25 Fast Growing Plants: [Types, Characteristics and Images]

You ‘ve probably peeked into your neighbor’s garden and admired his overflowing and colorful garden, while your plants don’t exceed a centimeter in height or, if they do, they wilt easily.

What happens is that your neighbor, surely, knows in advance that there are fast-growing plants.

Sometimes, they are plants that require little care, other times, the care and skill of the gardener play an important role. In this article we will review the plants that tend to grow faster.

Fast growing plants in the garden


If you are looking for vegetables that are fast growing and for which you do not have to wait for the right seasons, radishes are definitely the answer.

They grow in the sun or in partial shade andall they need is waterto prevent them from drying out.

Radishes are very easy to grow from seed. It only requires efficient and regular watering, and after 30 days you will be able to harvest them.

To know more: how to plant radish s


Cucumbers are cool and refreshing. But above all, they are fast growing. They require high humidity throughout their life cycle due to their large leaf surface.

If, in addition, you provide them with warm temperatures and a good space,after 60 daysyou will have your own cucumbers ready to harvest.

To know more: how to plant cucumbers

Green peas

Peas are also very fast growing when planted in the garden.

The seeds germinate in ten days and,after eight weekspods begin to appear, ready to be harvested.

Furthermore, as they are legumes, they havethe advantage of being a natural fertilizer, since they give off nitrogen on the ground.

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Another fast growing vegetable from seed is zucchini.

With the basic care of water and temperature, the courgette or zucchini can grow in 70 days and can be harvested easily.

To know more: how to plant zucchini


Lettuces require space, which is why they are an excellent option to grow in our garden.

If you provide them with constant, but not excessive, watering, you will be able to harvest them, depending on the variety, from30 days after germination.

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Fruit trees

Also, if you have enough space, you can consider planting one of the following fast-growing fruit tree varieties:

Peach tree

One of the fastest growing fruit trees is the peach tree.

The tree can grow at aheight of 6 meters in a year. To know more: how to plant peach trees

Apple tree

With proper care, the apple tree grows very easily and is quite hardy.

In certain cases, it can producefruits from the third year.

To know more: how to plant apple trees

cherry tree

It is relatively drought tolerant and does not require much water. Also, it prefers long, cold winters, short, hot summers, and cool nights.

The cherry tree can be easily grown in the garden and can mature quickly.

To know more: how to plant cherry

Lemon Tree

The lemon tree is undoubtedly one of the most popular around the world.

Due to its ease of cultivation and the large number of benefits that its fruits provide, it is one of the trees that is most widely planted in orchards and gardens.

To know more: how to plant a lemon tree

coconut tree

The coconut is one of the fastest growing trees in existence.

It is favored by warm and temperate climates. For something, in Asia, they are the most common variety of fruit trees in the home.


The Tipuana (also known as tipa, tipa blanca, tipuana palo rosa) is a species of tree that produces small leaves, separated from each other and between which bright yellow flowers are born.

In some areas it is known as Tipuana Tipu or Palo Rosa and it is a very noble and common species in cold climates. It is also considered a fast growing tree, so you will be able to see the results in a short time.

Washingtonia Robusta

The Washingtonia Robusta (known as the Mexican Palm) is a palm -shaped plant that grows very well in warm regions.

Its tall size allows you to enjoy good shade at your feet, which is why it is often used in some areas near the sea.

It has a rapid development, even from the fruiting of the seed, which makes it a fairly easy species to work with.

Fast growing potted plants


Chives are another fast growing plant. It can be easily harvested after a month.

To grow they prefer the sun and moist soil. They can be planted in a garden or in pots. It is recommended to trim it frequently to stimulate its growth.

To know more: how to plant chives


Carrots are another of the fast growing root vegetables, and very easy to grow.

can beharvest between 30 and 75 days, depending on the variety.

As for its care, it is necessary to maintain the humidity of the plant, but as it begins to grow, the watering can be more spaced.

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This green leafy vegetable is not only fast growing but also adapts very easily to all types of terrain and conditions. Hence, it can be planted in pots or in the garden.

It can be grown almost all year round, being able to harvest the crop in 45 days. It requires mild temperatures and moist soil.

To know more: how to plant spinach


If you are looking for a simple and undemanding crop, mint is one of the best alternatives. It is an aromatic herb that adapts easily to a wide variety of conditions. Also, it spreads very easily.

It should be exposed to a moderate amount of light to prevent it from drying out easily.

In terms of irrigation, it is very demanding, but with the peculiarity that the more you water it, the more it grows. Ideal for planting in pots.

In addition, mint is one of the plants that repels mosquitoes.

To know more: how to plant mint


It is a very resistant plant that requires a lot of light, although in winter it withstands frost well. It adapts without problems to rocky areas and dry and clayey soils, as well as to pots and planters.

Also, it does not require much watering. Lavender adapts very well to a lack of moisture in the soil thanks to its deep root system.

To know more: how to plant lavender


Pothos are excellent houseplants.

Easy to grow, beautiful and also, they can be hanging (they are hanging plants).

To know more: how to plant pothos

Oxalis Triangularis or Butterfly Plant

plant» src=»<a class=» data-wpil-keyword-link=»linked» />plant-butterfly-1024×623.jpg » alt=»sow butterfly plant» width=»206″ height=»125″ />The oxalis triangularis is a plant that grows very quickly in optimal conditions. It is a clover plant and can run across a field without you realizing it.

Yes, it is very pretty.

To know more: how to plant oxalis triangularis


Oleanders are tremendously pretty, fast-growing shrubs for any garden.

But they have a downside… They are animals.

You must be careful with them. Handle them with gloves and if you have dogs or other animals, be careful that they cannot chew them.

To know more: how to plant oleanders

money plant

The Plectranthus verticillatus is popularly known asthe Money Plant.

Originally from the African continent, her good fame has spread throughout the world. If you receive a cutting and it grows into a beautiful plant, then don’t hesitate: your luckhas been blessed and you will earn a lot of money.

To know more: how to plant the money plant

fast growing plants in water

There are also fast-growing plants that can live without soil. Among them we find:


If you put the garlic cloves in water, they will give edible sprouts.

The process is very simple: place the head of garlic in a glass of water, so that it only covers the lower third of the head.

Place them in a sunny or semi-shady place and, in a very short time, they will sprout roots and stems. When the stems reach 8 cm you can start trimming them.

To know more: how to plant garlic


Basil grows very easily in a container with clean water, as long as it is provided with plenty of light.

To know more: how to plant basil


With Rosemary, you just need to submerge several stems of the plant in water and wait for them to take root.

To know more: how to plant rosemary


To grow tulips in water, place the plant bulbs in a vase with a small amount of water.

To know more: how to plant tulips


Bamboo is fast growing in water. You just need a vase with water and submerge the end where it takes root. It is very simple.

To know more: how to plant bamboo


The ambulia is a type of aquatic plant that under optical conditions grows very very fast.

Originally from China, it is widely used in aquariums and fish tanks due to its high ornamental value.

To know more: how to sow ambulia

lotus flower

The lotus is a perennial flowering plant native to the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Guinea.

It is an aquatic plant that is found in nature in bodies of fresh water. The plant is also known by the names of sacred lotus, Indian lotus, Chinese water lily, and Egyptian bean.

The botanical name for the lotus is Nelumbo nucifera; the plant belongs to the Nelumbonaceae family. Nelubo is the only genus in the family Nelumbonaceae.

Devanath / Pixabay

Callisea Repens

It has certain distinctive characteristics: it develops loosely compacted “rosettes” and the leaves are more widely spaced than other varieties of Callisia.

The leaves alternate and their stems are thinner, about 70 cm high, but they also have other secondary stems that emit terminal rosettes from which new plants will emerge, due to adventitious roots appearing.

These branches appear in the axils of leaves that have already detached from the mother plant. This is how their children appear.

  • Pros: It grows very quickly. She is pretty. It won’t take up much space. It is not toxic for animals, nor children.
  • Cons: Be careful, it can be considered invasive. It is odourless, so do not expect aromas from this plant.

Fast growing plants from seed

If you want to sow from seed, we recommend:

Beans, broad beans and cucumbers have especially given us good results since sowing with seed. The rate of growth they take is spectacular if they have good drip irrigation and good fertilized soil.

Where can I buy these fast growing plants?

As always, if you have the possibility of accessing a nursery near your town, it is the option that we recommend.

This is because you will probably be able to see the plants with your own eyes and also be advised by a professional about their care, planting or transplanting.

In any case, we can also recommend that youpurchase the seeds or plants on Amazon.Here we show you some options:

240 Reviews Radish Red Red SAXA – ECO

  • Radish with fleshy root of medium to small size, compact, tender and tasty
  • Can be sown all year
  • Cultivation method, only seat, broadcast or in lines 25 cm apart, distribute the seed evenly
  • Harvest from 3-4 weeks

€1.76 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport 40 Reviews Pea LINCOLN Ganxo

  • Blue-green pea, up to 9-10 cm long and with 8-10 seeds
  • Cultivate directly in lines to a frame 60-80 x 50 cm
  • Sowing from September to March
  • Harvest from 4-5 months

€1.60 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport 535 Reviews Cucumber ASHLEY medium long

  • When the seedlings are about 10 cm long, they thin out, leaving only the 2 strongest from each blow.
  • Cultivation method: It is sown from March to June in blows and in a 150×100 cm frame; Once the holes are filled with mulch…
  • Mixed flowering variety; vigorous vegetation and good fruiting in different growing conditions; fruits of…
  • Sunlight exposure: Full shade

€1.60 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport Four seasons lettuce – ECO

  • Variety of voluminous cabbage with uniform dark leaves
  • It can be sown all year round, although it prefers from January to April
  • Cultivate in a seedbed and when the plant is about 8 cm, transplant it to a 30 x 40 cm frame.
  • Harvest from 2-4 months

€1.76 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport Dwarf Peach Amber Natural

  • conventional fruit tree
  • Dwarf Peach Amber Natural
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€46.04 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport Apple tree – Red apple – Pot 26cm. – Height approx. 1’20m. – Live plant – (Shipping only to the Peninsula)

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  • 2 year old plant.
  • Full sun exposure.

€27.90 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport Artificial Phoenix Palm with 21 fronds, 150cm – Synthetic tree – Decorative Palm

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  • Supplied with a cement pot for easy fixing on your pot holder
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