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When to collect oregano?

Oregano is an aromatic type herb that is quite easy to sow and whose harvest can be done at any time of the year.Thanks to its properties for use in the kitchen, it is very useful to have it in the herb bank, being possible to keep it dry if you collect a large quantity.

Take into account that harvest times will influence issues such as aroma and flavor, which is why it is so important to know them. And that is just what we bring you in the following lines. It will only take you a couple of minutes to read them and in return they will offer you great agricultural knowledge. Shall we begin?

When is oregano harvested?

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Oregano can be harvested at any time of the year because it is a small plant that is easy to keep in a bench or pot and move indoors in winter. It is common to find people who opt to apply the collection at the end of summer, just before the cold arrives.

The reason is that during this time the oregano will enjoy better characteristics that will make its subsequent use ideal. In all this, the objective you hope to achieve with it will greatly influence, whether you like fresh consumption or prefer to dry it for later consumption.

How is oregano harvested?

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The oregano is collected simply by cutting the amount that is needed for the purpose we are looking for.The cut must be clean, using gardening shears and over a knot, so that you promote the formation of a new branch.

If it is for fresh consumption, it will suffice to remove the necessary branches from the plant, wash them and use them normally. If they are going to be left to dry, it is necessary to wash them, let them dry of that humidity and then subject them to a hot process to dehydrate them.

Oregano tolerates pruning very well, so don’t worry if it seems like you’re removing too much.An important point in all this is that the plant is not wet before picking the oregano. This implies that it has not received rain or irrigation in some days.

When does oregano bloom?

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Oregano tends to bloom in mid-summer.Just before this time is when the plant reaches its highest level of aroma and flavor, so it is usually a good time to collect some parts.

The flowering time usually lasts until mid- autumn, although all this time is variable depending on the characteristics of the plant. Here you have to take into account the date it was planted or the time of the transplant in case you have done it.

As external factors, the plant responds a lot to climatic variations, so do not despair if it takes a few days longer than you have planned.

Of course, the flowers can also be eaten fresh or left to dry for later use and it is worth knowing that they are much more aromatic than the leaves alone.

How long does it take to dry oregano?

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Drying oregano can be done in different ways and each one will have its expected time.If it is done by oven dehydration, for example, it will take a couple of hours.

The most common and simple way to do this is by placing the branches in a structure so that they hang down and let them dry naturally thanks to the wind. For this process to be successful, the place must be dry and dimly lit.

The normal thing is that it dries progressively, taking a few days for this.The collection will have to be done as the leaves are dry and crisp.

How do you clean oregano?

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You can clean the oregano while it is planted, removing any type of weed that is staying around it.When you have collected it, the most normal thing is to clean it with normal water without the need to add any other special product.

Being a very resistant species, it is rare to use resources such as insecticides. Oregano is exquisite and it seems that there is no home cook who does not use it to enhance the flavor in their preparations.

Enjoying a bank of aromatic herbs in the home garden where he is included will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you will make.

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