Fitruf truffle fair 2019

Fitruf truffle fair 2019, the Monographic Truffle Fair in Sarrión

One more year and on this occasion from December 6 to 8, 2019, the Sarrión Black Truffle Monographic Fair (Teruel – Spain) was held: the XIX edition of Fitruf.

This fair, which is organized with international interest, has been showing how the number of exhibitors increases every year and whose main protagonist is the black diamond: We refer to the black truffle or Tuber melanosporum.

Almost fifty exhibiting companies have participated in this event and it has received some 18,000 visitors.

Irrigation for truffle farming in Teruel

This year has been inaugurated with an optimistic atmosphere, not only because of the planned start of the irrigation works for truffle farming, but also because of the good harvest that is being experienced.

It is known that water is a very important factor for the cultivation of truffles. In this context, everything seems to indicate that before the end of 2019, the social irrigation works will begin after the commission made by the DGA to the public company Tragsa.

This project will involve an investment of 15.3 million euros to create an irrigable area of ​​618 hectares that will increase production in the main market center for the prized black truffle throughout the world.

The new irrigation project is highly anticipated as a shock, both for the town and for the region. For example, Sarrión dedicates 2,500 hectares to truffle farming and it is expected that irrigation can guarantee the quality and stability of production.

Teruel truffle campaign 2019

In the context of the Fitruf fair, it is said that the 2019 Teruel truffle campaign is beginning with high-quality truffles, making it impossible to determine how long the current production rate will be maintained. But the start is hopeful.

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