How to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of seeds and nuts

Activation is the process that the seed develops when it is put in water for several hours. If we hydrate the seeds, in conditions as similar as possible to sowing them – little light, water, low temperature and tranquility – they receive the message that it is time to allow the life they carry inside to be born.

And being so, they undergo several transformations:

They release various antinutrients into the water that have served to protect that potential life for a long time.

– They release «enzyme inhibitors» , which if we ate them, would lead us to lose our enzymes to be able to digest that food.

Its nutrients are activated so that the new plant sprouts.

– A large part of the starch (complex sugar) in the seed is converted into absorbable glucose .

They decrease the calories in grains.

All these changes that are generated in the seed when leaving it in water bring us a lot of benefits, if we are going to eat it. I have several friends and students who have told me that since they eat activated almonds, walnuts, or legumes, they digest them very well, they do not feel «heavy» as before, and they do not generate some typical discomfort in the mouth.

Eating a handful of almonds for many is prohibitive, either because of its high caloric intake, or because it can cause stomach aches or bloating. When activated, grains become much easier to digest and we can absorb their nutrients more effectively.

Remember that this process will only work if the grains we choose are raw or alive . The beans that have been roasted are already dead and their nutrients have been destroyed, so it is of no use to hydrate them. And by heating grains to high temperatures, several of their nutrients, such as essential fats, can break down and become harmful.

Let’s not see this new information as a problem, but rather as an opportunity : activating the grains is very simple, it brings many benefits, and once you start practicing, you quickly get into the habit. The process is beautiful! In general, they need between 8 and 12 hours of hydration in warm-cold water, although almonds require between 12 and 24 hours, and quinoa, sometimes in 6 hours, is ready. After hydrating them (overnight), that water where they rested is thrown away, since it contains antinutrients already mentioned, then they are washed for a few seconds in ideally pure water, and it is ready to be consumed. If we wanted to leave them longer, after activating and fledging,They can be kept in a colander or ventilated mesh for a couple of days, watering them 1 or 2 times a day. If we do this, they will eventually sprout, which is known as ‘ germination ‘. Precisely when it sprouts, the little plant is being born. That moment is when the seed has the most vital energy , and when it sprouts, the nutrients they possess are greatly enhanced (I have read that they can be 10 or more times greater than those of the dry seed).

Between activation and germination, the grain should remain in low light and low heat conditions, well hydrated.

While sprouts are very nutritious , we don’t have to wait for the grains to sprout before we can eat them. It is enough that they are activated. And once germinated, be careful not to keep them for many days, as they can become moldy and cause indigestion. If they want to keep longer, they must be dried and dehydrated again.

Examples of grains that I activate: almonds, walnuts, lentils, chickpeas, chia, flaxseed, oats (in grain), marigolds, sesame, quinoa, millet, hemp, pumpkin or pumpkin seeds, …

You see, many times living more healthily and connected is SIMPLE, while we have been believing otherwise for years.

I encourage you to try your activated seeds! And may a lot of life germinate in you, from the same land.

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