Easy Care: plants that are easy to care for and beautiful!

Easy-care plants are the perfect natural resource for those who say they have a bad hand with plants. A statement that sometimes sounds almost like genetic predisposition or hidden magic. However, not being able to have plants in good condition does not depend on either of these two aspects. Sometimes, it is only due to a lack of time or to being home a little. On other occasions, due to ignorance of the needs of the plant. And, in many cases, to choose demanding plants in their care. Some that, for certain reasons, we cannot comply with.

Be that as it may, having easy-care plants is possible. And let’s break another myth: having them does not mean giving up their natural beauty or spectacular nature. Another of the urban legends associated with this type of plant. Actually, betting on easy-care plants is, for many, doing it for attractiveness and comfort. A way not to get frustrated with its cultivation or to give up its presence in our home or office.

So if you are one of those who kills even plastic plants or if you are looking for easy-care plants that do not complicate your life, you are in the right place. Because we want to show you, with four floors, that it is possible to decorate with nature and without worries.


Before seeing in detail this selection of easy-to-care-for plants, a subsection. It is clear that its natural green beauty is already its main attraction. But it is also true that green plants open the door to play with them to turn them into protagonists in a simple way. We refer to one of the most eye-catching resources when we want to decorate with plants, which is none other than playing with their pot covers. A great way to complement the presence of the plant, and to give it a greater appeal.

For this reason, in our proposal for easy-care plants, we propose the complete pack. A way not only to find the plant that best suits you, but also to show it to you in a different and original way.

But let’s not get lost. Because beyond looks, this selection of easy-care plants gets the basics right. Or, put another way, they are characterized by being super adaptable to almost any environment and being undemanding in their needs for water and light. A trio of aces perfect for those looking for plants with easy and comfortable maintenance.

1. Sanseviera, one of the easy-care plants par excellence

One of the easy to care for plants perfect for those who are rarely home or forgetful! The care of the sanseviera is so assumable that we could even classify it as a rustic plant. Also called tiger’s tongue, it is characterized by its juicy, sharp, pointed leaves. Its main characteristic is that the leaves are intensely green with yellow edges on the sides. But let’s not judge it on appearance alone, because there are more than 140 different types of sanseviera. So it is also possible to find it in grayish tones. A typology that is usually presented with braided leaves.

It is one of the easy-care plants par excellence. Discover this proposal with a vintage pot cover

Originally from South Africa, another of her nicknames defines her incredible resistance: she is called «the indestructible one». And it is that, as much as you forget about your plants, they will last. Although she loves bright environments, she can also live in a poorly lit space. The only consequence is that its growth will be even slower. Indoor plant par excellence, it can also be outdoors. Its only vital requirement is good drainage. And there is no need to worry about watering: a light one from time to time is enough. Of course: it is essential to ensure that the substrate is completely dry before watering.

2. Beaucarnea, elephant foot rhymes with elegant

What if. The popular name for these easy-care plants is precisely elephant’s foot. A nickname that is due to the unique arrangement of the base of its trunk, which widens simulating the extremity of this animal. A detail that is not a whim of nature but, rather, a way of survival. Since it is native to the Mexican desert, this thickening acts as a water reserve. A beautiful appearance that makes this plant one of the favorites of lovers of indoor plants.

Our proposal for this wonderful plant is a raised cover that gives it even more prominence. get it here

Of medium size, it is ideal to add an exotic note to any interior. As a good easy-care plant, it is not too demanding in its care. Due to its origins, it is a lover of extremely bright spaces but cannot receive direct sunlight. The risks will not be one of our concerns, since having that storage space survives the drought without problems. You only have to consider three needs. On the one hand, being planted in a low and wide pot. Something that will allow the base of the trunk to grow and, therefore, the plant. On the other, it is essential to make a good drainage with clay balls. And, finally, remember to apply a fertilizer for green plants during the growing season.

3. Pachira, another of the easy-care plants whose attractiveness is in the trunk

Sometimes we look at the leaves but, many other times, what is striking about a plant is in its trunk. An example of this is the pachira. A lovely houseplant that has an amazing feature. It not only has one trunk but several. Depending on the type of pachira, some are braided and others grow by lifting the plant from the substrate. A unique eye-catcher that gives this green plant a super eye-catching look. And if the aesthetic aspect were not enough argument to include it in the decoration of our house, knowing that it is one of the plants that is easy to care for, all the more reason!

One of the most elegant easy-care plants. Cheer up to enjoy it with this look

Pachira care is simple. It just needs to be in a very bright space, but always avoiding direct sunlight. When it comes to watering, one a month will suffice. It tolerates drought better than waterlogging. The only thing he will ask us for is a fertilizer for green plants when spring begins. Little demand to enjoy a lot of beauty.

4. Zamioculca, an original and resistant plant

It is probably the most original of the easy-care plants. It is often called a modern plant, because it breaks in a certain way with the typical schemes of indoor plants. Something that is due to the uniqueness of its size, since somewhat disorderly stems grow from the base. Coming from Africa, it is extremely resistant and undemanding. Two factors that, together with its beauty, make it ideal for any space.

An ideal plant to put an original natural note in any space. Get it in our Verdecora online store

But let’s see her care to finish falling in love with her. Because they are so simple and manageable that they do nothing more than add attractiveness to the plant. They are not fussy about light, but do prefer a bright space. An aspect that is key for them to grow, and that we cannot confuse with receiving direct sun. Something that can burn its leaves. It admits dry environments, and requires sporadic watering only when the substrate has dried. His only requirement: temperature. It does not tolerate being below 15 degrees.

Four easy-care plants that become even more attractive by playing with their presentation. Which of all of them do you like the most? Tell us!

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