La Ekohuerta: a project of self-improvement and healthy therapy

With great enthusiasm for having known such a special place, today I am going to present Carlos’s Ekohuerta, a large organic vegetable garden in Ponteareas (Pontevedra, Spain). In the Ekohuerta, this Galician, who was born in April 1969, grows and sells, together with his partner, organic vegetables, medicinal plants, tropical fruit trees and much more!

In addition, Carlos organizes seminars and talks in which he talks about his experience with organic farming and alternative medicine, and gives advice to help those who want to grow their own organic garden. He also organizes Biomarkets in various parts of Galicia, and his maxim is the support for local producers and for artisanal and healthy products.

A project of improvement and healthy therapy

As you know, growing an organic garden has many advantages and can help us not only to improve physical health but also emotional health: it helps us to relax, to believe in ourselves, to be more satisfied… in short… to be happier!

This is what moved Carlos to start this Ekohuerta and, as you can see, his physical disability due to a spinal cord injury was not an obstacle for him to start this project and make his dream full of optimism come true. Hopefully this post reaches many people who have some difficulty of this type and we can all take it as an example of overcoming.

When and why did the Ekohuerta emerge?

The Ekohuerta project began in 2007 for various reasons. According to what Carlos told me, the main reason was his interest in leading a healthy life and diet, taking care of your health, since that fills you with energy and makes you have a more positive attitude towards life.

When I was 19 years old, a plunge into the sea left me dependent on a wheelchair due to quadriplegia. Although it was something very hard, it was not an obstacle to continue walking in life and appreciating the beautiful things that nature, friends and family give us.

Due to this injury, Carlos had lifelong medication, with a lot of pills for circulation, infections, pain, etc. But he says that this medication stole his energy and health, so he decided to gradually replace the medications with organically grown food and medicinal plants.

Day by day he was noticing his energy, vitality and health grow, and that was the engine that made him start growing his own food, fruits, medicinal plants and spices for the kitchen. Making the garden accessible to the wheelchair, adapting the tools and devising different mechanisms to germinate and transplant by himself, required time and effort, but this was a great «shot» of enthusiasm, motivation and energy.

In addition to a healthier diet, what other benefits does the Ekohuerta have?

We have already seen in posts like Benefits of urban gardens, for you and your city, Organic food, taking care of your health and that of the planet or Gardens in hospitals that there are many benefits of organic gardens. Now I will tell you what this Galician eco-farmer says in the first person:

As other gardeners have already told us in their experiences, contact with nature also transmits a lot of tranquility and peace to Carlos.

In addition, this project is a way to improve social relations and to be in contact and meet many people, who, if it were not for this, I would never meet.

Meeting in the Ekohuerta de Carlos

For Carlos, the Ekohuerta is his way of living and earning a living, so thanks to it he can feel that personal satisfaction that self-employment gives you.

Thanks to this project, he has an important motivation in life and a lot of enthusiasm in disseminating his work, his experience and in making known a healthier and happier way of living.

More about Carlos’ Ekohuerta

Almost everything is grown in the Ekohuerta: fruits of the forest, aromatics, tropical fruits, vegetables and… the star crop is medicinal plants with high nutritional quality. I haven’t been there but the place looks wonderful and looks very well kept. Also, everything is organic so I bet the taste and quality will be maximum.

But in the Ekohuerta much more is done… in the next post Ecological initiatives of the Ekohuerta de Carlos (Pontevedra) I will talk about the projects that have already been carried out and those that are yet to come.

You can also get information through their website: and learn more about alternative medicine, tips and tricks for setting up an organic garden like theirs, as well as access their catalogues.

You can contact Carlos directly by email, by phone or through Carlos’s medicinal Ekohuerta Facebook page if you want to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, organic seeds, medicinal plants, edible flowers, and much more!

I hope you liked this project as much as I did! More in the next post! Greetings!

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