Electric Shredder: [Analysis of the Best on the Market]

What information will this article give you?

  • We analyze the best electric garden shredders on the market.
  • You will be able to find out which electric garden shredder is best for you and why.
  • You will see the advantages and disadvantages of each of the electric garden shredders that we expose.
  • You will know what elements you should take into account when buying an electric garden shredder, such as: battery, power, weight, usability and safety.

An electric garden shredder can be a tremendously useful tool in caring for a garden. In this article we have reviewed some of the most interesting electric garden shredders on the market, to give you a good recommendation.

Can you come with us?

⭐ Take a look at our comparative tables and study of the pros and cons of the different electric garden shredders on the market. It will take you 5 minutes and will undoubtedly help you make a better decision. Our favourite! Best quality/price the most powerful Title Biotrituradora eléctrica Einhell 3430620 Biotrituradora eléctrica Einhell GH-KS 2440 Biotrituradora eléctrica Makita 0088381643818 Valoración – – – Precio 181,12 EUR – 320,00 EUR Peso 27,2 kg 13,5 Kg 27,6 Kg Potencia 2000 vatios 2400 vatios 2500 vatios Dimensiones 55 x 30,5 x 61 cm 48 x 28 x 65 cm 59 x 42 x 52 cm Precio 181,12 EUR – 320,00 EUR Ver en Amazon Ver en Amazon Ver en Amazon Ver en Amazon Our favourite! Title Einhell 3430620 electric wood chipper Assessment – Price €181.12 Weight 27.2kg Power 2000 watts Dimensions 55 x 30.5 x 61cm Price €181.12 View on Amazon View on Amazon Best quality/price Title Einhell GH-KS 2440 electric wood chipper Assessment – Price – Weight 13.5kg Power 2400 watts Dimensions 48 x 28 x 65cm Price – View on Amazon View on Amazon the most powerful Title Makita electric wood chipper 0088381643818 Assessment – Price €320.00 Weight 27.6kg Power 2500 watts Dimensions 59 x 42 x 52cm Price €320.00 View on Amazon View on Amazon

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Einhell GH-KS 2440 “Our choice”

Einhell GH-KS 2440 – Electric blade shredder, with shutter, collection bag, 4500 rpm, 2000 W, 230 – 240 V, red and black (ref. 3430340)

  • 2 turning knives made of special steel
  • Oversized funnel opening
  • motor protection switch
  • Folding funnel with safety interlock

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Points in favor:

  • Residue: When shredding, this piece of equipment does an adequate job, obtaining suitable residues to use in compost or for other works in the garden.
  • Speed: it is ideal for carrying out work effectively and efficiently, favoring time savings and customer satisfaction.
  • Use: To be able to use the product, you don’t need too many steps, following a simple and quite intuitive and practical process.
  • Maintenance: it does not require long procedures to be able to keep it running as needed.
  • Performance: to be a piece of equipment for non-professional use, it achieves its mission of giving good results for the crushing of different types of garden elements.
  • Price-quality ratio: its market price is fully proportional to its quality, making users satisfied.
  • Replacement: being able to change the blades is quite simple, to allow you to continue using the product normally.

Points against:

  • Instructions: This product does not have instructions in Spanish, making it difficult for people who do not speak other languages ​​to follow them.
  • Operation: although it is a product that works very well with all kinds of branches and pruning debris, it does much better when they are dry.

Designed for large bushes

To begin with, it can be said that the Einhell GH-KS 2440 is an electric wood chipper designed for the destruction of very large bush debris. For this reason, its funnel opening maintains a fairly adequate size, managing to be oversized and capable of giving space for many remains.

Said funnel is collapsible and has a safety interlock, favoring the maintenance of the machinery at all times.

Two blades to break everything that gets in front of you

Einhell GH-KS 2440 – Electric shredder for… View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport

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Likewise, it features two special steel turning blades, ideal for high-quality, problem-free shredding.

High power

Its electrical power remains at 2,400 watts,giving you a large capacity to shred various types of yard waste conveniently.

It also includes a switch, which protects the motor from any danger, significantly extending its useful life. Regarding its transport, the equipment has a suitable robust chassis with wheels.

These features greatly improve the ability to move the product from one site to another.

Likewise, its structure has a fairly solid and practical carrying handle, enhancing user comfort.Its total weight fluctuates around 13.5 kg,being a fairly compact product both for use and for subsequent storage.

not very noisy

It should also be added that it makes noise but not excessively, since it remains at 112 db. For this reason it is preferable to use hearing protection to increase safety.

In addition to this, it incorporates some hooks specially designed to hold the collection bag of cut straw. In this way you avoid having to pick up the remains when you finish.

Finally, the product is kept in a single piece in red and black, making it much easier to use as soon as it is delivered.

Einhell 3430620 “Best quality/price ratio”

Einhell GC-RS 2540 Silent Electric Garden Shredder 2000 W Power 230 V 93 dB Idle 40 min-1 Red/Black

  • Maximum power (S6 / S6%) 2500 W / 40%
  • Idle speed 40 min-1
  • Maximum diameter of the branch: 40 mm
  • Sound power level LWA 93 dB (A)

€181.12 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport

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Points in favor:

  • Easy to install: just place in the place where you are going to work and proceed to plug in, it will be ready to act.
  • Switching on: it is easily done with a button designed for this function.
  • Unblocking: when the machine gets stuck due to being a very thick branch, it will only be necessary to reverse and that’s it.
  • Working time: It can be used for up to 4-5 hours in a row without feeling exhausted.
  • Silent: one of the points that users reinforce with greater emphasis is that it barely generates noise when it is active.
  • For domestic use: the design and structure of the equipment is intended for domestic and non-professional work.

Points against:

  • Only dry work: we have found that when the materials are very dry it works wonderfully, but this is not the case when it comes to wet elements.
  • Outlet mouth: the outlet mouth is very narrow and sometimes it is necessary to stop the work to clear the remains that are left behind.
  • Slow: the cutting of the waste is not done as quickly as you would like, but with patience it will give very good results.

For those who need an electric garden shredder with good features and easy mobility, this Einhell model is appropriate. It has a work system that acts with a power of 2500 W to finish what is necessary in a matter of seconds.

In fact, its idle speed is 40min-1, which makes this electric garden shredder very efficient.

Work with any type of plants

Einhell GC-RS 2540 – Electric wood chipper… €181.12 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport

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In addition to that, it is capable of working with any type of plants, including branches up to 40 mm thick. These characteristics make it more than enough for garden work and for certain more open spaces where the undergrowth is more complex.

relatively low noise

When working, it produces a noise level that does not exceed 93 dB, which avoids causing discomfort to both the user and the people around.

Light weight

The weight of the product amounts to 27.2 Kg, but it can be easily moved thanks to its rear wheels.

The front legs are placed in such a way as to offer the greatest stability to the equipment, especially when it is in operation.

It is big, requires enough space

As for the measurements, it reaches a proportion of 55 x 30.5 x 61 cm, so it will be necessary to have enough space to store it.

nice design

The team’s design is very careful, presenting itself in a beautiful combination of black and red. In addition to that, it is quite compact, which offers confidence depending on the type of work you will be doing.

As for the power source, it is generated electrically with a cable, which prevents smoke and excessive noise from being produced.

To make the cut, it uses a very good condition roller that reduces the materials into small cubes.

This cutting system avoids having to invest time in sharpening, as happens when working with an electric blade shredder.

For this reason, it is ideal for creating compost bins and then using them to plant plants.

Makita 0088381643818 «The most powerful»

2500W Electric Shredder

  • large operating area
  • self-retracting
  • Compact stowage factor
  • Branches up to 45 mm Ø

€320.00 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport

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Points in favor:

  • Noise: the manufacturer has been concerned to address the issue of noise pollution by significantly reducing the noise emitted by the machine.
  • Branch thickness: the machine is capable of working with 4.5 cm thick branches without difficulty.
  • Design: The equipment comes designed in a mix of black and cyan colors.
  • Structure: the basic parts of the equipment are made of metallic material that offers much more resistance and durability.
  • Light panel: incorporates a light system that makes it easy to see when the equipment is plugged in but turned off, turned on or locked.
  • No gases: as it is electrically operated, the machine does not emit any type of smoke.

Points against:

  • Collection box closure: the closure of the box where the waste is deposited is a bit complicated to open and close.

For those who need a highly functional electric garden shredder for domestic use, this Makita model may be exactly what they expected.

Very powerful

Its work is done based on 2500 watts of power, which is enough to easily dominate plant debris.

It is also heavy, although easy to move

The equipment weighs 27.6 kilograms but is easily transportable thanks to its wheels. Based on this, it has an ergonomic handle that facilitates uncomfortable movement. 2500W Electric Shredder €320.00 View on Amazon Prices with VAT without transport

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In addition to that, it is worth knowing that it has measurements of 59 x 42 x 52 cm that should be considered at the time of storage.

work with a roller

It has a team that works based on a roller and makes it easy for large branches and grass to be converted to smaller materials. This roller executes about 40 revolutions per minute to maximize the quality of the final work.

These are deposited in the box that the machine itself incorporates and that offers much more comfort for use with 67 liters of capacity. It will even be unnecessary to wait for the box to be full thanks to the fact that it has a window available to view the content.

In general, the machine works thanks to a hole through which the branch to be crushed can be inserted. This feature gives a certain support in terms of safety to avoid accidents.

All this process is easy to regulate through the control panel, which is undoubtedly quite simple to handle.

To preserve its useful life, it is appropriate to clean the exit area and the roller from time to time in order to avoid the accumulation of debris.

Tacklife PWS02A “ We like it too”

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Points in favor:

  • Spare parts: being such a well-known brand, it will be much easier to acquire spare parts when a part fails.
  • Blade: this has the property of being reversible to change position when some edge is lost.
  • Assembly: thanks to the instructions, it can be done without major inconvenience and in a short time.

Points against:

  • Noise: Although it is electric, it tends to generate much more noise than it should.
  • No extension cable: as it is for electrical use, it will be necessary to have an extension cable in case the plug is very far from the place where you are going to work.

High power

The Tacklife electric shredder machine has among its main features a power of 2500 W. This is an amount that can be considered positive for excellent cutting results.

Manganese steel blades

All this is done through blades made of manganese steel that is strong enough for this type of work.

Both conditions together produce a highly efficient cutting system thanks to the applied working speed.

Branches up to 40 mm

No products found.

Around the type of branches that it is capable of crushing, a diameter of up to 40 mm is maintained. This condition makes it useful to work both with soft plants and with harder branches and bark.

just need electricity

To put the equipment into operation, it will only be necessary to make the connection to the corresponding electricity source. From here, starting it up is very simple.

To ensure maximum durability, the manufacturer has encased the switches in waterproof and surge resistant material.

See on Amazon: BLACK+DECKER BEGAS5800 – 2800W Electric Garden Shredder, 45 Liters

good security systems

In the same way, all safety strategies have been studied, placing a protective rubber around the feeding port.

This mechanism prevents branches from flying in any direction when they are inserted into the shredder and it is running.

The movement of the equipment can be done with its wheels that are covered with a non-slip protector for greater stability.

In the packaging, the manufacturer also includes the user manual to have more details on how the product should be treated.

However, the user must have available the necessary safety equipment such as safety glasses and gloves.

It is also worth noting that it has a 2-year warranty period to have greater security when making the purchase.

See on Amazon: Gardebruk 2500W Electric Shredder Reversible Blades up to Ø40 mm Tree Branches 50L Gardening

What is an electric shredder used for?

An electric garden shredder is a machine that facilitates the decomposition of the remains of a pruning to facilitate other uses of them.

Thanks to the fact that manufacturers have improved a lot in their technology, today we find smaller versions on the market with a lot of power.

These conditions facilitate its installation and use comfortably in urban and rural areas, whether it works by electricity or gasoline.

Thanks to the use of the garden shredder, much faster progress can be made for the creation of homemade organic matter such as compost that will later be used in the garden.

And this greatly benefits the crops since it is a compost rich in organic matter that helps protect the earth and everything that comes out of it.

But, in case this final use of the pruning remains is not desired, a garden shredder will help to have smaller pieces for disposal.

This is because placing the remains of bushes and very large branches for cleaning is excessive and will probably not be treated correctly.

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