Gardena Ax 2800S: Analysis of this Powerful Ax

Among all the axes that we have tried to cut firewood, the Gardena 2800S is our favorite.

In this article we make a complete analysis of this powerful axe. Comfortable to use, brutal splitting logs and with an excellent cover that prevents wear and possible accidents.

Ax Gardena 2800S

Gardena 2800S – Universal Ax

  • It has forged head made in CNC technology. Thanks to this the tool has a lot of strength and safety
  • It is equipped with a steel cap that protects the handle, guaranteeing the longest useful life.
  • Has hammer function
  • handle tip

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Of the five axes we have tried, we finally settled on the Gardena 2800S. This is our favourite.

The handling of the Gardena 2800S ax is remarkable and short, which is pleasing. In fact, when you try this ax, the rest know little. Except for the Fiskars axe, which is the only one that has lived up to it.

It is comfortable to hold and having the handle of the right size (70 cm), it is not difficult to grasp the technique and deliver accurate blows.

The protective cover completely protects against possible accidents and a head equipped with the latest steel technology (CNC).

We have been able to get few negative points out of this axe, which after about 16 hours of use, has seemed to us to be a superb option for cutting firewood.

Be careful, it’s not cheap. Its price is high, but we believe that it is worth every euro you pay for it.

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Features of the Gardena 2800S

Maker Gardena
Ax total weight 2.8KG
head weight 2.3KG
head material CNC
Protective case? Yes.
Ax Length 70cm
Hammer or mallet option? Yes.

Strong points of the Gardena 2800S

Strong points of the Gardena 2800S:

  • The protective case is excellent. Easy to put on and take off. Hard to miss. Total protection when it is on.
  • Head made of CNC technology.
  • The handle with steel protection for greater durability.
  • The size is ideal for cutting logs.
  • The Gardena 2800S is light in weight. It becomes easy to handle.
  • It can also be used as a hammer (although not a mallet).
  • The cuts it makes are deep and powerful.

Disadvantages of this ax

Negative points of the Gardena 2800S:

  • The price is high, and there may be people who cannot afford it. Although in our opinion the economic effort is worth it.
  • After the use of about 20 hours it has dented a bit.
  • It sticks more than the Fiskars in the trunk, although it hasn’t taken us any major problems to unpin it.
  • Despite having the hammer option in the head, we do not recommend breaking stones as if it were a mallet.

What you should keep in mind when buying an ax to cut wooden logs

The weight of the ax matters

Some axes are heavier than others. Either because of the material they are made of, because of the handle or because they also have a mallet part.

In any case, it is important that you check the weight of the ax before buying it and make sure that you will be able to handle it with relative ease.

An ax that weighs more than you can handle can be dangerous and loses efficiency when cutting firewood.

You should bear in mind that it is possible that you will spend a good time chopping wood, if during the first hacks you get tired, it is because it is too heavy for you.

The ax can have several functions: What do you need it for?

What exactly do you want the ax for?

There are axes, like the one we see in this review, that have several functions. Like for example that they are also mallets.

These axes have beastly power and can also be used to break stones or walls, like a sledgehammer. However, they lose efficiency when cutting firewood.


Because they are usually heavier and also their edges are less sharp.

How is the handle of the ax that you are going to buy?

The handle is also important. If it is made of wood, it is usually more delicate (although aesthetically more beautiful). Unless it is made of a strong wood, such as oak or olive.

Nowadays, they usually make axes with handles made of hard and flexible plastics. Personally, I like these last ones better because the ones I’ve handled made of wood hurt my hands more frequently and I’ve broken one or another

The good thing about axes with a wooden handle is that they are usually lighter and aesthetically more beautiful.

How big do you want your ax to be?

Axes can have different sizes on their handles.

Which one suits you?

This is also something personal. The Gardena has worked very well for us, with its size of about 70cm.

The longer the handle, the more speed and power the ax usually has. And with more force hits the trunks. However, they tend to be more complicated to handle and you also need more precision when hitting.

On the other hand, axes with smaller handles are more manageable, but have less power.

Which one do we like?

For safety reasons, we opted for axes with a larger handle.

An ax with a small handle, in case of failure, can make the complete swing and end up hitting your foot or leg. DANGER.

An ax with a larger handle, on the other hand, tends to rest on the ground or surface where you use it. In addition to that if you have enough strength, they are more efficient and cut the trunks with more power.

Safety first: How to cut firewood logs safely and avoid accidents?

A lot of security. This is very important. Cutting firewood logs can be dangerous and even deadly.

You would not be the first or the last to have a serious accident with an ax cutting wood. The ax is a tool that has been used as a weapon throughout history, to give you an idea of ​​how dangerous it can be.

However, there is good news: making good use of the ax considerably reduces the risk when cutting logs.

Step 1: Wear gloves and goggles.

Good gloves will prevent you from getting chafing burns and will also reduce the risk of the ax handle slipping from sweat after a while of use.

They increase the grip and handling of the axe.

In addition, when you go to pick up the firewood, whether it is cut or still in the form of a log, you will reduce the chances of getting stuck by a splinter.

What about goggles?

We, to make this review do not use, but they are highly recommended. They will avoid that if any splinter jumps, it can damage your eyes.

If you have protective glasses or a mask (such as the one usually used with brushcutters), we strongly recommend using it.

If you don’t have it, it costs little and can save you a good scare.

Step 2: Transport the ax from one place to another with the appropriate protection and covers.

One of the things that made us opt for the Gardena ax was its protective sheath. We found it excellent. The other axes, except the Firstack, have a plastic sheath that is easily lost.

Instead, the Gardena ax has a very good sheath. It seems silly, however it is very important that when carrying the ax from one place to another, either to store it or to start cutting firewood with it, it has the sheath on.

An oversight with the ax and without it having a protective sheath can do you a lot of damage. It seems not, but a well-sharpened ax is terrible if it falls on one’s foot.

Step 3: Proper technique when chopping wood with an ax

The technique is not very difficult to apply. However, it is worth keeping in mind.

What you should NOT do when cutting firewood logs with an axe:

  • Chop firewood with your legs together (little separation between them or your feet).
  • Hold the ax handle with both hands on the base.
  • Not having control over the ax (it weighs a lot and you notice that it goes away every time you hack).
  • Note that the ax oscillates as you descend and does not rest on a log or other surface in case it misses.

What you DO need to do when chopping wood with an axe:

  • The legs must be properly separated. More than shoulder width. This will largely prevent you from hitting your leg or foot if you fail.
  • The initial position when taking the handle of the ax should be one hand at the bottom of the handle and the other at the top. When performing the chop, the hand that is on top will slide down. But it is important that you start at the top, as this gives you control over the axe.
  • Use an ax that has a weight appropriate to the strength of who uses it. If it is too heavy (because it is a mallet too, for example), it is better not to use it.
  • Strike the ax blows on stable bases and try that in case of failure, the ax has a place to stop (another trunk, a car wheel…).
  • Try to have a straight back when executing the ax blow.

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