Home Garden and Vertical Garden: Two New Cultivation Concepts

Have you ever considered having your own garden at home?

The way of growing what we eat is changing and those vegetables that we buy in the supermarket can now grow freely in some corner of our terrace.

Increasingly implanted in society, both this and the vertical, are two possible options.

There is only one step from watering the plants on our terrace to having a whole assortment of vegetables on our indoor terrace.

The idea of ​​eating healthy, apart from chemicals and saving money, is what has made many people switch to this form of cultivation, achieving things they would never have imagined.

What are the benefits of gardening at home?

Globalizing the concept of home garden as the one from which we can get our own production, there are hundreds of benefits for which this is a great idea when it comes to our consumption.

Next, for those who are considering the possibility, we leave you with the most outstanding:

Local product

congerdesign / Pixabay

With an urban garden we are favoring local businesses.

From the seeds to plant to those meshes, plastics, protectors and other products for cultivation, they are made in the country or the community, ensuring that we can all live a little better thanks to the business and giving outlet to those items that we sell.

contact with the outdoors

Have you stopped to think about the number of hours you spend in front of the computer or next to the television?

The urban garden, in addition to giving us delicious products to eat, encourages contact with the outdoors or activities that have nothing to do with technological development.

Do not stay without trying another way of life!

eat healthy food

With the garden at home, any fruit or vegetable that we put in our mouths is healthy thanks to the fact that it has not gone through any chemical process.

Planted with the seeds that we buy ourselves and doing the irrigation and care in the way we have learned, you have a whole group of nutrients at your disposal.

Increase of green areas in the city

Tama66 / Pixabay

Urban gardens are not only those that are at home but we can rent a small piece of land to cultivate.

This, in addition to giving us natural products to consume at our table, also helps to populate the city with green areas. By reducing pollution, it also helps us to protect the environment.

General savings

By setting up a garden at home we are saving on many things.

In addition to not having to go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables, it also allows us the possibility of, with very little space, enjoying a growing area where we do not spend so much money on meshes or materials that are necessary for a traditional field.

Reduce stress

It is more than proven that contact with the outdoors helps with anxiety or stress episodes that we may have.

With an urban garden we force ourselves to take care of the plants and spend some time away from home or enjoying the pleasure of spring afternoons on our terrace. Do not stay without trying this sensation!

As you can see, the urban garden, in addition to having many forms and purposes, is a way to connect with ourselves while doing a task that only brings benefits to both the person who works it and the environment.

Locating it in your space, you will surely have a corner where you can take out your farmer’s gear.

What types of urban gardens do we have today?

faverzani /Pixabay

The concept of vertical garden has changed over time.

Although we are always dealing with a crop that is done on reduced land – its name, moreover, comes from the way in which we have to place the plants so that they take up less space – it is essential to know what the possibilities are that we have today.

To know more: Types of Orchards that you can have.

Below, by location, the most popular models:

orchard in the garden

If we live in a house with an exterior section, we can make our own cultivation field in the garden.

Here, with direct sunlight and a little more space than on the terrace, we will enjoy our sowing and learn to care for the plants like good professionals.

Ideal for those who start!

Garden on the terrace

For those who live in a block of flats, if they have a terrace, there is also the possibility of planting crops here.

With a little less space but looking for the best corner for our plantations, in a matter of months we will see how the first fruits emerge that will go from the pot to the kitchen and from there to the table.

garden on the balcony

dandelion_tea / Pixabay

You may live in a block of flats, but instead of a terrace, you have a small balcony.

Although the space is not so wide, we lose nothing by getting down to work and bringing out the farmer in us. The vertical garden, in these cases, is usually the most indicated.

Did you ever try it?

orchard in the field

A form of garden at home is that which is grown in the field.

Some people have land where they can plant all kinds of trees or vegetables with which, after a while, they can even trade. Far from being something that goes to the market industry, it allows many to even make a profit.

orchard in the city

In the city there are also spaces of land on which we can cultivate.

Social urban gardens, increasingly established in our way of life, allow a group of people who want to eat healthy, share the work by interacting with others and enjoying something about which, in addition, they are learning.

vertical orchard

Ideal for limited spaces, the vertical garden allows us to have plantations along the wall, without taking up real space. Compared to what is done on the ground, if we take into account its dimensions, we will see that in the long run we enjoy what others do but without buying additional land.

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