How to Harvest Pumpkins Correctly

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When are pumpkins harvested?

A pumpkin harvest is a moment of great emotion because that work you started a few months ago is finally paying off. And then the doubts begin about the right moment when you should pick them up. You see them there, big and flashy, but are they ready?

Today we are going to reveal all the mysteries that are hidden behind this decision, from when is the ideal time to tips to keep them after collection. Are you ready to receive a lot of interesting information on this topic? Let’s go ahead.

When are pumpkins harvested?

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Pumpkins are harvested in the autumn period, during the months of September, October and November.Keep in mind, for greater security, that the development cycle of the pumpkin takes about six months after it has been planted.

The climate of the environment, the height at which they are planted, the amount of sun and irrigation they receive, etc. will have an influence on all this. The type of pumpkin in question even plays a determining role because they do not all have the same behavior.

How do you know the pumpkin is ripe?

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To determine if the pumpkin has already reached the exact point of ripening, you can look at:

  1. Color: Most types of squash turn orange when ready.
  2. The bark: this becomes firm and with a more or less solid consistency.
  3. Structure of the plant: as the pumpkin matures, the plant begins to decay, revealing the fruit that it normally covers with its leaves.
  4. Peduncle: this begins to be noticeable lignified. In this case, it is worth harvesting the pumpkin together with the stalk.

All these signs must be taken into account together, reducing the chances of making an early harvest. The reason is that pumpkins that are not ripe enough can have complications when it comes to storage, losing their optimal state for consumption.

How long does pumpkin take to ripen?

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From the beginning of the formation of the fruits, the pumpkin can take about 3 or 4 weeks to mature.It is necessary that you pay attention to the elements indicated above because in home gardens we can always harvest progressively.

This means that as you see the pumpkins in a state of maturation, you cut them and leave the rest on the plant. At the industrial production level, this modality does not apply, but they carry out the complete harvest in a single phase.

How to preserve harvested pumpkins?

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One of the easiest techniques for preserving ripe pumpkins is to pick them with the stem still attached. This helps them stay in good condition for longer, plus it is a way to protect the plant from breaking when harvested.

You can do the test and measure the durability times in good condition that a pumpkin that is stored with a stem and one without it has. Now, the pumpkin is usually very well preserved when it is in a dry space and with a temperature that is warm, between 8 and 12º C.

It is very important that all the pumpkins stored are in perfect condition and that there are no sudden changes in temperature in the space where they are stored. You also have to ensure that they are free of the moisture they possess due to environmental conditions.

You achieve this by leaving them in an open space for a few hours so that all traces of dew they may have are removed. By following these tips it will be possible for you to have pumpkins to enjoy for up to 6 months. That is, until the next crop starts.

Pumpkin harvesting is a simple process, although you will always have to do it manually. Knowing that it is a plant with the best conditions and that it is capable of bearing large fruits, there is no doubt that it is a great option for the home garden.

Of course, consider that if it is not reviewed and organized frequently, it can become very invasive, so it is better that you have it well watched.

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