How to grow fruit trees in pots

We tend to believe that only by having a garden can we enjoy them. However, growing fruit trees in pots is possible without too much difficulty. A great way to be able to have our own fruit, and taste its authentic flavors. But not only those who have a terrace can have fruit trees like this. It is also a perfect alternative for those who have a garden in which, either due to the characteristics of the soil or due to a matter of space, they cannot plant them.

Interestingly, the origin of planting fruit trees in pots is not due to a reason for space. It is surprising to know that this style of cultivation was born for purely decorative purposes. So fruit trees in pots were a way to put a personal accent on patios, terraces or even at the entrance of the house. Something that was also complemented with a peculiar use: to visually mark the beginning or end of a path within the garden.

Whatever the reason, growing fruit trees in pots is possible by taking a few things into account. Some fundamentals for our tree to grow as it should, yes. But, above all, for something more important: to give us the taste of its fruits.


Although the care of fruit trees in pots is very similar to those planted in the ground, some particularities must be taken into account before knowing them. To begin with, not all species are suitable for being planted in a container. Whether for root growth or other needs, there are fruit trees more suitable than others to be grown in this way. Therefore, it is important that we make sure when buying it. What’s more: it is worth commenting that our intention is to have it planted in a pot. One way to opt for dwarf fruit trees, specially grafted to be grown in this format.

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In addition, another aspect must be taken into account. Fruit trees in pots will never reach the dimensions of those planted directly in the ground. But let’s break a myth about it: this has nothing to do with the size of its fruits. Logically, and having a smaller number of branches, they will not give the same amount as those planted directly in the ground. Still and regardless of the quantity, they will have the conventional shape and size of each type of fruit.

And now that we know these couple of details, let’s see how to grow fruit trees in pots successfully. Some that, although they do not differ much with respect to the care of a fruit tree planted in the ground, do have certain peculiarities.

1. Pamper the moment of planting

Although it may seem like a minor gesture, it is perhaps one of the most important. And we are not only referring to knowing how to plant fruit trees, that too. Actually, just as important as this is when to do it. When we consider growing fruit trees in pots, the ideal is to plant at the end of winter or, if we live in a very cold climate, at the beginning of spring. This detail will inevitably mark the correct development of our tree. If you expose it to frost when it has just been planted, it runs the risk of freezing, since the transplant momentarily weakens the plant. Therefore, it is better to hope than to regret.

In addition to this, it is important to choose the pots for our trees conveniently. Of all the types of pots, the ideal is that we opt for clay pots. They not only retain moisture better and have a longer life. In addition, and unlike the plastic ones, they protect the roots of our tree from both the heat and the cold.

It is also important to choose a good size, although at first it seems excessive. Bear in mind that, with the necessary care, fruit trees planted in pots will require a transplant every two or three years. Therefore, if from the beginning they have a container of good dimensions, we will extend that moment. And when we talk about size we don’t just mean its circumference. It is important that they have a good bottom, so that the roots can grow properly.

2. Good drainage, essential for growing fruit trees in pots

Excess water is one of the main enemies of fruit trees. When, in addition, we talk about fruit trees in pots, we have to be even more careful. Something that happens, inevitably, to create a good drainage layer at the base of the pot or container. To do this, we can use gravel or, better yet, volcanic clay.

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It also does not hurt to add perlite to the substrate that we choose. Thanks to it, we will be further improving the irrigation water evacuation capacity, making use, at the same time, of one of its virtues: its high water retention. These types of plant substrate help keep the roots aerated. Something key, since we will be trying to make them do their job and distribute the water throughout the tree.

3. Choose a rich substrate and fertilize

As with those planted in the ground, container fruit trees demand rich, fertile soil. The ideal when planting is to choose a substrate for fruit trees. If you don’t have it on hand, we can opt for one that combines 60% black peat with 30% perlite and 10% earthworm humus.

Both fruit trees in pots and those planted in the ground need as many minerals and nutrients as possible. It is thanks to this tandem that we can savor its fruits. For this reason, we will have to consider paying them regularly using natural fertilizers such as earthworm humus, guano or compost. It is very important to have a hand with the fertilizer since, however natural it may be, it can damage the roots of our tree if we overdo it.

4. Take care of irrigation, in quantity and quality of water

As we said before, fruit trees are not friends with flooding, but they are moisture demanding. Therefore, it is important to maintain a constant weekly watering schedule. Although it is important to follow the irrigation guidelines for each type of fruit tree, it is ideal to check the state of the substrate before watering again. Ideally, it should be practically dry, but never completely.

Another important aspect is the type of water. The most suitable for fruit trees is to water them with rainwater or, failing that, with water without lime.

5. A sunny location protected from the wind, essential for potted fruit trees to bear fruit

A maxim of fruit trees, and essential for their correct development. And a good reason, too, for us to think carefully about where we are going to place our pots. Fruit trees need to receive as much sunlight as possible each day. Something that is vital especially at the time they bear fruit, since without sun it is impossible for them to ripen correctly. For this reason, you have to find a very sunny place for them. It also doesn’t hurt to think of a support with wheels to be able to move our pot easily.

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Another key aspect is to protect our fruit trees from the wind. And not only because it can damage its branches but, fundamentally, because it can spoil the fruits.

Five simple cultivation guidelines to ensure that fruit trees in pots give us the best of their gifts: their fruits. Dare to enjoy the real flavors by cultivating them!

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