4 gardening tools for a sustainable garden

Taking care of our environment and minimizing the footprint we leave on the planet has become a real commitment to the future. Something that we apply in different aspects of our lives but that we tend to forget when it comes to growing plants. And we are not just referring to betting on fertilizers or substrates that base their formulation on natural ingredients. We also refer to using sustainable gardening tools. One more small gesture to take care of nature in a respectful way.

In recent years, we have become aware of the need to change many of our habits in order to be more responsible. We take care of our diet using organic products or discover what natural cosmetics are and their benefits to make use of their benefits in our personal care. But there is no doubt that this change in our philosophy of life goes even further. That is why it is more and more common for us to consider how to make a low-maintenance sustainable garden, or to investigate how to start an organic garden.

And if we take care of all that, why not also ensure that we use sustainable products in the cultivation of our plants? Let’s see how to get it.


Each and every one of our work related to plants has an immediate impact on both our present and our future. Something that we should also be aware of when choosing gardening tools. On the one hand, because doing so will mean living in a way that is consistent with our way of understanding the world. On the other, because no matter how small it may seem to us, it is one more grain of sand to add.

Although we are not aware of it, it is enough to do a little analysis exercise to become aware of the extent to which our gardening tasks can be disrespectful of the environment. Something that collides head-on with our intention: to care for and enjoy nature. On many occasions, plastic is more than usual in handles, accessories for plants or, simply, in the packaging of the products we use to take care of them. Something that does not have to be negative, except if they only have one use or do not allow recycling. Surely reading this, several of your gardening tools come to mind.

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For all this, let’s see some allies that will allow us to take care of the environment while we take care of our nature.

1. Pots, one of the easiest gardening tools to change

They are a basic of gardening and, on many occasions, we do not give them the importance they have. They are not just containers: pots and planters are actually the home of our plants. Something that gives us an idea of ​​how careful we have to be when choosing between the different types of pots, both in terms of their materials and their typology.

They are one of the basic gardening tools. Bet on recycled plastic pots and pot covers like this one

Although choosing them depends on the needs of our plants, plastic pots are a good option for some plant species. And, although opting for pots made with recycled plastic will not change the way we grow our plant, there is no doubt: using them is a way of reflecting our commitment to natural life.

2. The shower, an essential that can be more respectful

It is one of those accessories that is not lacking when we consider how to choose irrigation systems for the garden or terrace; but, also, in regard to hydrating garden plants. Perfect for the daily maintenance of any type of plant, it is one of the most used gardening tools, but also one with the highest turnover. The intensity of its use is directly proportional to the number of showers we use over time.

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In the same way as with pots, in the case of watering cans it is always positive to opt for those that are made with recycled plastics. A way to give a new life to all those everyday waste.

3. Irrigation systems, sustainability in its purest form

The mere fact of talking about irrigation systems is synonymous with sustainability. Using water efficiently and rationally is not only a way of keeping our plants properly hydrated. It is also synonymous with optimizing water consumption. Something that not only has an economic reading but, fundamentally, an environmental one: it is the most valuable resource on earth, and we cannot forget it.

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So, what better than saving water, keeping our plants hydrated and, moreover, doing it with sustainable accessories? There is no better way to close the circle!

4. Tools, the last step for sustainable gardening

And now we come to the pure and simple gardening tools. To those that make our work easier and that allow us to carry out tasks as important as ploughing, raking or even digging.

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In them both the handles, made of wood; as the forged parts must have the guarantee of being manufactured with sustainable certification. For practical purposes, these details will not influence its use. But there is no doubt: to ourselves, we will know that we are practicing sustainable gardening in all that it entails.

Small gestures that add up with a single objective: to try to leave the smallest footprint in our environment.

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