Ecological initiatives of the Ekohuerta de Carlos (Pontevedra)

Continuing with the post La Ekohuerta: a project of improvement and healthy therapy, today I will tell you about some of the ecological initiatives that Carlos has carried out in his Ekohuerta and throughout Galicia.

Ecological initiatives: Alternative fairs in Galicia

In addition to cultivating and sharing with everyone the work in his Ekohuerta, Carlos, a man committed to the world of Agroecology and natural food, has carried out other ecological initiatives. Among them is the Ponteareas Ecological and Alternative Fair, held in Gulans in 2014, which was the first local ecological fair and was quite successful in this Galician region:

More than 90 stalls participated in this fair: some of local crafts (natural cosmetics, eco clothing, toys, leather, jewelry…), and, already a little more related to agriculture and organic food, you could find organic seeds, plants and seedlings, products from the garden and all kinds of drinks and organic food made in an artisanal way such as honey, beer, liqueurs, sweets, teas, vegetarian menus, etc.

From what we have been told, it was a very complete fair: not only were there stalls, but talks or seminars were also organized («Conscious eating», «Germinals», «How to make vegetable milks»…), workshops for the little ones, and, also for the elderly, a bio-construction workshop («Create your homemade dehydrator»), in addition to numerous musical performances, dance sessions and raffles for baskets of organic products that were donated by the producers for the attendees.

Biomarket held in Tomiño (Pontevedra)

Due to the success of this first edition, the fair has continued to be held, and a fourth edition is expected to take place on October 2, 2016. In any case, before that date, there will be several Christmas Biomarkets in the area. If you are in Galicia on any of those dates, I recommend that you do not forget to visit them. In addition to shopping in an artisan and ecological market, which is always worthwhile, you will learn a lot about Ecological Agriculture, Permaculture, Biodynamic Agriculture... and, of course, you will be able to enjoy Galician gastronomy, without a doubt one of the best in Spain.

Ekohuerta also participated in the organization of the Moaña Ecological Fair, with almost 170 stalls and more than 2,000 attendees. It was a complete success and a clear example that organic food and a healthy lifestyle are gaining followers day by day (excellent news for our health and that of the planet). For this reason, more and more Galician City Councils are asking Carlos for help in organizing these alternative and ecological markets, and there have already been events of this type in Tomiño, Pesqueiras, Porriño, Covelo and other Galician towns. There are several more planned for spring and summer.You can find out about their eco-fairs in the facebook group: Ekohuerta news channel.


One of Carlos’ latest ecological initiatives has been the design of the first tropical ecological greenhouse.

The greenhouse is a recycled bio-construction made from wood, glass, clay and straw, which is provided with ecological heating thanks to a clay oven. In this way, tropical plants can be grown during the harsh winters of Galicia, where the temperature can drop to -10º C.

The roof is fully retractable, for the entry of sunlight, rain and air. The greenhouse has temperature and humidity sensors, and a rainwater collection system, which is later used to irrigate as needed.

In summary: about 80 square meters of an authentic tropical space where it will be possible to grow Moringas, pineapples, banana trees, graviola, papaya, etc.

The sweet melon or sweet cucumber in the Ekohuerta de Carlos

Another of his projects is the dissemination of interesting techniques and species in the organic garden. A plant that you talk about on your Youtube channel and that I did not know about has caught my attention: the Solanum muricatum. It is a kind of small melon although, despite its resemblance to this fruit, it is not from the cucurbitaceae family like melons or cucumbers, but rather a nightshade (like tomatoes or peppers).

Carlos has this plant in his Ekohuerta so he can give good advice on how to grow it, the pests that affect it or what are the best natural fertilizers for it to grow vigorously. He left you this video in which he shares with us everything he knows about the «sweet melon» and I hope you will be encouraged to grow it.

Finally, remember that from Agrohuerto we want to publicize ecological initiatives like these or orchards around the world, so from here I encourage you to tell us about your projects. As we have already done in the posts of Sponsor a tomato, organic gardens in Comillas (Cantabria), organic gardens in Navarrevisca: urbanites cultivating or today telling you how Carlos’s Ekohuerta is, we will gladly publish your experiences and advice if you send us information and photos leaving comments or through our Facebook page

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