How often and how to water my Gardenias?

Who doesn’t find the beauty and fragrance of a gardenia captivating? Getting this plant to bloom vigorously is quite possible if you make an effort to give it the care it needs.

One of them is the irrigation of gardenias since water is the source of energy that it needs to carry out all its processes.

And if you have even a small doubt about how to apply irrigation, here we are going to give you an answer to all those that may exist.

Important points when watering gardenias:

  • Irrigation frequency: on the hottest days, set the waterings at 3 or 4 per week, while on cold days reduce them to 1 or 2 per week, depending on the surrounding conditions.
  • Irrigation method: drip or witha watering can.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: in the morning. Keep the leaves from getting wet when in the sun so they don’t burn.
  • Identify excess water: drowning roots, weakening of the plant, appearance of fungi.
  • Identify lack of water: buttons that fall before developing, yellow leaves.

What watering needs do gardenias have?

Gardenias are happy in a medium that remains slightly moist at all times.For this reason, it is not recommended to wait until it is completely dry before watering again. Let’s say then that gardenias have a medium need for watering because they require a relatively humid environment.

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How can we detect lack of irrigation in gardenias?

Water stress will have a negative impact on flower development. The buttons could fall before developing and their flowering will be reduced.

The leaves can also undergo changes, turning yellow, which is why it is often confused with a case of chlorosis.

If you notice problems in your gardenias associated with a lack of irrigation, apply a sufficient dose of water and then continue with the frequency that works best for you.

How often should we water gardenias?

The frequency of irrigation of any plant will have to be determined based on the environmental conditions of where you have it planted. But do not worry because we are not going to let you understand yourself with this decision, but you can take advantage of some generic irrigation guidelines.

In summer, it is normal to apply about 3 or 4 irrigations per week, since it quickly consumes the moisture it has.In winter it is another story, since the plant will be at rest and its water consumption will be minimal, so 1 or 2 times a week will be more than enough.

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Remember that the important thing here is not to let the substrate dry out completely but also not to allow the dreaded puddles to occur.

What is the best way to water gardenias?

Irrigation must be localized, either by drip or with the use of a watering can, to avoid wetting the leaves and flowers. The idea is to supply a suitable amount of liquid so that all the soil is impregnated with moisture, but taking care that it is capable of absorbing it without flooding.

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The way to achieve this goal is to ensure that the outflow of water is progressive but in small quantities, so the land will not be overloaded. Another important point in this matter is that, although the leaves should not be wet with irrigation, they do need to be sprayed when it is very hot.

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This action will help make it more hydrated and healthy, since very hot days can negatively affect it.

How do we detect excess water in gardenias?

If the gardenias are subjected to more water than they can withstand, the consequences for the specimen could be fatal.The roots, in the first instance, will begin to manifest a drowning that will prevent them from fulfilling their task of administering nutrients to the plant.

Therefore, in the aerial part we could see it decayed, with weak stems and leaves that vary in color.It is also possible that fungi are housed, which are very fond of high humidity conditions, which would lead the plant to die.

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Although it is true that gardenias are very resistant and noble in terms of their development and flowering, there are very specific actions that could affect them.The type of water you use to water gardenias is one of them and here you need to opt for soft water.

Those that have a high level of lime will modify the acidity conditions of the substrate, which can affect the flowering capacity of the plant (and nobody wants that).

In general, the best water to water gardenias is rainwater, but you can also go for distilled or bottled water instead. For the rest, you just have to follow these tips and wait to see how in the spring, your desired gift will arrive.

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