Electric Flower: [Cultivation, Care, Irrigation, Substrate and Pests]

The electric flower is a yellow edible species with a reddish center that has a very particular flavor. Although it is popularly known by this name, its scientific name is Acmella oleracea.

It is currently gaining a lot of popularity within the culinary world, but also at the crop level.

So if you were looking for information about the electric flower, it is very likely that you have reached the right article

Important points when planting the Electric Flower

  • When? At the beginning of summer.
  • Where? Outside, either with constant exposure to the sun or in semi-shade.
  • How do we prepare the land? With organic matter.
  • How should we water? By drip but abundantly.
  • How often do you have to water? Three times a week in summer, twice the rest of the year.
  • What pests and diseases do they have? Only diseases due to excess humidity.

Features of electric flower

The electric flower is a species of the Asteraceae family, whose color is bright yellow, although its surname «electric» is not due to that. The crop comes from a mother plant that has been called Berro del Pará.

Although its origin is not certain, some researchers agree that it most likely comes from somewhere in South America.

Did you know…?The most interesting fact that revolves around its discovery has to do with the effects it produces when consumed.

Like many other products, it allows the transition from an initial sensation and then to another. With the consumption of the electric flower the sensations are very exotic and interesting.

First of all, you feel a delicious acidity that becomes pronounced, and then it goes into an analgesic state. This state manages to place all areas of the mouth, such as the gums and tongue, in a period of rest.

It is precisely this effect that has earned the admiration of many and the rejection of others.

But that has not prevented them from even being used for medical purposes, recommending their consumption in case of toothache, for example.

However, its growth within the kitchens of the world continues to be exponential.

This is because it is not only consumed fresh, but also boiled and even in infusions. So that the flowers used are of the best quality, it is best to collect them at the end of summer.

In other areas of the world it is also known as the Sechuan button.

Where should we plant the electric flower?

It is preferable to keep it exposed to the sun, either constantly or for a few hours a day. Around the exposure it has to sunlight, the level of irrigation it requires to be in optimal conditions will be measured.

Being a species from tropical climates, it needs consistent temperatures, being unable to withstand frost.

Moreover, it is not even very resistant to low temperatures, so great care must be taken in the place chosen for planting.

The soil, for its part, must have good drainage but must be able to maintain moisture as much as possible.

As the roots need movement, it is also recommended that the soil is loose.

When should electric flower be grown?

Sowing will be done with seeds and it is necessary to wait until the beginning of summer to carry out this process.

The reason is that the seeds need constant sunlight and high temperatures to germinate very well.

In the event that you seek to work through cuttings, you can start from the end of spring.

How do we prepare the land?

The preparation of the land must be aimed at providing many nutrients so that it can take advantage of them in its growth.

It will be enough to complete this process with the use of homemade compost before sowing.

It’s also a good plan to have mulch ready to spread after planting, as it will add nutrients and hold in moisture.

How to plant the electric flower step by step?

  1. Sowing will be done through the seeds.
  2. These need plenty of sunlight to germinate, so unlike many other species, they should not be sown.
  3. The process in this case will consist of offering them an environment of heat, light and humidity.
  4. This will be possible to achieve by spreading the seeds on the surface of a pot and then cover with plastic wrap, leaving it in an outdoor area.
  5. It is necessary to constantly supplement the humidity and, when germinating, change to the garden or a larger pot.
  6. This is because their roots tend to «drown» if they don’t have enough space.
  7. This species is also prone to reproduce through cuttings that should be sown during late spring , preferably.

What care does the electric flower need?

constantly moist soil

Irrigation is the main requirement of the electric flower because it does not tolerate the dryness of the soil.

Therefore, watering during the summer must be very frequent, especially if it is located in an area where it receives direct sun.

At this time, about three times a week is recommended, while the other times it could decrease to two.

the fertilizer

The subscriber will always be beneficial, especially in the spring and summer seasons when it is in the process of flowering.

Homemade compost will be more than enough to give it the energy it requires.


Pruning is not necessary, unless it is for the purpose of removing damaged parts of the plant.

What pests and diseases does the electric flower have?

It is a plant very resistant to any type of pests and diseases, especially when it has a good nutritional and environmental condition.

If excess moisture is generated by irrigation and the soil is not able to drain it, fungi could occur.

As for pests, they are very rare because the flowers are not among the favorites for pollination.

Although its flowers are perfectly edible, one must not lose sight of the fact that it is also a very valuable specimen for ornamental purposes.

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