Cut Trees: [Methods and Guide to Cut Down a Tree]

Although trees provide a great number of benefits to the environment and humanity, there are times when it is necessary to cut them down.

However, you have to pay attention as it is a practice that can be dangerous and extremely delicate. In addition, a series of mandatory safety measures must be followed to avoid accidents with the feller and with what is around the tree.

In this article we are going to explain everything you need to know about cutting down trees.

Be careful: felling a tree can be dangerous. Trees are usually very heavy and if they fall on us, the blow can be fatal.

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Why should a tree be cut down?

There are many reasons that can lead to a compulsory felling of a tree. Among these are:

  1. That he is sick and there are no conditions to treat him or that, in fact, there is no treatment.
  2. That it is with a degree of inclination that could represent a risk of falling in case of very strong winds.
  3. That the trunk is deeply affected by fissures or cracks.
  4. That there are fungi or bacteria that have caused damage and death to trees that are in the same environment.
  5. That shows decay at the level of the trunk or branches.
  6. That has suffered severe damage after a strong impact, such as a collision with a vehicle.
  7. That it is located in an area where urban planning or other works will be carried out.
  8. That the roots are causing damage to structures such as nearby houses.

These are considered the most important reasons. However, they could not be considered the only ones since each tree has a different condition.

What should we take into account before cutting it?

We must take into account basic elements such as: where the tree will fall, the number of branches it has and the direction of the wind, among others.

All these elements will be part of the previous planning and will require a detailed study of the tree to be cut.

the air and the wind

For example:If it has a degree of inclination, the most logical thing is to look for it to fall towards that same side.

In case of being very close to a house, it is essential that it falls in the opposite direction to avoid damage to the structure.

If the wind is in the direction that is most favorable to us, even better because it will give us support in terms of pressure. Consider that the amount of wind should not be excessive. In this case, it is better to leave the work for another day.

Are there more trees around the one you want to cut?

Sometimes it is necessary to secure the tree with the help of another nearby species that is outside the limits of its fall. This practice will help work out the direction in which it will fall.

This is not an easy job, but it does give good results so to get the hang of it, it’s best to practice on a small tree first.

The legality when cutting down a tree

In relation to the legal issue, it is necessary to provide the permit generated by the City Council before executing, even if it is within your property.

What tools can we use to cut down a tree?

The main tool to advance with this work is the chainsaw.

However, there are also other personal safety items that will be needed for all work to be done safely.

For example: helmet, boots, thick pants (anti-cut), gloves, protective glasses, among others.


The chainsaw will be the main tool that we will use. It will obviously save a lot of work. If the trunk of the tree that we want to cut down is large, a manual saw will simply take us a lot of work (beware, there are experts who do it very quickly).

The chainsaw can be electric or gasoline. Gas chainsaws tend to have more power and also last longer. On the other hand, electric chainsaws have less power but require less maintenance (oil, etc…).

Beware: the chainsaw is a very dangerous tool. We recommend that you wear the appropriate clothing (gloves, anti-cut pants, etc.) and take all necessary precautionary measures. If there are also children nearby, simply do not use it. Discount! Einhell GE-EC 2240 -Electric chainsaw (2200W, cutting length: 37.5cm, cost speed: 15m/s, 7800rpm, OREGON quality sword and chain), Color Black, Red (ref. 4501740)

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protective helmet

A helmet is important for several reasons. It protects us if a heavy branch falls (be careful, if the branch is very heavy, the helmet will not be able to do anything). Cutting down a tree is dangerous and all necessary measures must be taken to ensure safety.

Also, it can protect us from a splinter that jumps and can damage our eyes.

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  • Rugged ABS helmet shell
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anti-cut pants

Says the name itself. These pants will be able to avoid the occasional unnecessary cut. But like the helmet, it is not a tool that protects you completely. You have to keep doing it with great care and control.

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gardening gloves

Gloves are essential for almost any garden or garden work that we are going to do. And cutting down a tree is no less. They are cheap and can prevent a lot of unnecessary scrapes, cuts, and injuries.

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Gardening boots with protection or reinforced

It is very important to have reinforced boots. In the event that a heavy object falls on our foot, these boots can protect us a lot. In addition, they also prevent us from getting a splinter in the sole.

They usually have a high price, but for our health it is worth it.

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What concerns do we have to take so as not to hurt ourselves?

  1. The first concern is to have the entire area where the cut will be made well cleared, in order to be able to leave there if necessary.
  2. It will also be essential to have all the safety equipment that has been mentioned in the previous section.
  3. This work should never be done individually . It is necessary to have the company of a person nearby in case of any eventuality.
  4. The people accompanying the feller must stay away from the tree, at least in a length of 2 times its height.
  5. Finally, it is necessary to give a final review of the entire environment and the conditions of the tree before proceeding with the cut .

Cut a tree step by step

Now that the time has come to get down to business, pay close attention to the procedure:

Step 1: Release the lower part of the tree

This consists of removing all the branches and other additions that may bother.

It is important that this work is not done as a pruning method, but only to facilitate the work with the chainsaw.

This means that no more work should be done than corresponds to the height of the cutter.

Step 2: Make the cut of the tree in the direction

This will be a cut that will make it easier for the tree to fall in the direction we have chosen. For him, we will need to make a wedge cut.

This cut will be made by starting a horizontal cut with a depth of approximately ¼ of the thickness of the trunk.

Afterwards, another diagonal cut will be made on that until both cuts coincide and a clean log wedge is obtained.

Step 3: Felling Cut

At this point the time has come to make the final cut of the trunk, placing the chainsaw in the opposite position to the steering wedge.

It is important to have adequate knowledge on how to handle the chainsaw to avoid accidents during this work. One of the most important points is that the cutter should never be located behind the chainsaw because there could be a problem.

Ideally, make the cut in such a way that the cutter is protected by the tree trunk.

Now, as for the felling cut, this must be done horizontally without reaching the point of contact with the wedge.

The most advisable thing is to leave a separation distance of at least three centimeters with which we can ensure that we guide the tree in the chosen direction.

From there, the tree will be apparently stable, but with a single push of the hands, it will fall.

Therefore, great care must be taken to avoid problems in this final step if the previous ones have been executed successfully.

Cutting down a tree will not bring major inconveniences if it is carried out keeping all the security measures described here.

Other tree felling tools that may also be useful

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