Climbing Flowers: [List, Examples, Characteristics]

Climbing plants are ornamental in themselves, but when they also have flowers they are much prettier.

Used as a mechanism to decorate exteriors, climbing flowers can be found in various colors and shapes.

If you are looking to give a different touch to your garden or the facade of your house, pay attention because in this article we present some of the best climbing flowers that you can choose.

Go for it?


Jasmine is one of the main species that represent climbing flowers because with its base plant it is a specialist in this task.

The plant has a very sophisticated appearance that is complemented by small white or yellow flowers, making it even more aesthetic.

It is very useful to give a special touch to a specific area of ​​the house because it does not tend to be very invasive.

In addition, the flowers are capable of giving off a delicious but subtle scent, which allows both to recreate the environment and offer a rich aroma.

The plant has vibrant green foliage that makes the flowers stand out even more and likes shade in cool weather.

rose bushes

There are some types of rose bushes that instead of growing softly in bushes, develop as climbing plants.

Roses have this ability because of their thorns that serve as a support to cling decisively to the nearby base they have.

The best thing is that species of very diverse colors can be found and with the characteristics of roses, achieve a very beautiful and elegant environment.

This without losing sight of the fact that they also produce an exquisite smell.


It’s a very showy climbing flower version that really achieves a unique ornamental effect.

To develop , the plant needs a good guide where it can grow, but it can be planted in a pot.

The arrival of the flowers will be the most awaited moment, especially if the species that generates fuchsia climbing flowers is selected.

With the beautiful background that it produces, it will even serve as a support to recreate the dream place of rest in the garden.


If what you are looking for is a plant that generates climbing flowers in abundance, bougainvillea will be your thing.

From spring to late summer, bougainvillea is capable of producing hundreds of shocking purple flowers.

It is a plant that grows a lot too, so it can be useful to cover a complete wall, being also very resistant to pruning.

And with respect to the sun, there are not many problems either since it is resistant to direct sun or semi-shade.

Of course, what you must be very careful about is controlling temperatures because winter temperatures below -4ºC do not do very well.


And leaving the most basic flower colors, the bluebell is an alternative if you are looking for Blue Flowers, since it has a species that gives them.

As it needs sun, it is usually located on the outside of the houses, especially on the walls facing the street.

It is a simple plant to maintain, it does not need much care and it gives flowers quite quickly.

In case blue isn’t your thing, it’s worth knowing that it also offers white and purple versions.

Climbing flower care

The light

Climbing flowers need to have the best location to develop optimally, hence the choice of location is the main thing.

As for the levels of sun, this will depend directly on the species in question, since there are some that get along well in the shade.

land and irrigation

Regardless of whether they are kept in pots or directly in the garden, it is very important that the soil is of good quality and that it also drains moisture well.

This is because irrigation is essential for most species, especially during the summer days when temperatures are higher.

For climbers to give abundant flowers, it is important that they are well nourished, so spring fertilization is recommended.


Finally, pruning will have to pay special attention to the times, making sure that it does not interfere with the flowering processes.

The most advisable thing is that it be done after the flowers fall or at the end of winter and only with the areas that are strictly necessary.

Characteristics of climbing plants

The main characteristic of climbing plants, and therefore their flowers, is that they need a base to support themselves.

This base can be a wall or a metallic structure where it will be developed until it occupies all the available space.

To make it look better and really cover each area, you can help it with your hands, rearranging it.

Also, when the flowers come out, it is a good idea to observe carefully to carefully relocate those that are covered or under the foliage.

This will make it easier for the air to circulate, giving a more beautiful environment and keeping the plant healthier.

Climbing plants are in most cases rather small leaves, green and shiny.

What meaning do these plants have?

The meaning of climbing flowers will be directly related to the type and color of flower in question, since this group does not have a specific meaning in itself.

However, it could be assumed that a climbing plant flower has been the product of effort and patience.

Therefore, giving a gift of this type would serve to tell the loved one that you have full confidence in the relationship, regardless of the evidence you have.

Climbing flower varieties open up the possibilities of having the garden just the way you want it.

To obtain these results, you just have to decide which is the species that best suits your wishes and not waste time planting it.

Tools to enjoy climbing plants

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