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If there is a tree that is worth paying to enjoy its exquisite purple flowers, it is, without a doubt, the jacaranda.

In fact, when the tree has a good nutritional level and meets the appropriate environmental conditions, it is capable of flowering up to twice a year.

And is there anything more beautiful than enjoying this gift of nature twice?

If you agree with us that jacaranda fertilizer is a fundamental issue, don’t miss this post where we will tell you more details. Are you coming?

Why is it interesting to fertilize jacarandas?

The main reason to make an effort to fertilize jacarandas is to ensure that they have a wonderful bloom at the time.And that, as we said in the introduction, it will be able to duplicate it at the end of the fall.

A well-nourished tree will give a flowering of good characteristics in all its areas, but that does not mean that you have to pay without more to get it.

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In addition, the appropriate nutritional levels will also be key to strengthening the structure of the plant, preventing it from being affected by pests or diseases.

This is perhaps the most relevant point for jacarandas that are kept indoors and that, due to their planting characteristics, do not generate blooms.

How often should we pay the jacarandas?

There are several opinions regarding the correct formula for fertilizing jacarandas. The ideal is to work this process in two phases.

The first is the early season compost that you apply in spring and late fall, just before the leaves fall.

In both cases, the idea is to supply a high dose of nitrogen to promote plant growth.The second is in the flowering stage where the goal will be to supply energy to aid in flower production.

In this case, it starts from the beginning of the season, applying fertilizers for flowering every fifteen days until the end of summer.

What nutrients do jacarandas need?

The jacaranda needs nitrogen (N) in its first years of life to develop and reach the height you want to obtain. This nutrient will also be key when the tree restarts its internal activities, after the winter.

The reason is that nitrogen stimulates the formation and growth of new parts, increasing foliage.Potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) will play a more important role at the time of flowering, which is when these energy resources are most in demand.

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Thanks to a correct amount of phosphorus and potassium, the jacaranda will have more opportunities to give a bloom of excellent characteristics.

The micronutrients must also be present in their proper measure, since they not only influence the internal processes of the tree, but are also decisive for the tree to be able to make correct use of the macronutrients.

What kind of fertilizers do jacarandas need?

Liquid organic fertilizers are the most recommended because they can be diluted in water and applied as an irrigation. This helps the jacaranda have a better chance of tapping into resources quickly through the roots.

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These can be found commercially, and it is important to look at the package label to ensure that it contains macronutrients and micronutrients. At home level, coffee grounds have given very good results when used as an alternative fertilizer for jacaranda.

In fact, coffee grounds are often widely used for the nutrition of all kinds of plants. The important thing here is to ensure that the amount of coffee grounds is appropriate to prevent the substrate from becoming excessively acidic.

And if you have other fertilizers such as manure or homemade compost, you just have to make sure that they are well fermented before using. This process will reduce the level of nitrogen that your raw materials have, but will ensure that the plant receives them without inconvenience.

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How do we prepare fertilizer for jacarandas?

Liquid organic fertilizers are prepared by diluting them in a little water, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Later, this mixture is incorporated as irrigation water in the crop, aiming directly at the roots so that they absorb more quickly. Of course, without flooding.

In the case of coffee grounds, the strategy is to collect them after preparing regular coffee and add them to the environment of the jacaranda.You could do this action once a month.

You will have to prepare the other homemade fertilizers, leaving them for the appropriate time so that they decompose well. You can apply these at the beginning of the spring season and at the end when the flowering process has finished.

How do we detect if the jacarandas need fertilizer?

When you notice that your jacaranda tree is advancing at a rate that you consider to be very slow, it is likely that you need to add a high dose of nitrogen. Take into account that it is a large tree that will take time to reach its adult version, but this time should not become excessive either.

Flowers in poor condition or that fall without fulfilling their normal life process is another sign that you should consider as an alarm. Even when the quantity is very little. Here we must consider the flowering phase in question because the first, spring, tends to be much more numerous than autumn.

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In any case, if you consider that it is not suitable, you will have to apply a fertilizer that is a little richer in potassium and phosphorus. Fertilizing jacaranda is one of the simplest processes you can apply to help keep your tree in perfect condition.

The basic steps to achieve this are to choose the fertilizer that is most suitable for the conditions of the plant and the appropriate date to apply it. Afterwards, you will only have to wait for it to exert its effect indoors and thus enjoy the magical flowering that it will give you every year.

Consider that liquid fertilizers tend to be much more efficient than other types.

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