Opinions about Rain Bird WP1

Main advantage:

This product is quite straightforward and easy to use, so regardless of whether you have already used a similar device or not, it will be easy to install and get this irrigation controller up and running.

Main disadvantage:

Watering duration cannot change for each program, so you must choose the same amount of time for all schedules.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This product, despite having a classic design, has everything you need to help in your garden. Easy to use and install, you won’t have to worry about watering your lawn ever again, you just need to make the adjustments and you’re done.

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Main Features Explained


Irrigation programmers, as their name explains, are used to program the times when you want a place to be watered, especially used for home gardens. This product takes care of exactly that, watering a part of your garden following the instructions that you give it. The device is not responsible for expelling water as such, but for controlling the sprinklers that do the irrigation to follow a specific schedule and a specific program that suits the needs of your home.

The Rain Bird WP1 will only work with one circuit, so its price is less than some more sophisticated models. Despite this, it does an incredible job, as it includes a 1” and 9-volt solenoid valve to work properly. This product can have up to 8 starts per day and also per program, therefore, you can configure it at different times and with the time you want it to remain active.

This is completely simple and quite intuitive, since everything can be verified on the digital screen that this small product has. After familiarizing yourself with how it works, you will be doing the daily settings in a few minutes. This process is completely automatic and after making the settings, the programmer will work independently.

× >Structure

The structure of this artifact is quite simple, traditional and classical. This does not mean that it is less efficient, old or that it is a low quality product, as it could still be considered the best irrigation controller if the opinions of various buyers who have purchased this product are taken into account.

It is a small light gray structure that has the name of the model and the brand. It has a panel with push buttons that have indicators for on, off and more or less, while the “validate” button is located at one end. By pressing one of them, you will be able to turn it on and you will be able to use the same buttons to make the settings and, after that, validate your choices. Or, if you wish, you can simply turn it off, if you no longer need it to continue doing its job.

The front, as mentioned above, also has a small screen that, despite its tiny size, allows all the alternatives to be seen and will make your adjustment process much easier. There you can see the scheduled times and the duration time you have chosen for each irrigation program.

Installation and practicality

No need to complicate your life with difficult to connect cables. This is especially good news for people who have no experience with these types of products, as the cables are already attached to the controller, making the installation process much easier for you. The product also has the ease of being able to be installed in any position without affecting its operation at all.

This process also becomes child’s play when taking into account the measurements and how light this device is. Its dimensions are 14.5 x 25.5 x 9 cm, while its weight only reaches 871 grams, easy to handle and minimizing the effort you have to make. All this also complements how practical it is to operate this product.

All gardens are different and, for that reason, not all require the same. Therefore, the programming of irrigation time can go from one minute to 12 hours, without any problem. Additionally, you can incorporate a rain sensor, if you wish, so that the irrigation stops when it starts to rain, which is an extraordinary aspect if you are looking to save water. This product works by means of batteries, therefore, it is necessary to have some in reserve to avoid the programmer running out of battery.

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