Cordyline tango care

It is one of those plants that captivate with its color and presence. And it is that the cordyline tango is probably the most beautiful representative of this varied family. A title that it holds for the incredible color of its leaves, which combine green, red and fuchsia. A natural appeal that makes it the center of any look. And yes: it is impossible not to surrender to its natural beauty. An aspect that makes the cordyline tango one of the most valued indoor plants by gardening lovers.

Before understanding its care, it is important to know where the cordyline tango comes from. As with many other plants, these origins mark their needs and care. In the case of this plant, its cultivation is marked by being native to a tropical climate. Originally from Asia and Australia, in the wild it can reach the size of a large tree. Its development is such that, on many occasions, it is confused with the plants of the drácenas family. But do not panic: in our interiors, the cordyline tango will not reach such a size. Being rigorous with its care, it will reach a meter in height.

Understanding where you live, let’s see what are the care of the cordyline tango. Some that, although they are not very demanding, we do have to comply rigorously to enjoy it.


As we said, the cordyline tango is one of the most spectacular indoor plants that exist. Although it is true that it flourishes in nature, it rarely does so indoors. However, the incredible beauty of its leaves will not make us miss the flowers. Even without them, it is a highly decorative and showy plant.

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Let’s see in detail the care of the cordyline tango. Some extremely assumable for any level of gardening, and that allow you to contemplate the beautiful color of its leaves.

1. Luminosity, key for the cordyline tango

Due to its tropical origins, the cordyline tango demands a lot of light. Only thanks to it will it be able to grow but, also, it will be able to color its leaves with intensity. Let’s not confuse this aspect with direct light because, far from doing the plant good, it can be harmful. The sun can burn its leaves and dull its color.

For this reason, the ideal is to find a place with a lot of light and, even, that it is sifted using a curtain for it.

2. Frequent but low-intensity irrigation

A bit similar to what happens with the sun and luminosity. We cannot confuse watering with soaking. And, in the case of cordyline tango, excess water can be extremely bad for the plant. To get the irrigation right, we will always be guided by the humidity of the substrate. And, to be even more rigorous, the ideal is to water frequently but with little water. In the winter months, the ideal is to reduce the risks.

In addition to this and among all types of pots, it is recommended to use clay pots. This material will be key to eliminating excess irrigation water thanks to its porosity.

3. Ambient humidity, another vital factor for her

As a tropical plant, the cordyline tango demands good environmental humidity. If we live in a humid climate, we will not have to humidify the environment. If we live in a dry climate, it is more than advisable to do so. Although the usual formula is to spray the leaves with warm water, in the case of this plant we can consider an alternative. We refer to creating a humid environment around it without affecting the substrate. Something that we can achieve by placing the plant on a plate with water, putting something between the base of the pot and this liquid that prevents it from touching it.

And a piece of advice: regularly clean your leaves of dust. Only then will they be able to maintain their coloration and correctly absorb the moisture they need.

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4. Transplant every two years, a trick for proper growth

Every maximum two years, a transplant is recommended. Only in this way will Cordyline Tango be able to properly develop its roots and, therefore, make the visible part of the plant grow. Ideally, the pot is slightly larger than the one you have, and that we use a slow-release fertilizer to encourage change.

5. Location, essential for the life of the cordyline tango

Carefully choosing the location of our plant will be vital for its development. And we are not just referring to it being a luminous space. In addition and as it happens in the care of indoor plants in winter, it is important to place it away from an artificial source of heat.

It is also not recommended to expose it to air currents. They are fatal to her.

6. Temperature without oscillations, very important

Logically, if air currents do not suit you, neither do temperature changes. As a good tropical plant, the cordyline tango needs to always be in spaces above 15 degrees.

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7. Fertilizer in spring

With the arrival of the months of good weather, it is time to pay regularly. Doing so will allow us to reinforce the growth period of the plant. To do this, the ideal is to use a liquid fertilizer diluted in the irrigation water every 15 days.

Some simple care to be able to enjoy a plant that is impossible not to stop looking at.

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