Five flowering climbing plants for the garden

flowering climbing plants are an ideal way to decorate with nature. Authentic allies to transform a wall into a plant cover, or to make the structure of a pergola or gazebo shine even more. And not only this: these types of plants are the perfect choice to give our garden even more privacy if we use them as a fence. A way to create a natural and beautiful barrier to isolate ourselves from the outside.

In addition to this, flowering climbing plants have added value. Because they are plants characterized by their great profusion of leaves, they are perfect for creating a leafy environment in which the color provided by their flowering is not lacking.

An even wild point to make a garden, a terrace or even a balcony an even more personal space.


Before we get into the details, let’s bust a myth: climbing plants are generally not picky. Far from this, we can find a good number of flowering climbing plants that are resistant to cold or even perfect for shaded areas.

A real world of possibilities to decorate with nature anywhere.

1. Bougainvillea

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Beyond being one of the most spectacular flowering climbers, it is one of the most demanded. It is considered the queen of summer because it is the season in which it is filled with its characteristic fuxia, red or orange bracts. Its flowering as such is discreet: it is about small white flowers that appear on these protective colored leaves. Originally from Brazil, it can reach eight meters in height with the necessary care.

Perfect plant for coastal areas, although we can also enjoy it indoors as long as we are careful to cover it with protective covers for plants in the cold months.

  • Bushy and evergreen. If it is planted in a colder climate, it can lose its leaves during the winter.
  • It is not demanding with the substrate, although it is recommended that it has a fertile soil
  • Requires light watering and good drainage. It is important not to wet its leaves when watering
  • It is a plant appreciated by the cochineal, so this pest must be eliminated from the garden when it appears
  • With incredibly sensitive roots, it is important to avoid transplants if we want to maintain its well-being. A good reason to choose your location carefully
  • The ideal is to plant it in full sun and leaning against a wall
  • It is not necessary to pay it in excess. If we apply too much fertilizer, it will not bloom

2. Jasmine

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Added to its incredible beauty is another attraction that makes jasmine one of the favorite flowering climbing plants for gardening lovers: its aroma. Only the meaning of its name gives us clues about this flowering climbing plant: jasmine means beauty. Originally from China, it is a fast growing plant. Although it has a plant family of more than 200 varieties, all of them share a common characteristic: the great ease of cultivation.

In addition to being able to enjoy jasmine as a climbing plant, some of its varieties also allow potted cultivation.

  • Plant with evergreen leaves that can reach a good size
  • Although it tolerates partial shade, the best place to plant it is in full sun. The more light it receives, the greater its flowering will be.
  • Jasmine is characterized by being a plant resistant to temperatures. They tolerate heat well when they are in a humid environment. In the winter rest months, it is important that the plant is continuously exposed to temperatures around 10 degrees. This aspect allows them to improve their growth and flourish more profusely.
  • Although it is not very demanding with the soil, it does require that it has good drainage. Does not tolerate waterlogging in its roots
  • It is not very demanding regarding irrigation, except in the growing season of spring and summer. During the winter, it is only necessary to water again once the substrate has begun to dry out.
  • It needs an annual pruning, once the flowering is over.

3. Wisteria

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Also known as the feather plant because of the way it flowers, it is one of the flowering climbing plants par excellence of cold climates. Spectacular in growth and bloom, it is perfect for covering an arbor or garden arch.

You just have to have an important precaution with her: her incredible growth. Wisteria can reach 20 meters in height. A compelling reason to guide it correctly if we decide to plant it near the wall of the house, to keep it away from gutters and roofs.

Wisteria care is incredibly simple. In addition to this, it is a super long-lived plant: it can live for a century.

  • Deciduous, it blooms with the arrival of spring and summer. It has clusters of lilac or white flowers, much appreciated for their incredible beauty and pleasant perfume. Sometimes it blooms again with less intensity in autumn.
  • Withstands temperatures down to -10 degrees
  • It can be planted both in full sun and semi-shade.
  • It is not picky about the soil. It is preferable to plant it in a deep one, with good drainage and a certain capacity to retain water.
  • Pruning is done in winter and summer, and is a fundamental task for this plant.

4. Clematis

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One of the fast-growing flowering climbing plants. A lover of cool climates, it grows well, although it is less spectacular in height than other climbers: it can reach five meters. The plant family of Clematis or Clematis has more than 280 different species, including flowering climbing plants but also herbaceous ones.

Its flowering has a slight perfume very similar to that of jasmine, and it is highly valued for its duration: it begins in spring and lasts, with the right conditions, until well into September.

  • Most Clematis flowering climbers are deciduous, although some evergreen varieties can be found.
  • Although it needs to have its aerial part in the sun, it demands that its root system be cooler. The ideal is to plant it on a wall, pergola or area facing south or west. Supports full sun and partial shade
  • Its ideal soil is fertile, well-drained, moist soil. It is also advisable to cover their roots with a vegetable substrate that allows them to be shaded and avoid the heat.
  • Its tolerance to cold is high, since it stays down to -20 degrees. Accurate excess heat more than low temperatures
  • During the summer, watering should be abundant but spaced
  • It is advisable to apply fertilizer during the period of growth and flowering

5. Passion flower

A climbing flowering plant with a beautiful bloom. Decorate your garden with it

The Pasionaria or passion flower is one of those flowering climbing plants that cannot be missing in the garden of those who seek originality. You only have to see its flower to understand it. In addition to being spectacular and different from most blooms of this type of plant, it gives off a very pleasant subtle aroma. Ideal for covering walls but also pergolas or gates.

Fast growing, it will always need to be supported by a support on which to grow and tangle.

  • For it to grow properly, it must be located in full sun or receive a lot of light.
  • Adult specimens tolerate low temperatures well. In the case of young people, the ideal is to protect them from winter with protection covers for plants
  • Not picky about the substrate
  • During the flowering season, it does require a good irrigation schedule. Although the ideal is that it is always wet, we have to avoid puddles. Its roots are sensitive to them and the plant itself will tell us by turning its leaves yellow.
  • It is a sensitive plant to cochineal, aphid and mite

Five flowering climbing plants perfect for dressing any human space with nature. And you, with which of all of them do you stay?

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