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When is the corn harvested?

Are you calculating how long it takes for corn to allow harvest?It is logical if you want to start a crop or if you already have it underway and you have doubts about when it will be ready.

The good news is that we did the homework for you and we bring you the key points that you have to consider so that everything goes from 10. Remember that each species must meet its deadlines and corn is no exception, so we invite you to know the answer to this frequently asked question.

When are corn cobs harvested?

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Ears of corn grown in home gardens are often harvested when they are in an immature condition because the kernel is softer.In this way, you will have the opportunity to consume it in stews, grilled, prepare sweet corn to preserve, etc.

Now, this is a much more complex process than harvesting mature corn because the idea is to detect the right moment of formation. Take into account the following signs:

  1. Structure: you have to squeeze the corn in the middle part to verify that it is with an appropriate hardness. In that area, it shouldn’t budge.
  2. Beards: they usually have a dark color but without moisture.

When you open these cobs you will find kernels that are pale yellow in color and their kernels are soft and have a moisture content. The content of the grain is milky in color and has a characteristic aroma. In case you notice it transparent, you should wait a little longer.

How long does corn take to harvest?

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From the moment of planting, the corn will go through a process that will allow harvesting about 4 months later.Of course, all this will influence the objective you expect for its use, since you can take advantage of it in a mature or tender version.

Also the influence of environmental conditions, such as rain, sun, temperature, etc. including the care you received. Finally, the type of corn in question because some need a little more time than others.

How to know if a corn is already ripe?

There are several signs that indicate that a corn is already in the stage of full maturity and you can apply the harvest. These are:

  1. Leaves: they appear decayed and begin to lose their characteristic green color to appear brown as a sign of dryness.
  2. Structure: when the corn is not ripe it feels soft to the touch, however when it reaches maturity you should be able to feel the kernels.
  3. Beards: the hairs that protrude from the cob can be light or blond and smooth when the corn is young, but when they mature they are brown, wrinkled and fall off the cob.
  4. Wrapper: they are lighter and thinner than those of sweet corn. When more days are allowed to pass they begin to dry out and turn brown.

Ripe corn has a strong yellow color that you will notice when peeling off a wrapper. This one has a less moist consistency. In fact, when you extract a pimple you will notice a small black spot in the hole it left.

This corn is used as a base to grind and create useful flour for human and animal consumption.

What is the corn growing cycle?

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The maize crop cycle goes through six phases, namely:

  1. Germination: from a grain of corn or seed, the process is carried out to make it germinate.
  2. Shoots: days after the corn has germinated, the first shoots or cotyledons begin to be noticed.
  3. Roots: after the appearance of the shoots, the roots begin to form in the opposite direction.
  4. Flowers: when the plant is already established and developing healthily, the first flowers will begin to appear.
  5. Plant with fruits: it is the moment in which the flowers have already been pollinated and gave way to the formation of fruits on the structure.
  6. Harvest: it is the moment in which you will proceed to collect the fruit of your sowing, be it in a tender or mature version.

If your corn planting follows all the guidelines that the plant needs, in less time than you expect you will enjoy a wonderful harvest.

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