Oregano Cuttings: [Grafts, Time, Rooting and Planting]

Oregano is well known and appreciated for its excellent gastronomic and medicinal qualities.

In fact, it is one of the favorite condiments due to the value they give to preparations, especially those based on meat.

Best of all, it is quite possible to reproduce it through cuttings, without having to deal with more complex procedures.

For this reason, we invite you to join us because in the next few lines we will learn how to work oregano correctly through cuttings.

With what other plants or trees can we graft the oregano cutting?

The characteristics of oregano make it difficult for it to be an appropriate species to undergo grafting processes.This is because it reproduces well, is hardy and has very good properties that are not worth risking.

What is the best time to plant oregano cuttings?

The best season to plant oregano by cuttings is during spring.

This is in order to avoid subjecting the juvenile plant to frost. Already then the adult plant tolerates the cold very well.

In other types of climates without seasons, it is preferable to plant by cutting at the beginning of the dry season.Following these important details will ensure a healthy oregano plant for years to come.

Well, not only is doing the cutting technique correctly, but you also have to know when to do it.

How to get oregano cuttings to root correctly?

Oregano cuttings are particularly easy to propagate, so excessive measures should not be taken to achieve good results.

The use of rooting hormones is a good plan to help speed up the process , but it is not essential.

Another important piece of information before proceeding to plant the cuttings is to apply a layer of fungicide, as it will prevent the appearance of microorganisms.The choice of pot for planting will depend a lot on the number of cuttings to be used.

The most common is to work with more than one cutting, so it is necessary to provide an appropriate separation between one and the other so that they prosper.As for the substrate, it can be of the universal type without any drawbacks, ensuring good drainage capacity.

Then, proceed to bury the cuttings carefully and then water thoroughly so that the entire substrate is well moistened.Irrigation should not stop at this time, but a good supply of water should be ensured throughout the rooting phase.

Oregano will thrive well in semi-shaded or full sunlight.What does need to be taken into account is not subjecting them to low temperatures when they are still in the development phase.

How should we take the oregano cuttings to plant them?

The selection of cuttings will start from the length, being preferable those that measure between 20 and 30 centimeters.

As for the structure, the best for this purpose will be those with a good thickness, which are recognizable by their reddish color.

The presence of leaves is also a good way to decide, since they are dark green and wide in structure.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the cut be made at a time of day when the temperature is not so high.In this way, the accelerated dehydration of the cutting will be avoided.

How long should we leave oregano cuttings in water?

Oregano cuttings can also be worked in water to get them to reproduce roots in this high humidity environment before planting.

Here the ideal is to take the selected branches and submerge them in a transparent glass with water.This glass must be kept in a place where it receives indirect sunlight most of the day.

The water needs to be changed every two days to avoid rotting.The good thing about this method is that it makes it easy to have control over the development of the roots with the naked eye.After the roots are visible, they can be moved to a pot of soil to continue their development.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

The use of fertilizer in the sowing of oregano is not necessary because it is a plant that can thrive well in the most adverse conditions.But if you have land with a high level of nutrition, there will be no major drawbacks because it is not something that will harm you.

How long does it usually take for an oregano cutting to come out?

An oregano cutting will take an average of 4-6 weeks for its root system to be present.

If planting has been done in a pot of suitable proportions, transplanting will not be necessary.

However, when you want to have it outside, this step will be essential and it is essential to open furrows that help the circulation of water.Of the rest, it will only be necessary to wait until it is ready to take advantage of its leaves.

If you want to go deeper, you can see: Planting oregano has never been so easy.

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