Gardening for children: teach them to plant

Gardening for children is a different, educational and complete activity. It not only serves to entertain the little ones, but also to teach them to respect nature in a fun way. It is a unique way of making them feel that affinity with our hobby and understand the magic of planting and how, with our care, our crops grow. In addition, they will feel the responsibility of assisting and maintaining a living being.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are beginning to drop, it is necessary to find new activities so that the little ones enjoy their free time in a constructive way that, in addition to distracting them, allow us to teach them to respect the environment.

Let’s see a simple proposal for gardening with children that we can enjoy whether we have a garden or not; and that we can also carry out during the cold months.


For this gardening with children activity that we propose, we will focus on simple crops that do not present too many complications both at the time of planting and during the entire maintenance process of the bush. A way for the little ones not only to enjoy the tasks, but also to feel rewarded for their efforts when they see their crops develop, whether they are flowers or fruits.

We can choose different scenarios to garden with children whether we want to play with outdoor spaces for planting or if we have to do it inside the house or using a terrace, window or balcony for our plants to progress.

Let ‘s start with fall bulbs. A simple type of planting in all its aspects, since it will not require too much knowledge to make them bloom if we take into account some tips for planting bulbs correctly. They are easy to carry out and we can teach them to our children as part of the planting game.

The positive thing about these plants, apart from the fact that they are a safe bet for flowering, is that they can be grown in almost any space with a minimum of lighting. Something that we can do even inside the house and take advantage of the natural light from the windows to make them flourish.

If we have a garden, the ideal is that we plant directly in the ground. Since the focus of the activity is that they are the ones who enjoy gardening for children, we recommend delimiting a certain area for planting and that we even mark it with small blackboards.

In this way they will not only be able to identify the workplace, they will also remember in a visual way that they have to attend to their crops.

The use of blackboards will help to locate the planting of bulbs. Buy here garden boards for children

If we don’t have an outdoor space to plant directly in the ground, we can use an easy bulb grow kit. An ideal pack to place on a balcony or terrace and that contains all the necessary elements for our bulbs to grow correctly.

The bulb kits offer a comfortable and easy growing space. Discover here the varieties of these kits and what they include

A way to plant in a small space and in a simple way in which we can also use blackboards so that children learn to identify each type of flower.

And although it is not about bulbs, we leave for the end a suggestion to make with slightly older children who are curious about other types of plants, such as carnivorous or sensitive plants.

A kit with everything you need for original and fun crops.
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With these formats, which offer a variety of crops as diverse as four-leaf clovers or cacti, we will have everything we need to see how these plants grow and enjoy how curious nature can be.


In addition to flowering bulbs, starting to make the little ones fall in love with gardening is easy if we turn it into a gardening activity for children. A way not only to teach them about the process that those vegetables that are part of their diet go through before being on the plate, but also to make them aware through play of the need to eat in a natural and healthy way.

For them to enjoy this work, the ideal is that we choose to offer them the option of growing in a small greenhouse. This way we can protect the plantation from the cold and turn your garden work into something even more attractive. For this we recommend using small biodegradable pots in which you can plant vegetables as simple as lettuce.

Thanks to a small greenhouse, the little ones will be more attracted to the activity. Buy online a wooden greenhouse for children here in our store

We can also offer them the possibility of playing with small planting boxes. Thanks to these kits, we will have everything we need so that they can carry out the activity without complications that could bore them.

With everything you need to grow, these planting pots will delight young and old.
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Different gardening options for children with a single objective: to make them discover, while playing, how incredible nature is.

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