Cuttings of Begonia Semperflorens: [Concept, Period, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Planting by cuttings is a technique by which a fragment of a plant is planted to obtain a new one with similar characteristics to the one that gave rise to it.

The cuttings are obtained from the stems, leaves or roots of the plant and can be: tender, juvenile, semi-mature, woody, bud, foliar and root.

Planting by cuttings is a very useful method for planting plants that do not produce seeds or that produce a limited number of them.With this planting method, a good number of plants can be multiplied from a single specimen: homogeneous and of good commercial quality.

The technique of planting by cuttings is the favorite method of gardening enthusiasts because it is simple and easy to carry out.In the case of begonias semperflorens, or sugar flower, they constitute a species that can be reproduced by stem or leaf cuttings of the plant.

What is the best time to plant semperflorens begonias cuttings?

At present and with modern reproduction techniques, begonia semperflorens cuttings can be planted at any time of the year.However, the best time to plant semperflorens begonias is in the spring.

Horticulturists consider that the time of year when cuttings are practiced is a key aspect for the success of the reproduction of begonia semperflorens.

How to get semperflorens begonias cuttings to root correctly?

To ensure that begonia semperflorens plants take root correctly, the cuttings must be treated with auxins that accelerate their growth and increase the quality of the roots.

The time it takes for a cutting to root depends on the species, the type of cutting, the age of the stem, how it was prepared, and the humidity and temperature conditions.

The substrate tray for begonia semperflorens should be placed in a place with diffused light (never with direct sunlight), constant relative humidity and a temperature of around 21ºC.

The ambient temperature, however, must be lower to avoid favoring the development of the foliage instead of the roots.In temperate climates, it is possible to root cuttings of many plants directly outdoors, in prepared soil and in the shade, for most of the year.

In cooler regions it is vital to provide the plants with a controlled environment as rooting is often slow and unpredictable.It is important to always keep the soil moist during rooting and also the air, especially during the month of March.

How should we take the begonias semperflorens cuttings to plant them?

Semperflorens begonias cuttings should be taken from healthy and robust plants.

The more adult the semperflorens begonias plant, the more children it has and therefore more cuttings can be taken from its stem.

To cut the stem cutting it is important to do it through the thickest part so that the fragment has more strength when planting.

With the scissors, a transversal cut is made in the lower part of the stem and some leaves and the flower are removed so that the plant invests energy only in producing new roots.

Another method can be taking foliar cuttings, which consists of dividing a healthy leaf into several segments of about 3cm that must have at least one main nerve.

It is also possible to take whole leaves of begonia semperflorens, to which small cuts are made in the main ribs and placed on top of a substrate made up of peat and perlite.

Gardening tools for taking begonias semperflorens cuttings must be sharp, clean and disinfected.

How long should we leave semperflorens begonias cuttings in water?

Horticulturists do not recommend placing semperflorens begonias cuttings in water, as it can lose their nutrients.Once the cuttings of the begonia semperflorens are ready and prepared, we proceed to planting.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

During the production period of begonias semperflorens cuttings, especially in begonias with a high number of flowers, a fertilizer rich in potassium (K) should be applied.

Horticulturists use commercial 2:1:2 plus micronutrient balance fertilizers which can then be changed to 2:1:3. once the plant is fully developed.

How long does it usually take for a begonias semperflorens cutting to come out?

The begonia semperflorens cutting will take approximately a month and a half to reproduce the new plants. It is recommended that as the semperflorens grow, the light is gradually increased until they are sufficiently developed to be transplanted.

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