Garden tasks in September

Surely you have already noticed the first signs that summer is coming to an end: the dew in the morning, the reduction in daylight hours and the little ones going back to school. For adults, it’s also time to come home and do some yard work in September too. A green space that, especially in August, has suffered from high temperatures and that needs to be prepared for the natural transition to the next season.

The garden tasks in September seek, precisely, to take advantage of autumn to help our green space. And it is that this season is the time of the year that allows the garden to acclimatize before the arrival of the cold. Something possible thanks to simple and necessary maintenance tasks to ensure that, even with low temperatures, our garden is healthy.

And not only that. Thanks to these garden tasks in September, we can take advantage of autumn outdoors. A way to cut time to winter and why not? to enjoy the garden a little more.


September is the month in which we begin to notice a gradual drop in temperature. However, let’s not fool ourselves: there are still days when the thermometer surprises with temperatures that, without being those of summer, do resemble those of spring.

For this reason, don’t be surprised to discover that many of the tasks in the garden in September are similar to those in the spring. With an important difference: now we are not preparing our garden for a moment of growth. We are preparing it, in fact, so that it faces a period of vegetative break with well-being and nutrients.

1. Eliminate weeds, crucial for autumn

Due to the temperature fluctuations typical of the month of September, this month is prone to weeds growing out of control. Something that we will have to tackle, especially with a view to the garden being as neat as possible in the face of the arrival of the cold.

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If during the summer they have proliferated too much during our vacation absences, perhaps it is time to know how to eradicate weeds from the garden. A task that we will also have to perform on the lawn in order to make reseeding the lawn in the fall not such a complicated task.

2. Collect seeds from the garden and orchard

During this month, many of the plants in the garden and in the orchard have already begun to throw their seeds. To prevent them from growing out of control, it is advisable to collect them and keep them in a dry and cool place until the arrival of next spring. In this way, we will be guaranteeing to be able to replant to our liking.

3. Prune, one of the most important garden tasks in September

September is the last month in which we can carry out certain pruning tasks before the cold begins. For this reason, it is not only convenient to pay attention to the bushes or to shape the hedges this month, but also, we will have to remember that it is our last opportunity to carry out maintenance pruning.

In the case of some plants, such as perennials, it is time to remove dry branches and flowers that are already poached. In this way, we will be helping our plants to face autumn without anything that robs them of energy. Something more than necessary, since it is in this season when the plants prepare to stop their vegetative growth until the temperature rises.

In addition, it is a good time to review a couple of important tips for this work. On the one hand, what pruning tools to choose for each task. On the other, to keep in mind some tips to correctly prune the plants that will allow us to carry out this task successfully.

4. Fertilize, important to nourish the garden before the cold

Although fertilizing is a constant task in any garden, it is true that with the arrival of autumn we have to continue with this work but with a slight change. Unlike other times of the year, in September our garden will require fertilizers rich in potassium. A way to supply our plants and shrubs with the nutrients they need to face the cold.

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Although the application of fertilizer will be gradually reduced, it is important to review the specific needs according to each type of species. Not all have the same vegetative cycle.

5. Monitor pests, a task not to neglect

If you thought you had already got rid of them, nothing could be further from the truth! In this final stretch of summer, eliminating garden pests continues to be a priority. And not only that: a poor irrigation pattern or excessive rainfall accompanied by a gradual drop in temperature can be the perfect breeding ground for the appearance of fungi.

Whether it is insects or fungi, during the month of September it is vital to keep them at bay. Only in this way will the care that we provide to our outdoor plants in the garden fulfill that objective of nourishing and strengthening our nature in the face of the cold.

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And something to keep in mind in this chapter. At the end of September, it is time to start keeping plants inside the house. Some that, for whatever reason, need to be protected from low temperatures. Before doing so, it is essential to review them thoroughly. They may have some insect included that, if they sneak into the house, would put our indoor plants in serious trouble.

6. Planting, the best way to continue enjoying flowers and plants

Another of the September tasks in the garden that will guarantee us to enjoy it also in the cold months. Both the end of summer and autumn are two great times to renew our outdoor plants. Or even to plant new ones that flourish and make us happy in the hardest months of the year.

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But let’s go one step beyond conventional plants. Because September is the golden time to plant fall bulbs. Some that will bloom even without the end of winter, and that will fill our exterior with shapes and colors. So nothing like knowing the bulbs to plant in the fall to plan a winter and early spring full of flowers.

7. Pampering the lawn, the last of the garden chores in September

The last of our tasks during this month. The summer months often take their toll on grass, both due to increased use and high temperatures. Making it recover its well-being and its usual state goes through having clear care of the lawn in autumn.

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To start, we will have to perform a low-height mowing. In this way, we will be able to take advantage of the last few weeks of sun so that our grass can regenerate. But it is not the only reason to do it: also, it is time to pay. And, if we have our grass at the perfect height, we will favor the absorption of nutrients. It is important to follow the guideline and recommended quantities to the letter. Although we believe that «nothing happens for a little more», an over-fertilization of our grass can turn against it.

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