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Flowers, flowers and more flowers are the gifts that ixoras will give you when they are planted in the right conditions and with a profitable fertilization plan.

It is this last point that we will be talking about today because the importance it has for this species is sometimes overlooked.

Do you already have a plan in place but want to know if it is effective or have no idea how to make one?

In either case, the information that we will give you below will be very useful, so do not miss a single detail. Go for it.

Why is it important to pay the ixoras?

As it is a flowering plant, fertilizers will be a key point to strengthen the process and offer more and better flowers.The green color of its leaves is also captivating, especially due to the visual impact offered by the contrast when spring arrives.

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And we cannot lose sight of vigor, which is so basic to consider that a plant is really healthy. This health will be another aspect that you should value, since an ixora with a correct nutritional level will also be able to deal with pests and diseases.

How often should we pay the ixoras?

Ixoras have a flowering plan that lasts from spring to summer, so the subscriber plans must adjust to this schedule.

If you work with a fertilizer in a liquid version to apply together with the irrigation water, you can establish a frequency fortnightly or every three weeks.

Assess that this will depend a lot on the conditions where you have planted the plant, the characteristics of the substrate, the age of the plant, among others.

The ideal is to make the adjustments that you consider convenient as you see how your ixora evolves because not all act in the same way.

At the beginning of spring, for example, it is convenient to supply homemade organic fertilizer to promote foliage growth. Unlike other species of flowering plants, ixoras do not need special fertilizers during other times of the year, so you will have to suspend them.

What nutrients do ixoras need?

Ixoras need all varieties of macronutrients and micronutrients, ensuring that they are properly balanced. Of course, you must take into consideration the stage that the plant is going through because in some phases they will have more demands from someone in particular.

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For example, in the flowering phase, potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) are needed at a higher level.However, during the process of structure formation and growth, nitrogen (N) is the one that gains the most interest.In the case of micronutrients, ensure that it contains iron (Fe), calcium (Ca), boron (B), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), among others.

What kind of fertilizers do ixoras need?

Ixoras accept well all types of fertilizers that provide them with the nutrients they need at each stage of their development. As long as the fertilizer meets this requirement, you will solve this need. It is worth mentioning that the ixoras take better advantage of those fertilizers in a liquid version that you can supply with the irrigation water.

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NPK granular fertilizers are also easy to work with in this case, you just have to take care of the amount of each nutrient to give just what is necessary. At the beginning of spring, for example, you will look for a higher nitrogen composition, while in flowering, the greatest contribution should be potassium.

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And if you decide on homemade organic fertilizers, such as homemade organic matter such as compost, worm castings, coffee grounds or powdered eggshells, you will also do very well.

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In these cases you just have to be aware that the raw material you use, especially in the case of compost or if you use manure or guano, are sufficiently decomposed. This reduces the risk of plants being contaminated by the presence of microorganisms.

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How do we prepare fertilizer for the ixoras?

To prepare a liquid version fertilizer that you buy at a farm store, you will have to dilute a certain amount of product in water.

The manufacturer establishes a proposal for use that is best respected to avoid problems in the nutritional contribution.

In any case, if you have any doubts, it is better to reduce the amount of product in the water to assess the behavior of the plant, but never exceed it.

Granular fertilizers are used by spreading them on the surface of the substrate, taking care to apply an extra layer of soil on them so that they do not spread to other areas due to the action of the wind.

In the case of organic fertilizers of homemade origin, these should be applied to a lesser extent, both in quantity and frequency. The reason is that they are usable, but it is very difficult to measure exactly what their exact nutritional value is.

And this lends itself to higher levels of some nutrients being applied than others, which can cause problems rather than solutions.

How do we detect if the ixoras need fertilizer?

If the ixoras grow too slowly, it could be due to a lack of nutrients in the substrate that you will have to compensate with a fertilizer. At this point it will be essential to apply nitrogen because it is responsible for helping all the green parts of the plant to develop.

If you notice that the flowering is weak, that the flower buds fall off without opening and the flowers that do manage to develop have defective conditions, it will be necessary to act with fertilizers rich in potassium and phosphorus.

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To work with the ixora fertilizer, you should not only consider the nutritional contributions recommended for them, but also their behavior in your garden. The reason is that compost, despite being a necessary care, responds to other factors that are directly related to it.

This process cannot be isolated and must be modifiable depending on the objectives that you are obtaining. In the end, the goal you seek with all the elements related to planting is that the plant is in the best conditions.

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