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The family of green plants is one of the largest that exists and that we frequently use for decoration, both indoors and outdoors.

They are those that are barely capable of generating flowering and almost no remarkable fruit, but in return they offer peculiar leaves that steal the looks.

Paying them is an art because it will depend on that that they are in optimal condition, with green and shiny leaves.Do you know how to run this whole process efficiently? Here we will tell you everything you need, so do not miss a single detail.

What is the best fertilizer for green plants?

Fertilizers for green plants can be found in a liquid or solid version, giving you the possibility to choose the one that is most convenient for you according to your plant. These are plants that have a higher energy expenditure during their growth phase and when waking up from winter dormancy.

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In this last mentioned case, the supply of nutrients will help the foliage develop more quickly and build new structures if they were subjected to pruning. To select the best fertilizer you must take into account the type of plant in question, the place where you have it and the conditions of the substrate.

In very general terms, liquid fertilizer is usually recommended for indoor green plants and solid versions for those found outdoors.

What is the main component of fertilizers for green plants?

The main nutrient demanded by green plants is nitrogen (N) because it is the one that is directly focused on foliage growth.

When selecting a fertilizer that is not designed for green plants, this point must be taken into account to choose one that meets this requirement.

Potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) are also essential as macronutrients, but in smaller amounts.This is because green plants don’t have the wear and tear of producing flowers and fruit like other types of plants do.

It is necessary that micronutrients are also included in the appropriate amounts, since a deficit of any of them could trigger problems in the health of the green plant.

For example, a low level of iron will cause the leaves to turn yellow and that is something that will surely not be very pleasant for you.

What are the main fertilizers for green plants that we can find?

Fertilizers for green plants are very varied and can be both commercial and homemade, so it will be up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Universal subscription

It is the simplest and most common version of fertilizer that you can use and having it is a plus because it will serve you for indoor or outdoor plants indifferently. It is available in the market in a liquid and granulated version so that you can adapt it according to the demands of each plant.

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It is a good option for green plants because it is a balanced fertilizer, but with a slightly higher percentage of nitrogen, which is ideal in this case.

Fertilizer for green plants

It could be said that it is the ideal fertilizer for this type of plant because it contains the levels of nitrogen that it needs to grow. But in addition, the fertilizer for green plants gathers a correct amount of potassium and iron that prevents the leaves from turning brown or yellow.

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And, the best thing is that there are options on the market that have humus in their composition, which directly helps increase the value of the land. You can find it in a liquid version to dilute with irrigation water and thus facilitate its use and absorption by the plant.

mineral fertilizers

They are fertilizers that are specially designed from the factory with a specific formulation to provide a certain amount of nutrients to the plants. This is a great advantage when you are looking for a fertilizer that allows you to add an exact dose of product to a plant.

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For example, when you see that the plant is losing vigor and you fear that it is due to a lack of fertilizer.They are usually fast-acting because they come in a liquid version that you can add to the irrigation water or by fertigation in cases where it is beneficial.

homemade organic fertilizers

Green plants will always appreciate the use of homemade organic fertilizers because they gather the necessary nutrients and are very beneficial for the plants and the soil.The reason is that they are very ecological fertilizers that not only provide nutrients, but also take advantage of organic waste from the house to find them.

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There are many types of homemade organic fertilizers that are useful for green plants, such as compost, manure, guano or earthworm humus.

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In any case, if you do not feel comfortable preparing them at home, there is already the option of buying them in agricultural stores and taking advantage of them in the same way.

What should you take into account when choosing a fertilizer for green plants?

With all the information that we have already given you, you should have a more or less sure notion of how you should choose a subscription. However, we share a list of characteristics that you should consider when choosing:

  1. Nutritional composition: it is the most important point because you must clearly know what you are going to contribute to your green plant.
  2. Form of application: it is the method by which you will deliver the nutrients. You should consider, for example, that compost tends to release nutrients more slowly than liquid manure.

If you want to have beautiful, bright, healthy and resplendent green plants, compost is a care that you should promote from the very beginning.

One of the easiest ways to execute this process is to do proper planning and keep it in order.

The good thing is that it is a task that will hardly take your time and that in return will offer you the reward of seeing your beautiful plant, so do not stop executing it.

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