, this time can even be extended to 10 years.

Can it be grown in a pot?

Yes you can work in a pot.

However, it is very important to know that the carob tree has deep roots, so the pot must meet this requirement.

How many times does the carob tree produce fruit?

From the moment the carob tree begins its production, it is capable of maintaining it for up to 80 more years.

At an annual level, the production of fruits is once a year.

Should the carob tree be pollinated to obtain fruit?

The pollination of the carob tree has the facility that it can be both with the support of insects and by the action of the wind.

The main insect that performs this function is the bee.

How cold can the carob tree tolerate?

It is a kind of warm climates. Therefore, it does not resist cold or frost.

How many carob trees can be planted per hectare?

For a correct administration of the space and the comfort of the plants, it is advisable to plant between 80 and 100 specimens per hectare.

What type of fertilizer does the carob tree need?

The best fertilizers for the carob tree are the organic type that are well fermented.

How much heat and/or drought can the carob tree tolerate?

The carob tree is a warm climate tree, so it will do well in temperatures even around 35° C.

The carob tree is a species resistant to drought, so there will be no major inconveniences in areas with little rainfall.

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