How often and how to water my Cyclamen?

Flowering plants are among the most sought after when it comes to ornamental work and the cyclamen is one of the favorites.

With its evergreen leaves and the large petals it produces on each flower, it is not surprising that many gardeners have it planted.

The watering of the cyclamen is essential to get it to express itself in its maximum splendor and that is exactly what we will talk about in today’s post. Are you ready to discover all the elements that you have to consider when adding water to keep it healthy?

Go for it.

Important points when watering a cyclamen:

  • Irrigation frequency: once a week most of the year.
  • Irrigation method: by the immersion method.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: as soon as the day begins.
  • Identify excess water: flowers that wither and fall quickly, bulb that rots and death of the plant.
  • Identify lack of water: leaves that turn yellow, dry and fall.

What watering needs does the cyclamen have?

The cyclamen is a plant that grows from a bulb, so it is demanding around humidity but delicate if it is subjected to waterlogging.This implies that a correct balance must be maintained with regard to the frequency of irrigation and the amount of water that is applied. Artificial Cyclamen in Pot, 12 Flowers, Pink, 25cm – Artificial Plant – Decorative Flowers

You even have to be so careful with this issue because it is not appropriate for the leaves and flowers to be wet. This is because this humid environment makes it vulnerable to attack by fungi or bacteria that cause diseases.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in the cyclamen?

The lack of irrigation will be evident in the leaves because they will lose vigor, they will turn yellow and, sometimes, they could fall from the plant.

To correct the problem, it will be enough for you to prune those leaves that make the structure of your specimen ugly and establish a better irrigation rhythm.

Surely, with the passing of days, it will be beautiful and healthy again as you like to see it.

How often should we water the cyclamen?

The cyclamen is a species that you will have to work patiently around the issue of irrigation until you achieve the exact point of balance. This point is variable depending on the place where it is planted and the climatic conditions of the environment.

The ideal is to water once a week most of the year, being able to increase to two when the weather is very hot and dry.The easiest way to tell that you need moisture support is that the topsoil will be dry.

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On the opposite side, during the winter days, it is common for the humidity to remain longer, so you could water every 10 days.Consider that when you have a cyclamen inside the house, it is very likely that the difference in the frequency of watering will not be as wide because the temperatures are more or less constant.

In any case, take into account the impact that the cold of the air conditioning and the heat of the heating have on your specimens.

What is the best way to water cyclamen?

To prevent the leaves and flowers from suffering from the wetting of their structure, the best irrigation method is immersion. This technique consists of submerging the pot where you have planted the cyclamen in a source of water. Thus, the roots will absorb just the water they need and you will not have to overwater.

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The procedure will be like this:

  1. Fill a saucer or container with a diameter larger than that of the pot with water, ensuring that it covers a height close to the lowest part of the pot (it should not cover the entire pot).
  2. Submerge the pot for approximately 15 minutes so that the roots absorb the water and the substrate is moistened.
  3. Transfer the pot to another plate or container that is dry so that the plant can drain any excess liquid. You can fill this plate with some pebbles to prevent the roots from being in contact with the water.
  4. After 1-2 hours, you can put it back in its normal space.
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How do we detect excess water in cyclamen?

On cyclamen plants that have already produced flowers, overwatering could cause the flowers to wilt and drop quickly.This is a visual effect that can be very demotivating, since care is precisely carried out waiting to enjoy its color for longer.

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However, the biggest drawback revolves around the health of the bulb, since being subjected to high humidity, it could rot and die. And, as is logical, when the bulb is affected in health, it will end up transferring all that discomfort to the rest of the structure until it dies completely.

With a well thought out watering of cyclamen, the only thing we can assure you is that you will enjoy a beautiful flowering in its time.

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