Real Analysis of the [5 Best Axes to Chop Firewood]

In this article we make a real and complete analysis of the five best axes you can buy on the Internet.

  1. We have ACTUALLY purchased and evaluated five firewood axes.
  2. The firewood that we have used has been mainly pine and olive, although there is also some fig and orange.
  3. We have spent about 40 hours in total to test the different axes and draw conclusions.
  4. To make our decision, we have mainly taken into account the cutting capacity of the axe, the maneuverability, the price and its weight.

If you have reached this article, perhaps it is because…

  • Do you have a fireplace?
  • You like to exercise?
  • Do you have large trunks from pruning and do not know very well what to do with them?

Chopping firewood logs is a great activity to keep fit and be able to ‘feed’ your fireplace in cold weather. Or also to make roasts and toasts with your friends and family.

⭐️ This is not a regular article of reviews and analysis of those that circulate on the net. In this article we have REALLY analyzed five axes bought on Amazon to find out which one is the best for cutting firewood.

We can give you our opinion and recommend first-hand which is the most powerful or the most economical option.

The 5 ax models that we analyze here:

¡Nuestra Elección! Otra opción potente La Mejor Maza-Hacha Mejor opción barata Otra opción económica Modelo Hacha Gardena 2800S Hacha Fiskars Fiskars Maza Mazo Divisor Wiesemann 1892 Wolfpack 2360465 Maza Cuña Valoración – – – – – Precio – 80,35 EUR 144,13 EUR 48,95 EUR 29,56 EUR Peso total 2,8 kg 2,4 kg 3,9 kg 4,7 kg 3 kg Peso cabezal 2,3 kg 2,1 kg 3 kg 4 kg 2,5 kg Altura 70 cm 72 cm 90 cm 88 cm 92 cm Protection cover? Mallet? View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon Our Choice! Model Ax Gardena 2800S Assessment – Price – overall weight 2.8kg Head weight 2.3kg Height 70cm Protection cover? Mallet? View on Amazon Another powerful option Model Ax Fiskars Assessment – Price €80.35 overall weight 2.4kg Head weight 2.1kg Height 72cm Protection cover? Mallet? View on Amazon The Best Mace-Ax Model Fiskars Mace Assessment – Price €144.13 overall weight 3.9kg Head weight 3kg Height 90cm Protection cover? Mallet? View on Amazon best cheap option Model Wiesemann Divider Mallet 1892 Assessment – Price €48.95 overall weight 4.7kg Head weight 4kg Height 88cm Protection cover? Mallet? View on Amazon Another cheap option Model Wolfpack 2360465 Mace Wedge Assessment – Price €29.56 overall weight

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