Five outdoor plants for terraces

Good weather is always synonymous with nature and enjoying the outdoors. Something for which you don’t even need to have a garden. It is enough to have an outdoor space, and use outdoor plants for terraces to fill them with life. A unique way to create our own corner but also to have an escape valve to make the most of the months of good weather.

Dressing our space with outdoor plants for terraces is a way to take advantage of the good weather twice. On the one hand, because even living in an urban space we can enjoy nature. On the other, because discovering first-hand those reasons for having plants at home will allow us to live better.

And let’s break a myth: there is no small terrace to have plants. Actually, any space is perfect for them. It is enough to know the characteristics of outdoor plants for terraces and choose the most suitable ones for us. Because with more sun or less, we can enjoy them.


As clear as we are clear about our preferences, it is worth knowing the main tips for choosing your plants. And it is that a very important point to opt for one or the other is to know in depth the characteristics of our space. By this we mean the hours of sunshine it has, and the time of day it receives it. Only then will we choose the right terrace plants for our space.

Bearing this in mind, let’s see some perfect outdoor plants for terraces to enjoy the good weather. Some with different light and water requirements. The best way to discover which ones may be ideal for our space according to their characteristics.

1. Surfinias, outdoor plants for sunny terraces

One of the most striking outdoor plants for terraces. get them here

They are the quintessential summer flowers. Abundant in their flowering, striking and extremely varied in their color: the surfinia is one of those irresistible plants. Thanks to their versatility, they are perfect flowering plants to plant anywhere: in hanging baskets, pots or window boxes we will see their natural beauty flourish.

Taking care of surfinias is not complicated, but it does have a great requirement: its need for sun. In fact, it is one of the outdoor plants for terraces that needs more hours of light. Beyond this, it is important to water rigorously and pay regularly to promote its wonderful flowering.

2. Clavelina, the ideal plant for those who forget to water

One of the most resistant outdoor plants for terraces. Buy it in our Verdecora online store

It is not only resistant. In addition, it gives away its flowering from the beginning of May until late autumn. The carnation is an ideal choice for sunny terraces, without a doubt. The surprise is knowing that they also live and flourish in semi-shade. Something that gives us a clue, also, of its rusticity: they withstand both high temperatures and light frosts.

Carnation care is extremely simple. Regular watering, always avoiding flooding and pruning faded flowers to promote flowering, are enough to see them full of flowers. Of course: two important aspects must be taken into account. For one thing, they need a substrate for flowering plants. On the other hand, they appreciate a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants on a regular basis.

3. Geranium, the king of terraces

One of the most characteristic outdoor plants for summer terraces. Discover this variety of geranium

It is probably one of the most popular outdoor plants for terraces in our country. Few flower lovers can resist the beauty of the geranium, but also how easy it is to enjoy it. Added, its multitude of types makes it impossible not to find the perfect option for our terrace.

Geranium care does not entail any difficulty, although it is true that there are some details to keep in mind. To begin with, it is essential that it has good drainage since they do not support excess water. In addition, it is essential that we follow a regular pattern of irrigation but never excessive. And, finally, a regular dose of fertilizer for geraniums to help it bloom.

4. Margarita, another of the outdoor plants for summer terraces

The perfect choice for terraces with a wild touch. get them here

The daisy is a curious plant. Despite its incredible simplicity, it is absolutely irresistible for those who prefer wild flowers. But beyond its beauty, there is another aspect that convinces those who grow it. And it is that the daisy is extremely versatile, so we can grow it both in full sun and in semi-shade.

Beyond this detail, the daisy can be considered a rustic plant for one detail: it tolerates cold and frost. Its main requirement: irrigation in the hot months.

5. Bougainvillea, a beautiful climber with a Mediterranean accent

One of the most spectacular climbing plants. Include it among your plants

And we close our proposal for outdoor plants for terraces with one of the most beautiful climbing plants that exist. Rustic and attractive, the bougainvillea is a perfect plant for those who want to upholster a terrace wall in a natural way.

Beyond its beauty, bougainvillea care is not complicated. It just needs to be planted in a very bright space, and have a support on which to climb.

Among these outdoor plants for terraces, which one is your favourite?

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