Diatomaceous earth, characteristics and what it is for in the vegetable garden and garden

Diatomaceous earth, diatomites or also known as white earth , are actually fossilized algae that have been sedimenting for millions of years on the seabed. They have very interesting characteristics and uses in the orchard and garden.

Diatomaceous earth is used primarily as a fertilizer and as a natural insecticide in orchards and gardens. Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and can be used safely both in organic farming and gardening, as well as for cosmetics and personal and domestic animal hygiene.

Diatomaceous earth is effective in eliminating a wide variety of pests that can occur in an orchard or garden, such as caterpillars, aphids, mites (including the red spider), termites, weevils, flies, mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches, horseflies , lice, ticks, snails, slugs, scale, ants or bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth can be found in granules or ground and should be applied according to the directions for each brand.

Characteristics of diatomaceous earth or diatomites

– Diatomaceous earth is made up of fossilized algae

– Diatomites are composed mainly of silica

– The use of diatomaceous earth is allowed in organic farming and gardening

– Being very porous, white earth has a great capacity to absorb liquids.

– It is effective orchards and gardens as an insecticide: they adhere to the insect and act causing death by dehydration.

– Diatomaceous earth can be used as a fertilizer to improve soil fertility.

– Increases water retention in the land.

– The use of diatomites does not harm the environment.

– The white earth acts as an insulator.

– The diatomites protect against solar radiation

– You can prevent and fight fungal diseases with white soil.

– It can neutralize acid soils.

– Diatomaceous earth does not generate resistance in pests.

– Has antiparasitic action on plants and animals

– Its use is safe for pets and people

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What is diatomaceous earth for, uses and applications in the garden and garden

It is an ecological remedy to prevent and combat pests and fungal diseases

White soil provides nutrients to the soil and also increases its bioavailability

They can be used as a remedy for soils that are too acidic

Diatoms are an excellent fertilizer, since they have almost 40 minerals and trace elements that increase the fertility of the earth.

By applying diatomaceous earth we can prevent sunburn on plants, both on the leaves and on the roots.

Its high absorbent capacity makes the humidity of the earth last, this translates into better use of water and less watering.

Diatomaceous earth can improve the composition of the growing soil.

Thanks to its insulating action, white soil is excellent for protecting the roots of plants most vulnerable to frost and low temperatures.

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