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The fertilizer for dahlias is one of the strategies that you will have to put into practice as a grower to get large, showy flowers with beautiful colors.

These flowers, which leave no one indifferent, can be obtained in greater quantity with a correct application of fertilization.

The detail is in finding the right type, the amounts and the frequency that is most profitable, because it is not about paying just for doing it. And all this is what we will talk about in these lines.

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Why is it important to fertilize dahlias?

The interest in the fertilizer for dahlias is oriented towards its being capable of emitting a large number of flowers with exceptional characteristics.Due to the type of flower, dahlias are highly sought after for ornamental purposes, both outdoors and indoors.

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This invites the subscriber to be part of the most relevant care that must be taken with them so that they stand out. In addition, well-nourished dahlias will have the appropriate resistance in case of attacks from external agents.

That is, reduce the chances of damage by pests and diseases. And, since the flowers are usually cut, the nutrients will allow it to recover easily.

How often should we pay dahlias?

The application time of the fertilizer will cover the entire period that goes from spring to summer, even in the first days of autumn if necessary.

The most recommended thing is that it be applied every 15 days together with the irrigation water to help the roots better absorb the nutrients.

In addition, in the first phase of cultivation, during the first 30 days, it is necessary to administer enough fertilizers to help the plant develop.

If possible, it is worth ensuring an abundant dose of nutrients in the farmland with some homemade organic compost before planting.

What nutrients do dahlias need?

Nitrogen (N) is essential in the growth stage because it will give you what is necessary for the foliage to be green and in optimal condition. Already for the flowering process, it is necessary that the nutrients in which you should take care of the most are potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) because they help you in this matter.

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For this, it is advisable to use subscriptions that have the numbering type 10 – 10 – 20 or 0 – 0 – 10, since it will give you just what you need. In the case of micronutrients, it is very worthwhile to ensure that the chosen fertilizer contains them at appropriate levels.

Remember that although the plants do not need them in as much quantity as the macronutrients, their role is decisive in the health of the dahlias.

What kind of fertilizers do dahlias need?

Mineral fertilizers that are for sale in any establishment of agricultural products and that come for flowering plants can be applied.

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These are beneficial because they have a well-established nutritional value for each item, so you can define exactly how much you add. The other case, whose main advantage is that the price is practically zero, is represented by organic fertilizers.

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These make it easy to work at home because they are obtained from organic matter such as manure, guano, compost or earthworm humus.

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In these cases you have to ensure that they are well fermented to avoid damage to the structure of the plant due to the presence of microorganisms. However, there is also the possibility of acquiring them in stores. For example, guano in a liquid version and manure in bags.

How do we prepare fertilizer for dahlias?

You can find mineral fertilizers in a liquid version to combine with water and achieve a solution that you will apply through the irrigation system.

There is also the option of working with the granulated version that will give the possibility of using it once on the crop.

These are usually applied by just stirring up a bit of soil to cover the granules with a thin layer so they don’t blow away in the wind.

There are organic fertilizers on the market in a liquid version that can also be very useful, as is the case with guano.

Here the important thing is that you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer before fertilizing, so that you do not put more quantity and the plant ends up fainting. In case of using homemade fertilizer, you will have to apply a handful of it for each plant, placing it in the environment, not on the roots.

This option is recommended only for those dahlias that are planted in the garden, since it could be excessive for those that you have in pots.

How do we detect if dahlias need fertilizer?

Nutrient deficits in dahlias will negatively impact their ability to flower.It is essential that when the flowering process begins, the fertilizer is restricted in nitrogen content and increases in potassium and phosphorus.

Otherwise, you may have a dahlia with beautiful foliage but very few flowers available. And if you see that the plant is pale, both in terms of foliage and flower color, check the value of micronutrients in the soil.

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Many times it is the case that it is an iron deficiency, for example. The fertilizer process for dahlias is one of the tasks that you have pending if you decide to plant it.

This will be the one that will help you have an exceptional flowering in each cycle, not only in terms of size, but also colors. He considers that the fertilizer is like the food that gives us energy to human beings. If we eat poorly, we will act without much encouragement.

The process is simple, since you will only have to ensure convenient planning in the warm season of the year. And since the most advisable thing is to provide the nutrients with the irrigation water, you will be able to carry out both tasks in a single process, without investing much more time.

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