How often and how to water my asparagus?

The cultivation of asparagus could be considered one of the most demanding that exists due to the specific conditions that they need to develop.

The level of moisture in the soil is one of those factors that has a direct impact on obtaining vigorous asparagus.

To achieve that perfect environment, knowing all the details that surround the irrigation of asparagus is essential. And you do not have to look for information elsewhere because in these lines we will give you all the details. We start.

Important points when watering asparagus:

  • Irrigation frequency: when the production cycle starts and ends, once a week will suffice. In the development time of the shoot, increase to two weekly.
  • Irrigation method: drip.
  • Optimum time of day for watering: in the morning, preferably before the sun gets too hot.
  • Identify excess water: soft shoots, root rot.
  • Identify lack of water: fewer shoots, foliage with signs of drought and decline.

What irrigation needs do asparagus?

Asparagus needs a good level of humidity in the soil so that the shoots are capable of producing a greater amount of foliage. This foliage production has a positive impact on the photosynthetic process, which in turn affects energy for the plant.

When he has a good energy level, he is able to invest more in the task of producing more shoots, which will give a better harvest. Therefore, irrigation is an essential part to which special attention must be paid to obtain excellent results.

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In any case, the asparagus experiences moments of greater or lesser demand around irrigation.Both at planting time and in the days before harvest, it needs less water.In the time of frank growth, the water needs increase much more.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in asparagus?

The lack of water in the asparagus reduces its ability to carry out photosynthesis, which is so lacking when it comes to obtaining a greater number of shoots.

In the case of existing ones, the little irrigation will have a negative impact on the foliage, leading it to look dry and with very low vigor. Asparagus leaves may look droopy.

How often should we water the asparagus?

The risks have to be established by type depending on the phase in which the asparagus is found. When you have just planted, one watering per week will be more than enough to offer it the moist environment it needs to establish itself.

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At the time it begins to form the shoots and develop the foliage, you will have to increase them to two weekly waterings.In the final phase, a few weeks before harvest, you will have to decrease to weekly watering again.

What is the best way to water asparagus?

Asparagus, even when they are in the most demanding stage of irrigation, are not tolerant to waterlogging. This means that the best irrigation method is drip irrigation, using a low intensity flow.

In this way, you can apply the appropriate amount of water but without the risk of excess storage. Take into account that the fact that the soil has a good level of permeability has a great influence on all this, so you must assess the terrain well.

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With a low flow rate, the ground will be able to absorb the water little by little and the risk of applying more water decreases a lot. If it is not possible to establish drip irrigation, it is advisable to rely on micro-sprinkler irrigation, so that the water is distributed in small amounts.

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How do we detect excess water in asparagus?

Waterlogging is a very worrying problem in asparagus crops because it severely damages the health of the plant. When these occur, the first area that will be affected will be the roots because they will be suffocated by so much moisture.

This will bring with it high chances of fungal growth and root rot days later.In addition, the shoots do not escape the possibility of being affected when the water is in greater quantity, often covering part of their structure.

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In these cases, they will lose hardness and little by little they will die. It should be noted that recovering an asparagus plant affected by excess water is a complex issue. As asparagus is a species that develops for several years due to its type of planting, care in terms of irrigation is greater.

For this reason, all aspects related to this must be considered in great detail, including of course the rainy times. With good planning and the use of logic, watering asparagus will end up being a very easy task to complete.

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