Copper Oxychloride: What is it? How do we use it in agriculture?

What is copper oxychloride?

Copper oxychloride is a solid chemical compound, green in color and crystalline in appearance.

Its formula is: Cu2(OH)3Cl. Among its uses is being a fungicide, bactericide and bird repellent, in addition to being accepted in organic farming.

A little history about copper oxychloride

In 1880, vine downy mildew arrived in Europe from America. A disease that caused devastating damage to all the vineyards in France. At that time, only sulfur compounds existed to treat plagues caused by fungi.

However, Millardet accidentally realized that certain strains smeared with a mixture of copper sulfate and lime, distinguishable by their bluish hue, did not contract the disease.

From this combination, the professor developed the formula of what was the first compound of chemical synthesis, cuprocalcium sulfate or also called Bordeaux mixture.

Since then, the investigation of compounds derived from copper to attack diseases caused by fungi has been promoted.

For this reason, there is now copper oxychloride and other compounds such as copper hydroxide.

What is copper oxychloride used for in agriculture?

Being a fungicide means that it is a substance capable of eliminating and stopping the development of fungi or molds found on the plant.

Copper oxychloride workspreventing the penetration of the fungusand inhibits spore germination.

Important:Remember that any excess fungicide can cause physiological damage to the crop.

It has an extreme fixation on the ground and is toxic to humans if inhaled or ingested. However, thanks to the fact that it remains in the soil, its fungicidal activity can be greater and have advantages for the crop.

It should be noted that copper- derived fungicides have a preventive rather than a curative effect. This means that it prevents future infections and the spread of fungi.

Some fungi develop resistance to fungicides, however, copper oxychloride hasproven to be very effective.

This is an advantage because it can be used multiple times on the same crop with the same effects. Although remember that given its toxicity you can only use it once a year and in the amounts indicated on the packaging.

More specifically, the functioning of this fungicide is by forming a protective barrier on the surface of the leaves against the attack of endoparasitic fungi.

The ions are absorbed by the spores of the fungus and bacteria until the accumulation is lethal to their cells.

That isfungicidesthat contain copper block the respiratory process of the fungi causing them to be unable to synthesize proteins and thus reducing the activity of their cell membrane until finally, these fungi die being unable to obtain food.

Although it is used in organic farming, it is not necessary to exceed the quantities provided to the plant.

Its use is limited tomaximum 6 kilograms per hectare in a year.If there are water areas near your farm such as lakes, rivers or underground reservoirs, avoid using it as it is highly toxic to aquaculture life.

Copper oxychloride is effective for diseases such as potato blight disease. It is also very effective to attackAlternaria, anthracnose, Bacterial, Mildiu, Dent or screening, Monilia, Speckled, Aguado and Fomopsis.

Speaking of crops, it is used to treat diseases of the olive tree, trees that bear fruit and vegetables such as broccoli, garlic, onion and eggplant.

An advantage of fungicides is to treat crops that are very sensitive to fungi, such as grapes.

Since it gives complete protection against the diseases that grapes usually have, such as mildew, powdery mildew or botrytis. Its application can be done by spraying copper oxychloride on crops.

Copper oxychloride has also been used for biodynamic agriculture.

When and how to apply it in your garden? How do we prepare it?

Copper oxychloride can be applied inany stage of cultivation.

It is sold in presentations specifically for plants and in different doses, so it is important that you read the instructions for each package since the recommended amounts may vary.

There are solid presentations that can be sprinkled on the ground to prevent the spread of harmful fungi.

Dosage of copper oxychloride

There are also already dissolved presentations that are the most recommended if you have an urban garden or a small crop.

Here are some doses of copper oxychloride:

  1. BELTASUR 500 (copper oxychloride 50%). It comes in powder form for soaking. There are 40-gram presentations with a measuring spoon and also in a one-kg format for large plantations. The 50% copper presentations are mainly used before the flowering of fruit trees. It is normally dosed at 300 – 400 g/hl. There are also presentations in the form of biological fungicide sachets for 750ml of water. They have a very similar concentration.
  2. 70% copper oxychloride. The dosage has to be lower because it has a higher concentration. 150 – 250 cc/hl. Be careful applying it to plants sensitive to copper.
  3. 38% copper oxychloride. The dosage is 200-300 cc/hl and it usually comes in liquid presentations.

Where can I buy Copper Oxychloride?

Copper oxychloride can be purchased at specialty agriculture or crop stores.

It can also be found in stores that sell chemicals.

Finally, we have acquired it on Amazon and it has given us good results. We leave you some options:

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