Greencut GGT650 Reviews

Main advantage:

It is considered one of the best brush cutters according to several users thanks to its 2-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 65cc, with which gardening work will be very easy to carry out. It also incorporates a double air filter that helps reduce engine wear.

Main disadvantage:

On some occasions, the screws can become loose due to the constant vibration generated by the running engine, so it is advisable to ensure that they are kept securely fastened from time to time.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a gardening tool that stands out for incorporating a high-quality cutting disc and a line head that allows you to easily exchange it with the Tap’n Go system depending on the type of work you have to do.

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Main Features Explained

power and speed

All the opinions of experienced users of this type of tool confirm that this is one of the best purchase alternatives if you have a garden that you want to tidy up and clean. One of the most outstanding features of this model is its power of 4.9 hp and 65 cc, which makes garden work very easy to carry out. It is ideal for working in areas that are difficult to access with very dense vegetation and where traditional mowers do not achieve good results.

With this brushcutter you will obtain professional results in tasks related to clearing weeds, cleaning and profiling materials, as well as trimming the lawn. When you consider purchasing a brushcutter, before looking at the price, it is absolutely necessary to see its power, as well as the speed of work. You won’t have any problems with this equipment, since in addition to being one of the most powerful on the market, it reaches a maximum working speed of up to 10,000 RPM and a minimum of 3,000 RPM.

× >engine and starter

When we talk about brush cutters, one of the main terms we refer to is the type of engine they have. Remember that there are generally two types of brush cutters, those that work with gasoline and those that are powered by electricity. In the case of the Greencut GGT650, its 2-stroke gasoline engine surpasses the strength of most electric models, both in terms of power, autonomy and freedom of movement.

It has a tank of up to 1 liter of fuel with an anti-drip closure system, which is also made up of 4% 95-octane gasoline with synthetic oil. On the other hand, thanks to its double air filter, it is possible to prolong the state of the engine for much longer, considerably reducing its wear.

In general, it is a light and very maneuverable brushcutter thanks to its engine with an excellent balance between weight and power. In addition, it has a manual primer carburetor. This equipment has a cdi electronic ignition system that stands out for its simplicity of manual starting with «easy-start» technology. It has a centrifugal-type clutch and the accelerator is located in a comfortable position within the user’s reach on the right handle, which also has a very practical safety lock system to prevent inadvertent starting.

Cutting disc and bar

If you are wondering which is the best brushcutter on the market, surely many users will agree that this is an excellent purchase option, both for the power and the results it provides. These results are achieved thanks to the fact that this model has a double cutting system, both by blade and by wire.

Depending on the work you have to do, you can easily switch between the three-point cutting star and the line head thanks to the “Tap’n Go” head system. The nylon reel has an automatic reloading function of up to 10 meters, with which you can carry out very efficient clearing of weeds and bushes, among others.

Finally, there are other components that make this a very useful purchase alternative worthy of consideration, such as, for example, its double handlebar design, which is very ergonomic and allows greater maneuverability when working. On the other hand, the telescopic and extendable bar is made of 26 mm diameter aluminum and, thanks to the possibility of extending its length from 1 to 5 meters, you will be able to work comfortably on those areas where you would not normally have access.

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