Different flower ideas for All Saints

November is that month marked on the calendar to remember even more those who are no longer there. A moment in which the flowers for All Saints are transformed into an authentic language to honor our loved ones. However we live this date, something is clear. Celebrating this day is part of our identity, and doing it with flowers is our way of commemorating it.

Flowers for All Saints are one of our oldest traditions. So much so that the fact of bringing those we love flowers these days dates back, no less, than the 9th century. And there is something that is certainly curious. Despite the particularities of the celebration in different cultures of the world, curiously they all share something common. And it is that celebrating this day with flowers is not only a tradition with a Spanish stamp.

So let’s see some proposals for flowers for All Saints that go beyond the classics. A way to use the language of flowers to say everything we feel with them.


Personal taste aside, there are some flowers that are part of the tradition. Some that are even so ingrained in the popular imagination that they are not conceived for other times of the year. Surely if you think of the best flowers for All Saints, chrysanthemums and gladioli automatically come to mind. And, probably, you would also like to commemorate this marked day on the calendar with other types of flowers.

So why not go a step beyond the traditional? Because, even betting on classic flowers like the rose for our All Saints flower compositions, there are many ways to modernize their appearance and our offering.

Let’s see some perfect flowers to honor those who are no longer here, but also to do it with flowers full of meaning.

1. Lisianthus

Take a good look at them because, although a priori they look like roses, they are not. Lisianthus flowers bear an uncanny resemblance to the queen of the garden. However, both species have nothing to do with each other. What’s more, what sets them apart is what makes lisianthus the perfect All Saints flowers.

Combined with roses, the lisianthus in this All Saints Day bouquet create an elegant, autumnal ensemble. get it here

Beauty aside, there are other good reasons to opt for this flower. To begin with, it is interesting to know that their cocoons never open simultaneously. A detail that, added to the incredible duration of its flowering, allows us to extend the beauty of our floral offering.

Finally, one more reason to choose this unique and beautiful flower. Its meaning could not be more accurate for a date like All Saints: it symbolizes love for the person to whom the flowers are addressed.


Daisies are traditionally one of the flowers typical of these dates. So why not opt ​​for these gorgeous African daisies to freshen up the look of our All Saints bouquet? Doing so is, without a doubt, synonymous with embellishing our composition even more.

Provided with a water reserve, this bouquet will extend its life even more. Know its details in our online store

Beyond its incredible range of colors, there is another good reason to choose the gerbera for our flower offering. Its main difference from the normal daisy is its size and the profusion of petals. Two details that make this long-lasting flower the protagonist of any arrangement.

Nor can we miss its symbolism: the gerbera is a declaration of loyal love.

3. Tanacetum

Perhaps we have not noticed its presence in a bouquet of flowers or, even, we have even wondered about its name. Tanacetum is easy to identify. It bears an incredible resemblance to the chrysanthemum, although its shape is rounded and its size much more humble.

The white tanacetum is one of the protagonists of this arrangement in all pastel. Discover it here

Also called gold or silver button according to its color, one of its main advantages is that it is an extremely robust flower. Something that is synonymous with duration, even in cut form. Finally, this little flower has another detail that makes it simply special: its unique aroma.

4. Chrysanthemum Anastasia

Impossible not to contemplate chrysanthemums in the list of flowers for All Saints. But who said that this implies using the classic flower? Actually, there are multiple varieties within this family of flowers that will allow us to renew the appearance of our floral offering. And, due to its spectacular nature and its decorative nature, there is nothing like opting for the Anastasia chrysanthemum.

The Anastasia chrysanthemum will add a different touch to any composition. Order this fan-shaped center now

In addition to being very long-lasting flowers, Anastasia chrysanthemums are an extremely showy ornamental flower. Its main difference from the conventional chrysanthemum lies in the shape and arrangement of its petals. A very unique morphology and with a great decorative weight in any composition.

And we leave for the end a curiosity of this flower. Although in Spain the chrysanthemum is closely linked to the celebration of All Saints, its meaning is quite different from what we believe. It symbolizes love, yes. But also joy and happiness.

5. Sunflower

We close our proposal of different flowers for All Saints with one of the most characteristic of autumn. And it is that, for a few years now, the sunflower has become the star flower of this season before the cold. A true breath of joy and light that is always welcome when the days begin to shorten.

An original bouquet for its flowers and its arrangement in a box. Find it in our selection of flowers for All Saints

Like all our flower proposals for All Saints Day, the sunflower is characterized by being a long-lasting flower even when cut. But, in addition to this detail, there is no doubt that the sunflower is one of those ornamental flowers capable of filling any floral arrangement with life.

And you, do you dare to opt for flowers for All Saints that are out of tradition?

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