How to Fertilize a Cherry Tree: [Dates, Components and Phases]

Cherry trees are fruit trees that offer bountiful harvests to farmers who know how to fertilize them.

It is a species that has a marked preference for organic compounds that help enrich its land.

Let’s say, in a nutshell, that having a soil full of organic matter allows them to generate good harvests.

Why fertilize a cherry tree?

The cherry tree needs to be fertilized so that it can cope with the energy losses that it usually has during its flowering and fruiting process.

It is something normal in fruit-type trees, while they are resting during the winter months, their energy level becomes sustainable.

But when they start to demand more internal work, they demand more nutrients.

And this not only to ensure a good development of the plant, but also so that the fruits obtained are of higher quality.

What does the cherry tree need?

In order to stay healthy and in optimal conditions, this tree needs potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

These are the well-known macronutrients since they play a determining role in the proper development of the cherry tree.

However, it is also necessary that it has other elements known as micronutrients to complement.

What are the main components of the cherry tree fertilizer?

One of the main components of the compost must be the manure produced by farm animals or ruminants.

Manure contains a good level of phosphorous and nitrogen, including calcium.

For this reason, some people decide to apply them even alone, without any extra vegetable addition.

However, in order to take full advantage of it, it must be allowed to dry, thus preventing acids from organic matter such as fresh manure from affecting the health of the roots.

Pre planting phase

We will have to look at what levels of phosphorus and potassium. In case the levels are low, a good contribution will have to be made to prepare the soil before the cultivation and/or transplantation of the cherry tree.

Tree formation phase

The dose that we must apply in this phase will be the following:

  • During the first year: 10 kg P2O5/ha and 20 kg K2O/ha.
  • During the second year: 15 kg P2O5/ha and 40 kg K2O/ha

Fruit production phase

We have reached the point where our cherry trees are already producing fruit. In this case phosphorus is very important.

For this, a magnificent compound full of phosphorus can be the manure of seabirds. Also known as guano.

Especially bat manure can give very good results.

To know more: Diseases and plagues of the cherry tree.

What deficiencies can cherry trees have and how to detect them?

When a cherry plant has a low level of nutrients, it begins to look weak.

One of the most easily evident symptoms around this issue is yellow leaves.

These are not necessarily generated due to lack of nutrients, but it is almost always what happens.

In addition to the above, the lack of nutrients can also cause the fruits and flowers to be of lower quality.

For example, on issues such as the coloration of cherries that is paler or the low content of sugar in the pulp.

In some more severe cases even the fruits are unable to complete their full growth process.

Or, their pulp is so loose that they end up having a weak structure, falling off prematurely or breaking from the inside.

How to make a fertilizer compound for cherry trees step by step?

Making cherry tree compost is a simple task that can be done at home with few resources.

In general , what is needed is dry waste, green waste, soil and animal manure (the latter is preferred).

Animal manure should be from ruminants, not from domestic animals.

These are a great source of microorganisms and nutrients but they give off a lot of bad smell, so some people prefer not to use it.

So, the steps will be as follows:

  1. You need to select an appropriate place to prepare the compost, be it a container or a direct hole in the ground.
  2. This version is prepared in layers that will vary between one of green remains, another of dry remains and a last one of earth. If manure is to be used it can be added before the soil.
  3. The green remains will be made up of everything that is fresh, such as the peels of vegetables when cooking, green leaves, etc. The function of this layer is to provide moisture to the compost and also nitrogen, since the green remains contain it in high quantities.
  4. Dry remains include dry leaves, branches, among others. In this case, these components contribute carbon to the fertilizer.
  5. Manure will be added in the third layer if you want to work with it. Since it adds a bad smell to the compost, it is better to pass on it if the space you have is very small and is very close to the house.
  6. Lastly, it will touch the earth and this should be enough to cover all the remains of the previous layers. With the soil, the microorganisms that will work in the decomposition will be obtained.

How many layers will be added? Well, as many as possible depending on the number of components that are available.

Now, this work does not end here because it will be necessary to stir the mixture after it has been resting for a week.

From this movement, air will enter and you will also have to add some water to moisten it.

With this you will have a very good fertilizer so that your cherry production is the best you have ever seen.

Where to buy fertilizer for cherry trees?

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