How to dry a bouquet of flowers

Extend your life and make it become an almost eternal memory. That is the objective of those who receive a bouquet, and the main reason to know how to dry a bouquet of flowers. Usually, a bouquet symbolizes a special moment, but it is also a way of using the language of flowers to convey a feeling. Something that turns any bouquet into a precious and precious memory that we would like to always have with us.

When it comes to floristry, wanting to defy time is logical. Although we know how to keep your bouquet of flowers longer, we are perfectly aware that our bouquet will not keep its freshness for a long time. And, while it is true that there are flowers that last longer than others, the simple fact that they are cut substantially shortens their life in perfect condition. Something that usually supposes, even, a pinch of sadness.

But you don’t have to be nostalgic to want to know how to dry a bouquet of flowers. We can also do it, solely, for a decorative matter. Doing so will allow us to enjoy the beauty of its flowers in the closest possible state to the original. A way to transform that fresh flower that we had one day into another accessory in our house with no expiration date.


Trying to capture the beauty of flowers and fighting time is one of the oldest practices in existence. How to dry flowers and leaves is a recurring practice among nature lovers. Something that gives us a clue about the level of complexity of this type of work: none. The only thing we do need to be clear about is that it is a task with a craft point. A term that gives us an important clue on how to carry it out: with a lot of patience.

As in so many other things, to dry a bouquet of flowers, rushing is not a good companion. We must understand that if we rush into the task, we can ruin the process and, therefore, the result. Dehydrating flowers takes time, and only by making them lose their water completely will they last.

So with this in mind, let’s look at some techniques for drying a bouquet of flowers. Three different ways to enjoy that arrangement that supposes memory and smile.

1. Dry a bouquet of flowers naturally

It is one of the ways to dry flowers but, also, sometimes it happens simply by mistake. And we say this because how to dry a bouquet of flowers naturally implies, basically, leaving it as it is in the vase in which we have placed it. In this way, it will be the passage of time itself that will progressively dehydrate our flowers until they are completely dry.

The only trick to achieve this effectively is to control the water level. If our bouquet has too much, it will rot. The thing is to leave them very little water that our flowers will absorb before they begin to dry.

If we opt for this modality, a piece of advice. It is important to tie our bouquet with a fine rope to give it the shape we want it to have once it is dry. Usually, the flowers in a vase tend to arrange themselves in their own way and according to the shape of the bouquet. For this reason, it is important to place them before starting to dry them since, when they are, we will not be able to alter the shape of the bouquet.

2. Drying the bouquet in the air

It is the most used and probably the oldest formula for how to dry a bouquet of flowers. It basically consists of concentrating all the sap and nutrients in the flower part. Therefore, this way of drying involves hanging our bouquet upside down. A task for which we will use a soft and fine rope, to prevent the stems of the flowers from being damaged in the process. And how long is the ideal time for our bouquet to dry completely? Approximately one month.

In addition to this, there are other details to consider so that the result is as close to the original as possible. To begin with, and if we did not do it as soon as we got home, it is important to remove any paper or wrapping that our flowers have. The fresh flower needs contact with oxygen to stay in good condition and for longer.

Another detail that we must take care of is the drying site. Ideally, it should be a dark space so that, in the absence of light, our flowers do not follow their natural course until they spoil. Finally and once dry, it is worth giving them a light lacquer bath. Yes, you read it right. Thanks to it, we will ensure that the petals stay better and, even, that they do not fall.

3. Quick dry with silica gel

The most modern technique but surprisingly effective! And we say this because the great thing about silica gel is that it is capable of absorbing water without difficulty or the need for any other task.

Of course: if we consider how to dry a bouquet of flowers in this way, we will have to have a good amount of silica gel on hand. Because, to make our flowers look exactly the same as they were, we will have to completely submerge the bouquet in these absorbent balls. It is also recommended that we carry out this process in a container that is as hermetic as possible.

The great advantage of this technique is that in just a week our bouquet will be completely dry to last over time.

So do not hesitate: the next time you want almost! immortalize a bouquet of flowers, use our tips. You will turn that special memory into a simply eternal one.

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