Production of Avocados in the World

In this article we are going to analyze the annual production of avocados around the world.

Being the tropical type avocado tree, the countries that produce the most avocados in the world are located mainly in Central and South America.

Mexico takes the podium being the largest producer of avocados in the world by far.

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The production of avocados has increased considerably over the last fifty years, mainly due to the increase in its consumption in developed countries.

Extraordinary nutritional qualities have been observed, in addition to being used as a condiment for many sauces, such as the famous guacamole.

The cultivation of avocado trees has grown, especially in tropical and subtropical regions in Mexico, Chile or Brazil. Countries that have a suitable climate for these trees to develop properly.

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In North America, the main supplier of avocados throughout the year is Mexico (where the fruit originates), while Europe is supplied by Peru, South Africa and Kenya in summer and Chile, Mexico, Israel and Spain in winter.

However, in April 2020, the EU signed an updated free trade agreement with Mexico, which will mean that Mexican avocados imported into the EU will be duty-free ( detail/en/ip_20_756).

By reducing trade frictions and improving trade links, this agreement will increase the share of Mexican avocados sold on the EU market.

Avocado production takes place in typically subtropical, tropical and Mediterranean climates where water consumption is generally high and where trees of this species cannot usually be grown on a commercial scale without supplemental irrigation.

Freshwater resources are increasingly overexploited in many parts of the world, with direct negative consequences for food production and humanity (Falkenmart, 2013).

In a world where irrigated agriculture accounts for around 70% of water use worldwide (OECD, 2017), assessing potential imbalances between production and water use is essential to identify areas in need. risk around the world and to ensure sustainability, as well as to address social issues.

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In Mexico, where the avocado is considered the «green gold» and its production is carried out throughout the year, around 160 kha are dedicated to its production, with most of the plantations concentrated in the state of Michoacán, which accounted for about 80% of the total production in 2017.

In this region, the area dedicated to avocado production has multiplied in 36 years by around seven. It is not surprising that an important area of ​​native forest has been converted into avocado fields.

Furthermore, the increase in illegal cultivation of avocados has led to increasing and uncontrolled deforestation in Mexico (

Map of avocado production around the world:

1 Mexico
two Dominican Republic
3 Peru
4 Indonesia
5 Colombia
6 Brazil
7 Kenya
8 Chili
9 Israel
10 Guatemala
eleven Venezuela
12 China
13 USA
14 Ethiopia
fifteen Spain
16 Cameroon
17 Democratic Republic of the Congo
18 Australia
19 Morocco
twenty Madagascar
twenty-one Sri Lanka
22 The Savior
23 Philippines
24 New Zealand
25 Panama
26 win
27 bolivia
28 Argentina
29 Cuba
30 Jamaica

Evolution of the world production of avocados

Since there are official records (year 1963), the undisputed leader in terms of avocado production worldwide has been Mexico. And so it remains today.

The Dominican Republic should be highlighted in its growth in terms of production, which has surpassed other very strong countries such as Brazil, Chile or the United States.

In the following video, the reader will be able to see the evolution from year to year in terms of the world production of avocados by country.

What is the study period of this market?

The avocado market is studied from 2017 to 2027.

What is the growth rate of the avocado market?

The Avocado Market is growing at a CAGR of 6.4% over the next 5 years.

Which region has a higher growth rate in the avocado market?

The Asia-Pacific region is growing at the highest annual growth rate between 2021 and 2026.

Which region has the largest share in the avocado market?

North America has the largest share in 2021.

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